Instructions on the Path of Virtue, by St. Dimitry of Rostov

Over the past years I have shared a few pieces, translated from Russian, by St. Dimitry of Rostov. A number of years ago I translated a collection of his works. I attempted to publish it via a self-publishing site, but I’ve never been very proficient in promotion. So not much came of it. Over the past while I began to simply reread my translation and do a little more editing. In the process I would post some of the material to my blog.

Below, the reader will find a link to a PDF of the full translation work. Ultimately the words of the Saints are for us, the faithful. The translation, as I note in my introduction, represents almost three years of work. As a family man and a full-time priest (who sometimes works side jobs) it is at times hard to find the time to do translation work. It most-likely takes me a bit more time than it would for someone with more dedicated time.

As far as I know, this is the only English source for the works of St. Dimity. I hope it will bring the reader spiritual profit. Honestly, I much prefer real books. I don’t like reading on a computer very much. But, I very much want to make the words of St. Dimitry available, and for now that means a “digital” version.

I translate because I enjoy it. I write and maintain this blog for the same reasons. I offer the works of St. Dimitry ultimately for free. This one time I will put a little plug out, if you are able to offer a small donation for the work that would be nice. But there is no obligation to do so. I’m very grateful to those readers who here and there freely make some donations. It does help. I only mention it here because this work does represent hours and days of my life, which I am and was happy to offer.

That said the link is below. May the Lord enlighten us through the prayers of St. Dimitry!

3 thoughts on “Instructions on the Path of Virtue, by St. Dimitry of Rostov

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