Green Pass to the Abyss: Mass Surveillance and Technocratic Slavery

Everyone will now become his own prison guard,” Jacques Attali.

In April of 2021, I penned an article entitled, Health Passports, Economic Coercion, and the Number of a Man. In that post, I addressed the clear and looming agenda of “health passports.” Sadly, the article is still very relevant. I wish it were not and I could write and say, “I got that wrong!” Yet, as I write this current article “health passports” are being aggressively pushed forward around the globe.

Such passports have very little to do with actual health. Health is a very convenient cover for introducing a tyrannical and technocratic form of population control. Its goal is a form of slavery – total dominance slavery. To all, this should be a clear line. As you read this, whether you have received the current injections or not, once the mechanism of a passport is in place it will not be removed, at least it will be removed only with great difficulty. Once you yield the authority to the powers that be in the form of a “health passport,” you have freely begun to lock yourself in prison chains, digital though they may be, which as we shall see have the prospect of being more controlling than any actual chains.

I appeal to all: resist at all costs the “health passport” system. Having nothing to do with it.

For Christians, it should be manifestly clear of what spirit it is. The Scripture most evidently states that the system of the Beast will have a method of controlling “buying and selling.” I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, though the immediate passport system may not be the final manifestation of what is very well known as the “mark of the Beast,” it is participating in the very spirit thereof. It is without a doubt building a strict environment in which only those currently approved (the goal post will be ever moving) may “buy and sell.” Do not let some purportedly “christian” voices fool you, those who claim there is no parallel. There is. The current system is of the spirit of the beast.

At current, in most places participating in the “health passport” tyranny, a lack of a “green” status bars a person from such venues – cinemas, theaters, museums, restaurants, bars, cafes (sometimes including terraces), clubs, some shopping malls, long-distance transport, gyms, organized sports, and public events such as concerts and meetings. As Christians, we could well do without a number of these events. Yet as I noted in my previous article, it starts with such events and will eventually move to grocery stores and other more “essential” things. I believe they will even eventually move it to churches and other religious meetings (I’ve heard this is already taking place). Grievously, some Christians are already willingly participating in the spirit of “show proof of vaxx to enter.”

Hopefully, the reader is already aware of the many current physical applications of the “health passport” system. Yet, here is a link to its implications in Europe. Here to a list of countries utilizing a “health passport” system of sorts. Here is an interesting article from a secular and fully vaxxed individual on the topic (just because I share things of interest does not mean I agree totally with everything written). Russia has also eagerly jumped on the globalist bandwagon of “health passports.” (Update: since writing this article, Russia has, it seems, put a stop to QC passport slavery.) Washington DC is now making proof of vaxx papers needed for access to most services (other cities in the US are doing similar things, although some States, thankfully, are also moving to block implementation of such systems.) Areas of Canada seem to be pushing for vaxx papers to enter even places of worship. The Vatican is utilizing “health passports.”

In broad strokes, I have presented how the “health passport” agenda has advanced since I wrote my first article. I have made the strong claim that the system has nothing to do with health, rather it is a longstanding agenda to coerce people into accepting a system of complete surveillance and tyranny. To this end, I have chosen to highlight sections from the writings of the acknowledged globalist, Jacques Attali. He is a lesser-known globalist writer but nevertheless correctly conveys the clear goals and agendas at work. All quotes I have taken from his book, “A Brief History of the Future,” which bears glowing endorsements from Henry Kissinger. He has been an integral part of the establishment, amongst many functions, he served as a lead political advisor in France and served as the head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. As with many of the globalist-technocratic writers, the book can be a little tedious to read. The two chapters I have pulled from are entitled, “The Object as Substitute for the State: from Hypersurveillance to Self-surveillance” and “Surveillance: Masterword for the Times Ahead.” The original copyright date for the book is 2006. I am utilizing his work because he is indisputably conveying the goals of the global establishment, being himself, as I have noted, one of them.

