A Free-thinking Cage

“A free-thinker is but the slave of all the current prejudices of his period.” Rene Guenon Free-thinking is one of the greatest phantasies of modern times. The fact is, there is no such thing as “free-thinking.” Every “free-thinker” is a slave to a certain set of ideologies, uniform or conglomerate. Such ones encounter the world …

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It is a Small World After All

Modern humanity has but built for itself a technological cage. Through cultivating and putting faith in the teaching that there is nothing greater than the base material order and the power of “scientific” reason, modernity has enslaved itself in the realm of limit and forged itself a dreary cage. Modern man believes wholeheartedly that since …

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An Olde Celtic Prayer

The holy apostles' guarding, The gentle martyrs' guarding, The nine angels' guarding, Be cherishing, be aiding me.   The quiet Brigit's guarding, The gentle Mary's guarding, The warrior Michael's guarding, Be shielding, be aiding me.   The God of the elements guarding, The loving Christ's guarding, The Holy Spirit guarding, Be cherishing, be aiding me.