What happened to St. John Maximovich?

I have this question every year.

I am a priest in the OCA (Orthodox Church in America). Why does it seem that we are deemphasizing St. John Maximovich? His feast falls on June 19th / July 2nd. Every year I look forward to celebrating this incredible saint.

I am setting up the services for the day (this year July 2nd falls on a Sunday), and he is nowhere to be mentioned. Not on the OCA web page for service material and not in the official rubrics book.

St. John Maximovich


On the calendar, his name is in little black letters, while every other saint who labored in America is in big red letters (St.Tikhon’s Monastery calendar). It seems a bit odd. Is he somehow not as pertinent to Orthodoxy in America? Did he contribute less? Clearly not. Indeed He has very much become a “universal” saint. A while ago I traveled to the Ukraine (where my wife is from) and St. John is deeply venerated there, for instance. There the faithful asked me most often concerning two figures who diligently worked for Orthodoxy in America: St. John and Fr. Seraphim (Rose). His relics are one of the few major ones that reside in the U.S.

Why is he the only saint who labored in America listed in little black letters and never mentioned in the official rubrics?

His life is incredible, his teachings are profound, and his contribution to Orthodoxy in America is incalculable. So why, every year I ask this, is he seemingly ignored in the rubrics and deemphasized on the calendar? This needs to be remedied. It is a bit puzzling.

It would be a joy to see his name in big red letters on the calendar; and to find his service material readily available on the OCA main site, as are the rest of the saints who labored in our land.

This idiosyncrasy needs to be fixed.

St. John Maximovich pray for us!

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