Health Passports, Economic Coercion, and the Number of a Man

Revelation tells us that the Antichrist will use a mark for economic reasons” Elder Athanasios (Mitilinaios).

I have long asserted, based on my reading of various saints and elders, that the whole current c-19 “crisis” is being used to advance underlying sinister agendas.

At current, riding on the fear-mongering of the media and various government and non-government powers, we are witnessing the serious proposal of “c-19 passports.” Of course, just more measures to keep everyone “safe.”

In basic, such passports propose to give a person a “green” clearance if they receive the c-19 vaxxination or, for now, test negative for c-19. The long term implications are multifaceted and numerous. I believe the ability to simply test would be soon removed and the stipulation would be reduced to – get the injection.

Here is an interesting video in which a Mrs. Wolf, CEO of Daily Cloud, gives a “tech” explanation of the potential uses of the proposed digital passports.

She, and many others, makes, what seems to be, the valid comparison to the current “social credit” system in China. It does seem that the end goal is something very similar; of course it has to be introduced under seemingly benevolent reasons – “we just care about people’s health!” “If you don’t get it you want grandma to die!”

The mentality cultivated around mask wearing is now being transferred to the vaxx. “You need to wear a mask to protect your neighbor” is now becoming “You need to get the vaxx to protect your neighbor.” “If everyone wears a mask …” is now “if everyone gets the vaxx we can return to normal life.” Take this video from a large medical organization as a case in point. It exemplifies the propaganda.

I have pointed out a number of times, the mentalities around the c-19 crisis are a form of social programming and psychological manipulation.

Many people have accepted complete inversions – healthy people are a potential threat to health; masked people are to be trusted, unmasked people are not, to point out just a few.

One of the primary goals of the c-19 events is to usher in what is referred to as the “new normal.” In basic the “new normal” is a more advanced technocratic form of rule. In such a system it is vital to manage and control every aspect of a person’s life. This is where the current “passports” come in to play.

Under such circumstances the reality will be if you do not receive the c-19 injection you will not receive the “green” status and thus will not be able to participate in numerous areas of “everyday” life.

It is odd that I have not come across many major Christian voice speaking against this. Sadly, it seems that many are simply encouraging people to just get the injection. I thus assume that they will think it fine and for the “greater good” to have such passports. After all, are passport really such a large step from the physical act of people being required to sign into church? Would scanning in with a QC code, or such, really be too much of a jump? It just makes signing in all the easier after all! The pump has been primed.

Many Christians have already sold out completely to the current narrative and agenda and are in fact active facilitators thereof. Thus, as they have found it “virtuous” to wear a mask, it seems very possible they will find the passports just as much so. “I have a c-19 passport because I care for my neighbor and you are a selfish bastard if you don’t have one!” “Jesus would get a c-19 passport for love of neighbor!”

At the base of the current passport proposal is an economic form of control. No inject – no participation in society. It seems that it will be gradual. At first, entertainment events – sports, music, movies, and such. Ah, I could do without this! Then travel – planes, trains, buses. Hummm …. Then major corporations at which the majority of Americans (and other nations) get food and various stuff. No mask no entry becomes no passport no entry.

Is it a fated scenario? No. Yet it is a very real possible scenario which is on our very doorstep. There is no “conspiracy theory” here in the least. It is very much in the works. I really hope that things turn around and my feeble warnings are proven wrong.

Here I would like to refer the reader to a previous article, “A Saint, Prophecies, Globalism, and the Antichrist.” In this article I noted how the beloved modern saint, Paisios, teaches that the system of the Antichrist will have a technological means by which to exclude people. I first touch on these themes in an article called, “The Hand of the Beast. This current article is to some degree a continuation of the themes established in the aforementioned articles. If a person is considered a “dissenter” then there will be a way by which to completely exclude him from participation in society. We live in a time in which such a thing is a total possibility.

