You’re Free Not to Think


An important goal of secular humanism, one that must be clearly understood, is to stir up issues where they do not, or at best slightly, exist. Class or racial tension must be maintained; in fact, an old communist teaching instructed its adherents: if there are no tensions, they must be created. Our “leftist” humanist friends are busy creating conflict in America. This outer turmoil simply reflects the inner essential turmoil and fundamental lack of peace that is at the heart of material humanism. Secular humanism is hell-bent on “discovering” and then exacerbating problems and conflicts. Why? Because they must appear to be the messiah, the savior of us all. One must simply reference the communist “saviors” of Russia (and elsewhere) in the 20th century to see how that sort of salvation works.

Solzhenitsyn aptly comments, “the Western system in its present state of spiritual exhaustion does not look attractive.”

This spiritual exhaustion is manifesting itself precisely because the “West” is abandoning its authentic spiritual fabric: Christianity. The 20th century was a time of accelerated de-Christianization, not to mention the 21st. The fruit of the promised “freedom” of secularism is clearly coming to fruition in our days. Tastes nice, doesn’t it? Not really.

Yet, modern humanists seem to think if they only turn up the dosage it will surely work a miracle. More of a bad thing only makes things worse. I wish they would wake up.

Another vital aspect of secular humanism is that it must shut down every possibility of reasonable dialogue. This is done by villainizing anyone who holds a view contrary to its own. Thus labels such as: “bigot,” “hater,” “racist,” “transphobic,” “homophobic,” “Putin lover,” and so forth are readily employed. The goal is to create irrational and base emotional reactions in people, which then prevent them from reasoning in a more profound manner, a manner based on the higher principles of immutable morals and spirituality. Thus, secular leftists are against all true and intellectual dialogue. It is their way or the highway.

A system of categorizing, labeling, and stereotyping is employed to control all impressions and narratives. The goal is to have total control of the plot. Once irrational emotional explanations and subsequent reactions are established as the perceived “reality,” they may conveniently “protect” the people from those “evil” and “hateful” other ideas and narratives and the deplorable people that hold them. In other words, freedom of speech and word become a farce. One is free to either agree or be derided, maligned, and ostracized. Sterile and rigid uniformity are the goals of secular humanism. It is anti-reason, thus it must prevent intellectual and peaceful dialogue. It will fail and wither if such an environment existed.

Secular humanism can only flourish in an atmosphere of fear, hatred, and bigotry; thus they must create and exploit situations to promote such a favorable (to their agenda) environment. This explains many of the current “crises” in our Nation. They are all very emotionally driven, with very little higher reason being exhibited on the various sides involved. But, as you will note, they are being readily exploited by the secularists to serve their narrow ideology. In secularism, ideology is greater than humanity. In fact, secularists are always ready to perform a mass sacrifice of human life and dignity for their extremely narrow ideologies.

The perceptive philosopher Rene Guenon makes the following observations, “Rationalism, being the denial of every principle superior to reason, brings with it as a ‘practical’ consequence the exclusive use of reason, but of reason blinded, so to speak, by the very fact that it has been isolated from the pure and transcendent intellect, of which, normally and legitimately, it can only reflect the light in the individual domain. As soon as it has lost all effective communication with supra-individual intellect, reason cannot but tend more and more toward the lowest level, toward the inferior pole of existence, plunging ever more deeply into ‘materiality’; as this tendency grows, it gradually loses hold of the very idea of truth, and arrives at the point of seeking no goal other than that of making things as easy as possible for its own limited comprehension, and in this it finds immediate satisfaction in the very fact that its own downward tendency leads it in the direction of the simplification and uniformization of all things” (The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times, p. 94).

The nuances of history together with the philosophical and cultural elements that formed them are boiled down to painful oversimplifications. Secularism, as Guenon observes, can only function in paltry simplification, because it functions on a very narrow mindset. The teaching of history in most American schools follows this pathetic construction and has produced a generation of historically illiterate people ripe for the exploitation of secularism. What may be more frightening is that such people have been convinced that their extremely biased and warped interpretations are the only valid ones (this again expels all possibility of intellectual “dialogue”).

Since modern man has insisted upon himself as the end-all standard, his own subjective “truth,” he has established the most base and mundane elements as the measuring rod for all human experience. Are we then surprised when the most ignoble aspects of humanity become more and more prominent? It is the direct result of secular humanism and its false narrative.

We are witnessing the progressive manifestation of Dostoevsky’s statement, “If there is no God, everything is permitted.” This may also be rephrased, as “If there is no Truth ….” Absolutely truthless society will always implode upon itself.

Modernity, having done away with the idea of transcendent Truth is now at the mercy of violently mutable and fickle men. But, logically, if there is no truth, then even what the secularists are promoting as “correct” is but a lie. No truth means no truth; humanity is simply left with whatever lie is the strongest at the moment. But even they confess and believe in a sort of “absolute,” their real issue is with Traditional Christian Truth. Thus, they must attack the ancient and eternal Truth. Why? Because their pawn shop “anti-truth” is no match for substantial Truth. Therefore they must ruthlessly control the dialogue and silence all opposition. Darkness hates the light. If there is no light then one may convince the people that darkness is light. This is the agenda of our “loving” and “caring” secular humanist friends.

Darkness is fun. They want to silence us for our own good, how nice of them.

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