The Soul Commodity

What will a man give in exchange for his soul? Matt. 16:26.

The soul, psyche in the Greek, constitutes that unique attribute in mankind given to him by God upon creation. “God formed man out of the dust from the ground, and breathed in his face the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Gen. 2:7). God, Who is Life Himself, imparts life (zoe in Greek) to humanity. God is Life, that is He depends on nothing whatsoever but all things depend upon Him, for He alone is the giver of life (cf. Jn 5:26). God imparts Life to His creature man and thereby mankind becomes a living soul (psyche). The soul has become deadened by sin, but nonetheless, its essential principle remains. This is why the first step in following Christ Jesus is the resurrection of the soul, the rebirth of the spiritual man, through baptism which is a mystical participation in the death and resurrection of Christ (which is essential for the true life of the soul).

Humanity’s “value” comes directly from God. In fact, the Lord says that not all the Kingdoms of this world could out value the soul. “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul (psyche)? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? (Matt. 16:26-27). Set on the balance, the soul’s value outweighs the whole world. This is the root of the Christian understanding of humanity.

It is possible to externally devalue (not substantially) the soul and sell it off cheaply. This is exactly what the fallen system of the world strives to do, most of all in modernity. The secular revolutionary ideologies upon which the current system of western “civilization” leans, stand in direct contrast to the Christian understanding of humanity. Practically every modern system views mankind simply as a commodity, be it Communism, Socialism, Fascism, or Democracy. Although all these ideologies have incidental differences, they all spring from a common root and thus through slightly different means terminate at the same end. Thus the seeming clash between Democratic Capitalism and Socialism and its inevitable sibling Communism is but synthetic. The clash is about the means and use of the commodity of humanity.

In the Socialist utopia, one must be a profitable proletariat gear. One that works to support the supposed egalitarian society in which the State knows best and distributes all goods “fairly” (this, of course, is a joke, one must need only study the Socialist governments of the 20th century, be they Communist or Fascist). If one is not a compliant gear in the proletariat paradise, then one’s usefulness is negated and such gears are then justifiably, according to the system, destroyed or greatly inhibited from participation in the system.

In the wonderland of Democracy, humanity is valued in net worth. The more money a person makes clearly reveals such a one as more valuable. This is exemplified by the constant repetition of “so and so is worth X amount of dollars.” Thus, the more valuable (economically speaking) have the ability to dominate and exploit those of lesser value. This logic (or anti-logic) undergirds many of the actions of “Democracy” throughout the world.

In fact, every modern system depends on the de-humanization of the economic units – people – that it opposes. For instance, American lives are “valued” by American Democracy because the American system depends on these cogs. We must be good little consumers so that the corporations can continue to make lots of money. Rather, and even better, we must accrue debt so that the banks can reap large profits on usury (interest). The value of American lives is that we are needed gears in the Capitalist system (the same would apply to the other systems). The technocratic corporatocracy cannot exist if it has no gears to exploit. So, be good little cogs, and remember true happiness is found in all the stuff you do not yet own! So go find your meaning in life and buy stuff; don’t worry if you have no money, you may become an indentured servant to the banking system! Ah, freedom and democracy!

Thus, whether a system is gathering up lesser (unneeded, in the system’s view) cogs for extermination in a concentration camp or is simply bombing them into oblivion in their native lands or killing them in the womb is beside the point. The essential goal is the same. Humanity has only a material, monetary value. Homo-economicus. The monetary-man. In such a scheme what is wrong with doing away with excess monetary units, which in the view of self-appointed gods, will simply disrupt the system? Thus, human life is dealt with as if it were an object up for auction. This is why actions such as aborticide are vital to all modern systems (Democratic or Communist). Excess units may be destroyed before they even enter the system. The womb becomes the extermination gulag. This also saves the system unneeded expenses of maintaining extermination camps. Most of all, aborticide can be aggressively promoted among the lesser cogs, thus regulating their numbers (this is why aborticidal organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, have their roots in eugenics, and this is why it is aggressively promoted by organizations such as the UN. It has nothing to do with supposed “women’s rights.” Women are simply exploited as a means to achieve a goal, which is population control, or the control of perceived cogs).

Also, in such systems, the gears must be regulated and controlled. They must function as the system demands of them. Thus, the human cog must be exploited and manipulated, which will vary depending upon perceived contribution. In fact, the cogs must be put into such a fabricated situation that the seeming only hope of salvation comes from the system overlords. Thus, the right to pursue “happiness” is paramount because happiness is always just out of reach in such systems (but just keep pursuing!). And, of course, those pesky gears that do not dance to the piper’s tune will have to be removed. For the ever-elusive promise of egalitarian utopia, the compliant system cogs are taught to be more than willing to grind the non-compliant into the ground. (The end of every revolutionary form of government is totalitarian.)

And when a certain gear, which may have been useful in the past, losses its “value” then it can (the system says) and should be removed. Thus the growing support for euthanasia. What good is an old cog in a nursing home, its just wasting resources! Or an autistic or disabled cog? In fact, it is merciful and proper according to the revolutionary mind to do away with such ones. After all, their “quality” of life will never be like productive gears. They can’t even “enjoy” their stuff.

This theory of humanity is central to all modern revolutionary governments. It has come to be because the West, in general, has willingly thrown off the “bonds” of Christian Theology. Doesn’t freedom taste so good! Just keep believing!

God makes it abundantly clear, there is nothing you can give or attain that will match the worth of your soul, not even the whole world. Christ Jesus did not come and offer illusory “rights” but true spiritual freedom. The system of the world wants you to sell your soul cheaply, refuse to do it. Your soul was created for one purpose: fellowship with the Living God. Thus the one who in the eyes of the world “loses” his soul is the one who truly finds himself in Life – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.



One thought on “The Soul Commodity

  1. Mary

    The cogs will now be forced to serve a new system bright about by the 1%, not sure what to call it anymore. Capitalism for them and communism for the rest of us? Lord have mercy!


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