I have read a number of first-hand sources from the globalist-technocratic writers. They all state the same goal, although there may exist some surface and nuanced differences. What you are seeing unfold around you is part of a plan long in the works. Of course, as Christians, we know that the final and ultimate say will come from God. Yet, we also know that He will allow men to gather in a seeming victorious rebellion against Him. Our true and fervent repentance can derail the plans of these godless men.

In an attempt to control resources and wealth (for themselves, ie the globalist elites), it will be necessary to regulate every action and even intent of the masses. For this technology is vital. Mr. Attali speaks of “nomadic objects,” which in brief means a type of portable technology, from things such as cell phones to micro-chips implantable in the body, even on a nano level. He states that the monitoring of a person’s consumption and behavior “will take place through the use of technologies permitting storage of energy and information on nanometric entities (whence the term nanotechnologies). We shall move toward the construction of nanomachines … Microprocessors will use DNA and peptide biomolecules, which will serve in the construction of nanocomputers” (pg 175. Note – I have a PDF copy of the book. Page numbers are accordingly).

Please take careful note of the fact that he clearly states that a goal is to utilize DNA and peptide biomolecules (all parts of your body) to construct nanocomputers. Although the focus of this article is not the gene “therapy” injection being offered (and forced) at current, it is important to keep it in mind as part of the agenda. Most of all since the powers that be desire to force everyone to receive it, even though it is also the deadliest “health” injection ever administered. The “health passports” are directly tied to this goal of forcing the gene programming injection.

Thus a very clear goal is the “internet of bodies” (IoB). The IoB in basic seeks to add technologies into the human body that will make it interfaceable with other technologies outside of the body. As indicated above, a goal is to make human bodies into a sort of nanocomputer. Mr. Jacques writes, “The single nomadic object will be integrated one way or another into the body. It will serve as a sensor and a controller” (pg 176). Now be this through a “medical” injection or a chip is somewhat secondary, for indeed it could be through both. It is beyond denial that an implantable, in the hand, micro-chip is being introduced at this moment as a very simple and convenient method to carry personal information including the “health passport.” It should not escape the reader that the goal is to utilize technologies so to equip the body with the ability to receive and transmit and be controlled.

He continues, “Acting as the engines of growth, new objects will take over from automobiles, washing machines, and nomadic objects: these will be surveillance objects, replacing many traditionally state-run functions. I shall call them the Watchers” (Ibid). This of course is very clearly the “internet of things.” All of your “smart” devices are indeed “Watchers.” Watchers sound so warm and cozy.

Since this will mean manipulation of services essential to social order — indeed the foundation stones of states and peoples — it will radically modify relations with the individual or collective imagination, with identity, life, sovereignty, knowledge, power, nation, culture, and geopolitics. And now we stand before the most sweeping revolution awaiting us in the next half century. These Watchers will not spring forth ready-made from the imagination of crazed researchers or technicians touched by the hand of God. They will be responding to the financial imperatives of the mercantile order …” (pg 177). Mr. Jacques tells us this is not a “conspiracy theory.” The driving forces of the agenda are behind the finances and mercantile order, this may be a clear reference to the globalists banking system which is one of the major powers behind current agendas. (Read this article and watch the video in it for more on this subject.) The goal is to manipulate essential services to radically modify relations. This is a function of the “health passport,” together with numerous other responses implemented in the name of “health” during this time. This has been in concerted motion since the start of the current “crisis.”

This process will go through two stages, which I shall call hypersurveillance and self-surveillance(ibid).

The clearly stated goal is that “It will become part and parcel of the host of services making it possible to track objects and people. Nomadic ubiquity opens itself to hypersurveillance when whoever is connected leaves traces of his passage. Private services will then manage social rights and the administrative services” (pg 178). Read that well – private services will then manage social rights. Are we not seeing this already? It is all tied together. Most “health passport” systems are being implemented with the aid of private services. The goal is to manage you like a “resource.” If you are found not “resourceful” enough, then you will be expendable (as indeed all the masses are to the globalist powers). A “health passport” system will eventually morph in an all-encompassing social passport system that, “will also verify that their clients conform to norms to minimize the risks they will be called on to cover. They will gradually come to dictate planetary norms” (ibid). You will be a slave in a digital system that dictates “planetary norms.” Those norms will be anything but the Christian way of life.