Moreover it should be considered that there is a push to digitize currency. Also in the same vein is the idea of a Universal Basic Income. Once monetary modes are completely digitized then the mechanisms of control will be even greater. All possibility to store a physical mode of money will be gone. It is not too hard to delete the virtual digits of dissenters.

I point out in the above referenced article that saints warn us of these constructs.

Here I will add to those words by relating what Elder Athanasios also teaches. The reader will note that the elders and saints have a strong unity of voice on this issue. It seems we should take them very seriously.

Clearly what the elder will call the “seal of the Antichrist” has a deep spiritual dimension. The point here is not that specific aspect but rather the physical effects, manifestations, and ramifications, which are equally real.

The elder teaches, “It is worth noting that the aim of the seal of the Antichrist will be to cut off the livelihood of the faithful, and one way to succeed in this will be through economic sanctions” (from the five volume set study on Revelation, Vol 2, pg 214. After all subsequent quotes just the volume and page number will be noted.)

The Antichrist will apply economic reforms. He will interfere with people’s finances. By interfering with people’s ability to purchase food, he will be striking at the stomach level, at the belly. He will control the entire financial exchange system. Yes, people will be able to buy and sell, but not without the new exchange system. The non-conformist will go to the bank, but he will not be able to withdraw or deposit money without his having been entered into this new financial system” (Vol 2, pg. 215).

The current proposal and prospects of the c-19 passports carry many similarities to the words of the elder. Is the current possibility of a “passport” the seal of the Antichrist? Most likely not the seal, but it clearly is in the spirit of such a seal. It will but clear the ground even more for the final coming of the seal.

The current passport proposal is a clear method of compulsion to pressure people into receiving exactly what the system wants them to receive. It is clearly a demonic initiative.

The elder instructs further, “No group will be excluded” – if a person reads the numerous documents from globalist institutions, one will note the repetition of the phrase “no one left behind” – “The direct ultimatum of demanding that honor be rendered to the image of the Antichrist under threat of death will be coupled with an indirect method of compulsion, which is of an economic nature” (Vol 3, pg. 312).

The spirit of Antichrist uses exclusion from the social sphere as a means to pressure people into total compliance. This is precisely the spirit behind the current passports. Thus, I believe it safe to deduce that the current c-19 passport proposals are of an Antichrist spirit.

The elder informs us, “You will be able to buy and sell. You will be able to go to the supermarket or the gas station, and you will be able to transact – as long as you have this mark, this seal, which will eventually be physically placed on your hand or forehead.” It is of profit to note that this technology of implanting technology in the skin, in which is stored all personal information, is a reality today. The digital passports seem to be serving the purpose of preparing people for such things. It will be simple. “We no longer accept and scan your smartphone, you must have the implant.” Once the system is in place, the movement from one to the other will be easy.

The elder continues, “If you accept this mark, you can buy whatever you want, whatever your heart desires. If you do not have it, then you cannot pay for anything; so you cannot be a shopper. You can no longer be a consumer. The same will hold true for a business operator. You produce and market a product. You will not be able to sell your product unless you have the mark of the Antichrist. Needless to say, it is a powerful trial, a powerful spiritual siege. I don’t know how people will react or cope with this horrible reality of the days of the Antichrist” (Vol 3, pg 313).

The current system of globalism is striving, in the spirit of antichrist, to pressure everyone into its ways. The whole c-19 crisis is being exploited in an attempt to implement a new era, a new normal, in which only those approved by the system will be able to be active. It seeks that everyone be absorbed into the new normal (cf. Rev. 13:16). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in this emerging age of the “new normal” there will be no place for Jesus Christ as Lord God and Savior.

Yet, let those who wish to be faithful to Christ the Lord not lose heart. Yes, if agendas continue on their current paths then things will be very difficult. “You will be hated by all men for My Name’s sake, but he who endures to the end shall be saved” (Matt. 10:22).

