Elite Plans and Religious Puppets

Below is a translation of a short message from Met. Luke of Zaporozhye. Some may find his opening words about the Patriarch of Constantinople to be harsh. Yet, considering the absolute suffering that the actions of the EP have created for faithful Orthodox in Ukraine, they may be mild. I have repeatedly pointed out in past posts that the events in Ukraine, in the Orthodox world, are the blueprints for the goal of creating a world orthodoxy, one that is externally “correct” yet internally devoid of true life. Such a world orthodoxy will be a faithful servant of the coming powers. This is evident in Ukraine. Indeed, already we see some here in the “West” who have done nothing but roll over in front of clearly godless agendas. Their concern is, as the Pharisees, to preserve a “place” for themselves in the emerging order.

It must be noted that even now the EP is speaking about a full union with Rome. This union will be the catalyst for the new world religion of the new world order. In this, we see that indeed the spirit of apostasy is energizing in those who have left the purity of faith, in doing so they have anathematized themselves.

This spiritual aspect is of essential value because only true faith can withstand the emerging anti-human society. Met. Luke clearly sees the EP and others as servants of the godless elite who are driving the “new normal, the great reset” or whatever name it might manifest under. There must be a pseudo-orthodoxy which the new order can offer to Orthodox – “here keep your rites just bow to the new world idols.” Of course, those who resist will be labeled “narrow-minded bigots.” We will be those who stand in the way of “unity and love.”

I share this message also because it reveals that there are faithful hierarchs who are seeking to expose the demonic work of the times and are courageously raising their voices.. At least in America, a predominant message seems to be “just do whatever the authorities tell you to do!” There is very little spiritual analysis of the underlying agenda at work. This agenda is exposed by Met. Luke. The reader may be familiar with the fact that His Beatitude, Met. Onuphry has said that the Church has entered an “apocalyptic era.”

The primary role of the Church is to keep people spiritually awake. At current, the threat of a virus is being used to further deconstruct society so that it may be reconstructed in a “new” manner. This “new” manner is exposed by Met. Luke.

So, there is hope. There are voices striving to make known and warn against the demonic work taking place.

Begin translation-

It is time to call things as they are.

At present we cannot speak of church unity. A schism has taken place in the Orthodox world. This is already a fiat accompli. The initiators of this schism are the global elites, who today are openly building a new world order. One of the puppets of this anti-Christian strategy is the heretic and blasphemer, Dimitry Archontikis, who counts himself the Patriarch of Constantinople, together with the other Judases who have joined him, those who sacrifice the purity of the faith and life in accordance with the canons of the Church for their own comfort and well-being. In as much as the criminal deeds of these individuals have surpassed all previous heretical atrocities in their scale, I believe it necessary to include the former Patriarch of Constantinople and his henchmen together with those individuals upon whom “anathema” is proclaimed during the service of the Sunday of Orthodoxy in the first week of Great Lent.

We must also recognize and openly proclaim to the faithful children of the Church of Christ, that the events that are now developing in the world community indicate that there is at work in the world an active building of an open global society, which is founded on anti-Christian values. “The great masons” running the construction will not shy away from even the most anti-human methods so to implement their plans. They have already used bacteriological weapons on a global scale to create a pandemic and the deaths of many innocent people, the global reach of their plans is a first in history.

These are the first steps in a carefully thought out multilayered plan which has as its goal the reconstruction of mankind himself. Take as example the network of just one, Soros, with his army of politicians, journalists, liberal secular and religious figures, who are all actively working to destroy the old world. They work to prepare the world for a new centralized system of government which will exert control over every aspect of human society. In the religious sector this work is spearheaded by the Vatican together with the Patriarch of Constantinople, and a coalition of radically (liberal) extreme heterodox groups.

The modern achievements in digital computer technologies, genetic engineering, and so forth, can fully ensure this new world order, which is the satanic plan for a society of enslaved humanity. There will be few left in the world who will be faithful to Christ, but understanding the essence of what is taking place we, as Christians, have reason to rejoice. “And when these things begin to come to pass, rise up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draweth near” (Lk. 21:28). The heart of a true believing person lives not in fear of the coming sorrows, but rather in the hope of a soon meeting with Christ the Lord.

Met. Luke of Zaporozhye, Nov. 30th.

7 thoughts on “Elite Plans and Religious Puppets

  1. Maxim

    It is indescribably painful to me to read that the role of the Church is to keep people spiritually woke. I dislike the word partly due to its Ebonically inspired origin, but also because of the activities of those who adopt the appellation; to be “woke” seems to me to describe one sunk irretrievably in a semi-literate barbaric darkness. The sacraments of woke religiosity seem to involve smashing and burning alot of stuff; God save us from woke spirituality!

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    1. I was using it in a somewhat ironical manner, so many are striving to be “woke” but refuse the to be in reality, rejecting the very truth that will indeed awaken then. Just using modern jargon to make a point.

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      1. Maxim

        I was writing somewhat with my tongue in my cheek, also. In truth, those who are “woke” to the spirit of the world are in deep slumber regarding the truths of the Holy Spirit.

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  2. Maxim

    The current drive to unity must be considered in the light of the recent Papal encyclical (giving new meaning to the words “papal bull”). This is not the Catholicism of John Paul and Benedict, who at least in many respects sought to preserve a regard for Christian tradition; Francis unfolds a vision in which the Church is fully permeated by a worldly spirit, and acts in concert with the ungodly in the creation of an unholy kingdom of Man. This Kingdom will be universal, in perverse imitation of the catholicity of the Church; every knee will bow, and every tongue confess, or else!

    I have long considered that it may be a refashioning of Orthodox theology in the spirit of Parisian academics such as Berdyaev, Bulgokov, and Evdokimov that may provide the ideal vessel for the emerging spirituality of the New World Order; the corruption of the best is the worst. And it doesn’t require any grand renunciation; all it takes is moving God from the center of our worship to a peripheral station, where He can beam approvingly on all of our worldly projects, and won’t get in the way by producing stern admonitions and unrealistic ideals. In other words, Man is at the center, and is the true object of worship, and whether God is officially renounced or not, the Abomination of Desolation will stand in the Holy of Holies.

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