In such “planetary norms,” “Ignorance, exposure to risks, wasting, and vulnerability will be considered diseases” (pg. 179). Those are fairly vague designators.

In this system, through business and financial means compliance will be extracted. “This compliance will imply monitoring one’s health, knowledge, vigilance, and property” (ibid). That is, every aspect of a person’s life will be monitored to assure compliance with the “norms.” The “health passport” is already down that road, for it is a verification of a person’s compliance with the “command” to get injected with experimental gene therapy. It is already discriminating between “compliant” and “non-compliant.” It seems the “enlightened” world does indeed enjoy discrimination after all; moreover, it is a fervent believer in slavery.

Third-party groups will be used to monitor compliance and verify conformity to the norms. Mr. Jacques plainly states, “For this, everyone must agree to be monitored. The era of Big Brother, earlier proclaimed but only partially implemented, will become the norm” (pg. 180). Please read that statement again. For this system to work everyone must agree, that is – surrender civil freedoms of their own free will; this is one of the major goals of the current “health crisis.” Many people are freely agreeing to be monitored, that is to be enrolled in digital slavery. It is also why they are seeking to force even those who do not want the injection into receiving it, for the system of control to work everyone must be in it. The gulag will have no borders because people will freely enter the digital gulag under the banner of “freedom.” And it is transpiring right now. The “health passport” is a gulag pass. For the price of “access” people will sell their lives. Slavery has always been one of the most profitable businesses.

What better cover to trick people into agreement than the seeming “good” of fighting a “health crisis?” They will always use seemingly beneficial covers to advance their underlying sinister goal of enslaving the planet. It is a long-stated goal, and the current facade of “health and well-being” is tailormade to advance it. It is impossible to sell blatant evil to people, it must be dressed up in seemingly “good” intentions.

And as if scoffing at people, the clear goal of the globalist powers is further presented, “The unique nomadic object will be permanently traceable. All the data it contains, including images of everyone’s daily life, will be stored and sold to specialist businesses and to public and private police. Individual data on health and competence will be updated by private databases that will allow for predictive tests in view of preventive treatment … Nothing will be hidden anymore” (pg. 180).

So confident in their agenda are they that they predict people will willingly become their own prison guards. “We shall also see the appearance of self-surveillance instruments and software for monitoring compliance with the norms related to knowledge. They will organize verification of acquaintances. The nomadic ubiquity of information will become the permanent monitor for knowledge” (pg. 181).

Why do they believe people will be their own eager guards and the ruthless monitors of their neighbors too? Because “Faith in technological infallibility will open enormous markets for this variegated spectrum of devices” (pg 182). Ahh! Just trust the experts! Trust the “infallible” lords of technological utopia! Faith, that they will protect us from a deadly virus! Faith, that they will keep us from the new sins that will condemn us in the eyes of society! The litany of “faith” could go on.

And again, without any ambiguity, it is said, “Once again, collective services (this time state-run) will become mass-produced industrial products. Everything put in place over the last several decades will meet a triumphant conclusion. Everyone will now have become his own prison guard. And at the same time, individual freedom will have reached the mountain-top — at least in the imagination, by the use of new nomadic objects” (ibid). Yes, they have been building and preparing for decades. Everyone will be his own prison guard. That is the goal. “Health passports” are a vital step in this goal. And, laughing in the face of people, Mr. Jacques says they will only be free in their imagination. That is, there will be no freedom. You will be given a digital prison, seemingly spacious, but its end is in the abyss. Ultimately, this all will facilitate an even greater spiritual slavery, which is more fearful than a physical one. Let it be clear – the price of participation in the emerging system will be your soul. But, as with any system from the evil one, it remains dependent on lies to succeed. We must live free from its lies; we must refuse to substantiate them in any way.