The elder speaks to us these words of encouragement, “Only people who truly receive the uncreated energy of the holy cross will be able to stand” (Vol. 2, pg. 213). For the sign, the seal, of the Cross is what will preserve those who desire to remain faithful to the Lord. As it was with our Lord, so shall it be with those who follow Him – He was despised and rejected. The Antichrist spirit is constructing a system that will despise and reject anyone who does not receive it, anyone who holds to the Truth of Jesus Christ above anything the world has to offer. Thus, the true Christian will begin to taste of the cup of the Lord. In the end of time he must be ready to suffer complete rejection by the fallen system of this world. A system which is doomed to obliteration.

Let us seek above all else to receive the seal of the Cross and to have our name written in the book of life.

48 thoughts on “Health Passports, Economic Coercion, and the Number of a Man

  1. Antithacus

    Thank you for this, Father. It’s hard to not feel alone in resisting all of this insanity; so many just seem to go along with all of it, unthinking. My wife and I have had many discussions and we will NOT be vaccinated. We don’t know what that will mean, but we know what it COULD mean. The words of the elders are instructive, and comforting.

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  2. Christopher Keller

    The goal with masking and distancing has always been to reduce cases and buy time until a vaccine was widely available — “flatten the curve” doesn’t eliminate the curve, it just spreads it out over time, to keep it below the point of overwhelming the medical resources (as happened more dramatically in Italy, and perhaps NY).

    You talk about requiring a vaccine to participate as being some kind of new evil, but these sorts of requirements already exist for many sectors, especially medical personnel or those who travel internationally. And for people who are immunocompromised (as a niece in the family was when she had childhood leukemia, for whom “masking and distancing” was truly an act of “love of neighbor”) your “inversions” are simply everyday life. It’s no more a concern than requiring one to have a mode of transportation as a job requirement.

    So far as I’m aware, there is no serious, coordinated proposal to make vaccine “proofs” required across the board. (Not to mention the huge challenge it would be to implement in any meaningful way.) Once the majority of folks are vaccinated, there also won’t be a need to make it a requirement for people more than a flu shot is, as the virus will lack enough vulnerable hosts to cause much damage (though, like the flu, it will probably continue to kill some amount of people every year).

    Why do you spend so much effort on speculations, when even St. Paisios was told to stop this, by St. Porphyrios? (See And he had far more virtue and grace than I! So much less am I interested to have “the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge” than to have love, and to focus on those things that are clear & present.

    Having only digital currency, however, is a terrible idea, for many reasons, including the potential for abuse & control that you mention. This can be plainly seen in China today.

    One can prepare for the end result that you and the Book of Revelation speak of, and still receive a vaccine in good conscience (as one does for flu, MMR, tetanus, etc.) Preparing for a time in which one cannot participate in the economy _for the sake of Christ_ is a good idea, and encourages forming strong connections in one’s parish and community, as well as having supplies on hand in case of crisis. I personally have an eye on land, and am beginning to take steps to achieve a greater share of our food being produced from our own efforts, in part for this reason.

    But we need not live in fear. We trust in the God who has overcome all things, and who in this life has called us to be good stewards of the bodies and resources we have been given, as well as to “honor the physician”.


    1. You are presuming “fear”, I have tried to call people to be watchful and sober, which is a Scriptural mandate, based on some very clear words from saints and elders. You may discount it if you so desire.

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      1. Your blessing, Fr +

        Very well written. It is not by coincidence that Diakonissa and I just watched this older video on the life of St. Nicolai (Salt of the Earth) wherein those interviewed discuss the words of the Saint telling them not to accept the new “Passport”.


        Lord have mercy on us+
        Your servant, Deacon Michael

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    2. Cathy

      you are simply ignorant of the global agenda which is written across the board. Read the document spars 2025-2028.

      The vaccine will cause many deaths and illnesses and infertility in 6 months to a year.

      Nevermind that vaccine companies admitted using aborted fetal cells in the testing phase.

      Be wise.

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      1. Christopher Keller

        You say

        >”The vaccine will cause many deaths and illnesses and infertility in 6 months to a year.”