What do we do? Refuse any participation in the system. Remember it is contingent upon people willingly taking part in the system. So, we must willingly not participate in it. Don’t shop or buy from any place requiring “health passports.” Warn others. We must wean ourselves from our addiction to comfort in the West, for this is one of the pressure points that will be pushed to elicit compliance. Prepare yourself to possibly suffer some physical discomfort. Christians, if your church is participating in the “health passport” system, find another church. Find pastors who are standing strong against the dark spirit of these times. Find and actively support faithful pastors. If they are requiring you to scan into church, this is a major red flag.

Pastors who are allowing this system are ultimately sacrificing their flock to the wolves. They may think they are averting something by “just obeying the mandates” yet in reality they are hastening destruction. Sadly, I am well aware of supposedly Christian places actively promoting the slavery passport system. They are but participating with terrible tyranny, indeed an emerging system that will be more destructive than the Nazis or Communists of the 20th century. They are but selling their people off to the globalist-technocratic “masters” of this age. They are but actively handing over their people to the secular thieves of this world. They are priming and desensitizing their people to eventually receive the ultimate mark of the beast, of which the current passports are but a foreshadowing manifestation. “I got the mark because I care for other people!”

And what will we pastors say before the Throne of God for turning His people away over a “medical” procedure? How will we escape judgment if we do not repent of such things? But, Lord, we barred them from church because the secular governments commanded us to do so, we were just following orders! How could we be held culpable!? I would enquirer of certain Christians participating in the current system – what part of the above agenda harmonizes with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ? Please tell me. Christ Jesus has come to give mankind life and true freedom, the current system, as outlined above, is seeking absolute slavery, including spiritual slavery which is death. It is also seeking to discriminate against those who do not desire to participate in its proffered techno-colored slavery.

It seems these words of the holy hieromartyr Sergius (Mechev) are still very much applicable in our times, “’Turn ye even to Me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning: and rend your heart and not your garments, and turn unto the Lord your God: for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth Him of the evil. Who knoweth if He will return and repent, and leave a blessing behind Him; even an offering of the wheat and of the wine unto the Lord your God?’ (Joel 2:12-14). But from where have we heard a universal call to repentance? Where have we seen the archpastors and pastors weeping rivers of tears between the porch and the altar to spare their people? (cf. Joel 2:17). We have placed the diplomatic talents of the hierarchs on a more important level than the Word of God. On them we have placed hope, on them we have placed our salvation. By a lie we have tried to preserve the Kingdom of Truth.”

The Kingdom of Truth will never be preserved through participation in a lie. For, by participating in the lie we will alienate ourselves from the Truth. For Truth will stand until the end of time and unto all eternity, let us be vigilant to stand in it.

Above we have the very clear testimony of a premier globalist, the agenda is clearly stated and at work. Now is the time to fight it. Its agenda is not yet in full control. By going along with it we are going along with death. Moreover, we become destroyers of our neighbors, for we do nothing to withstand a clearly demonic agenda. May the Lord have mercy on us.

I have clearly outlined the agenda behind the “health passport” system with testimony straight from the horse’s mouth, as the saying goes. And I will challenge the reader (and myself) with these words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, And thus, overcoming our temerity, let each man choose: Will he remain a witting servant of the lies (needless to say, not due to natural predisposition, but in order to provide a living for the family, to rear the children in the spirit of lies!), or has the time come for him to stand straight as an honest man, worthy of the respect of his children and contemporaries?

Indeed, the time to stand is now. Let us stand in Christ Jesus our Lord, knowing that we are not ultimately fighting with flesh and blood, but with the dark powers of the evil one who desires nothing else but the destruction of humanity. We have been born in this time by the providence of God, it is our duty to battle for the Truth in the time in which God has placed us, thus let us hold fast to it most dearly.