        But people were already beginning vaccine trials 6+ months ago, and we do not see this effect. What chemical pathway/process from the vaccine do you believe would lead to those outcomes?


      2. Hello, once again, Christopher!
        I think the situation is still very fluid. Considering that some countries are in the midst of attempting to institute a type of “health passport” system, I would posit that my observations are still relevant. I think it will take more than four months to be able to make a verdict. I will be the first to say that I hope many of my ponderings in this post are wrong. I hope that France, Greece, UK, Canada, and others will reverse their active plans to institute, in some measure, a health passport tracking system. I hope that New York City does the same too. Thus, I think my observations in this post are far from being irrelevant at the moment, as indeed there are a number of places advancing the “health passport” agenda. I pray this post does become irrelevant.
        Thanks for checking!

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    3. Maxim

      Flattening the curve was a long time ago, and in response to numbers that were grossly, and probably deliberately, inflated. There was never a real possibility of overwhelming the resources; the temporary facilities the Feds provided New York were never used. Deceptive reporting sometimes suggested such things, but it was not based on reality. The Pep Squad for disease hyperventilation, which includes Fauci, Birx, and the MSM pet physicians, have been wrong in their prognostications so many times at this point that no one should ever take them seriously again; they are shills, not scientists. Their sole concern is how to spin the numbers and use them to craft a narrative which will advance their policy objectives. There are times when their “facts” change drastically from one week to the next, with no acknowledgment that they are contradicting themselves! This reflects a degree of propaganda that is Orwellian in its scope.

      Fr. Lynch is not talking about measures taken in specialized circumstances, he’s talking about the across-the-board, treat-everyone-the-same-whether-they’re-vulnerable-or-not policies, which have never before been recommended in any circumstance, and can really only be understood as an attempt to change the social and political culture; in fact, we were told at the beginning and at intervals throughout that they intended to change the culture, and yet people don’t listen! They have been amazingly forthcoming about their future plans and the ways they intend to use the pandemic to advance these plans; it almost seems like they believe they can now announce anything without adverse affect, because the bulk of the populace is now so firmly under the thumb of propaganda.

      It seems almost as if many people can’t remember life before the Evil Plague was announced. I have been aware for several years that people are beginning to have trouble remembering the past, even the recent past. I think the seat of deep cognition is being destroyed in various ways; I think Social Media has alot to do with it, and possibly the elimination of certain nutrients from the diet combined with the accumulation of heavy metals. At any rate, I can remember a time when one could have a conversation with someone and expect them to remember it the next day. It is hard to resist propaganda when people don’t remember; it is cultural memory which makes a people resistant, and that has been largely broken down. If only people could remember the quality of life as it existed before the lockdowns they would recognize the radical discontinuity which lies between that time and the present.

      No one here is saying that there is a need for vaccine passports, but it seems apparent (despite assurances to the contrary) that they are indeed gearing up for it. No need to be worried about the scope of the project; when it comes to instituting totalitarian controls, there are always unlimited resources available!

      Righteous people have disagreed with each other throughout Church history; this is a normal part of the process of discernment. Sometimes it even comes about that they are both right, both contending for some vital part of the truth, and because they are human beings just like the rest of us, unable to see the truth in their opponent’s position. In a beautiful part of the Paradiso, Dante depicts in the Circle of the Sun all of those Saints (Never mind that some of them we wouldn’t recognize as Saints!) who had contended against one another in their lifetimes now perfectly reconciled, and each one speaks the praises of his erstwhile antagonist, and tells of the struggles of his life, and of their own ignorant error which caused their opposition; no one speaks for himself, no one is in contention, but all exist in complete harmony, at rest in the fulness of Truth.