– I pulled a number of sections from Mr. Jacques’ book for this article and did not use them all in the main body thereof. Below the reader will find a few more quotes, which further manifest the agenda at work. –

Technology will make it possible to know everything about the origins of products and movements of men — which will much later imply essential military applications. Sensors and miniature cameras installed in all public (and eventually private) places, in offices and in recreational areas, and finally on the nomadic objects themselves, will monitor all comings and goings (the phone already allows us to communicate and be tracked). Biometric techniques — fingerprints, iris, shape of hands and face — will allow for surveillance of travelers, workers, and consumers. Countless analytical devices will make it possible to monitor the health of a body, a mind, or a product (pg 180).

Massproduced objects will allow everyone to monitor his own compliance with the norms, and self-surveillance will appear (pg. 181)

New technologies will arise to multiply these portable means of surveillance. Computers will be integrated into clothing by nanofibers and will miniaturize still further the body’s selfmonitors. Electronic bugs, worn subcutaneously, will ceaselessly register heartbeat, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Microprocessors connected to various organs will watch their functioning as compared to the norms. Miniature cameras, electronic sensors, biomarkers, nanomotors, and nanotubes (microscopic sensors that can be introduced into the pulmonary alveola or the bloodstream) will give everyone the opportunity to measure, permanently or periodically, the parameters of his own body (ibid).

13 thoughts on “Green Pass to the Abyss: Mass Surveillance and Technocratic Slavery

  1. Craig Mouldey

    Is anyone interested to move to rural Haliburton, Ontario where Orthodox Christians are nonexistent, except for me? My Parish is far, limiting my ability to attend. Of course, it has become impossible for me to attend without considering myself to have surrendered to this rapidly forming beast system. They have been obeying the Bishop and the government from the time limitations were imposed. I have shared many articles and emails with my priest. He understands what is going on and why. Yet, now he seems to have become a true believer in the virus. This is heartbreaking for me. I am now isolated and it will get worse. At this point the only hope I have is to find and team up with those of similar mind who are not Orthodox. In the end I expect them to take away what little I have and end my life. I’m not concerned about that!


  2. Maxim

    We need to be thinking about ways we can begin to establish a Catacomb Church; the system that is emerging is basically Soviet Communism, but with technological tools of oppression of which Stalin could only dream! It isn’t typically called Communism, because that is still a pejorative term for many, but that’s essentially what it is, dressed up a little differently. Also, the Corporate world (which has always pushed the agenda of Globalism) has now absorbed the State, and the activities of both are dictated by the same energies. It is likely that to resist these forces will eventually result in our deaths, but death is not the destruction of the human person; acquiescence may very well be. Parents with young children need to remember the example of St. Sophia, who prepared her children for martyrdom, rather than destroying the souls of our children by complying with these mandates out of concern for their bodies or their social prestige. This may not be the ultimate temptation, but for those who comply with these conditions the final step will seem so small it will be very difficult to resist. Just as St. John the Forerunner was sent to “make smooth the way” for Christ’s ministry, (and we are told that those that accepted the baptism of John were able to accept the truth of Christ, and those that refused this baptism generally couldn’t) the current mandates are meant to make smooth the way for the final apostasy, and those that accept them will be primed and ready to go. We just need to remember that no action of the enemy can deprive us of our souls; only our willing acquiescence to the manifold temptations of these times can do that; as long as we place our hope and trust entirely in Christ, and “endure until the end”, our salvation is assured. This is one reason why the continual practice of the Jesus Prayer, so that the prayer enters into the rhythm of our breathing, is so important, for then, as long as we have breath, we have prayer!

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  4. Facebook’s recent major announcement, changing their name to ‘Meta’ and advancing an enhanced, augmented reality through “smart-glasses” and a range of other devices is an enormous technological step forward in this agenda. Apple has advanced it already in recent years through the many health apps for the iPhone and the Apple Watch. The eventual availability of a subcutaneous chip to integrate these ever more advanced smart devices will link it all together. And people will desire it.


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