      No one says you should live in fear, except, of course, the fear of the Lord. What many now call fear, however, would in a more sensible time be referred to as Vigilance; a little prudential fear in uncertain situations isn’t a bad thing, and foolhardiness is no virtue. If you are in a swamp, it is good to try to discern the quality of the ground you intend to step on, and even to take some pains over it; one who prances gaily over the terrain saying “I refuse to live my life in fear” will probably be up to his neck in the muck in no time. The evil optimism promoted universally in the latter half of the 20th century eroded people’s vigilance, and made possible the universe of horrors which awaits; had previous generations exercised appropriate caution, we would not now be on the verge of losing our liberties.

      Medicine is a very different thing than it was back in the day; it could perhaps be said of our medicine that it fails to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before its God. It differs not only in technical proficiency but in aspiration. I’m not telling anyone that they shouldn’t make use of medicine, but to at least be a little cautious about being guided by it absolutely. Doctors now practice under a humanistic philosophy which becomes more brutally pragmatic as it becomes more secular; the Hippocratic Oath is as dead as the dodo. Many doctors are now taught that it is not their duty to simply practice the arts of healing impartially, but that they are to advance social initiatives where possible.

      I would strongly suggest that you listen to one of the productions of Fr. Seraphim Rose’s “Orthodox Survival Course” series on YouTube; it is a very clear unfolding of the movements of history which produced the Modern Apostasy, and presents a lot of information which is no longer common knowledge. One needs more than the sanitized pages of the official histories; the folly of trusting in official information is pretty much a fact of history. So much of it is written by sycophants of one description or another.

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  3. Maxim

    In my opinion, it’s not just the Chinese taking over, it is the coming to power of an emerging world-system; the Chinese, of course, hope that they will dominate this system, and they will no doubt be permitted to, so long as they are useful to the Global Elites, just as the United States was used throughout the 20th century to accomplish their purposes.

    One other thing to watch: The U.S. Military is apparently being purged of its conservative elements even as we speak; I have heard reports of individual lockers being searched, the focus being MAGA hats and other paraphernalia which might indicate a conservative leaning. What is the point behind this unprecedented stand-down and this test of ideological purity, well-worthy of the Chinese or North Koreans, but quite unseemly for a purportedly democratic government? I believe the Military will emerge from the stand-down prepared to be used as a political weapon, and will begin to pursue “Domestic Terror” as one of its primary objectives. If this is so, we may soon be a nation under military occupation by its own government, and then the real terror will begin.

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  4. Maxim

    One of the things which just doesn’t add up is the ubiquitous promotion of mask-wearing, despite studies which have shown that it is largely ineffective in preventing the spread of disease, and other studies which point to numerous health risks associated with extensive mask use. Fauci et al have followed a political agenda from the beginning, ignoring established science and current investigations, sometimes promoting their own studies, which are sometimes so deeply flawed that they have to be withdrawn shortly after publication. The Lancet is a well-regarded medical journal, which normally thoroughly vets a study prior to publication; that they would publish such a study points to the utilization of an extreme degree of political pressure. It seems to me that the mask is not viewed as a health measure at all, but as a social-compliance measure; this accords with the statement that the lockdowns are “the greatest psychological experiment in human history”. As an unprecedented experiment, it is to be utilized to see just how far they can get people to go, and it has already been pushed far into the realm of unreason; if you can force someone to accede to an unreasonable position, you have begun to destroy his reason, and the entire balance of his mind.

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    1. Christopher Keller

      Which studies show mask use causes harm? Even prior to COVID, surgeons, dental hygienists, mold removal crews, even some food prep workers, etc., all wore masks to prevent transmission of disease.

      A quick search for articles written _prior to the COVID outbreak_ shows that masks have been known to be effective.


      1. Thomas

        It is destroying the developing mind of all infants and children who are missing the essential facial communication we need to become fully human. You’ve already lost your humanity and merged your being with nihilistic materialism or you would feel the wrongness with your heart.

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      2. Maxim

        I’m not talking about the usage of masks for the specific hygienic circumstances for which they were invented, but ubiquitous, extended usage aimed at halting the progress of a disease epidemic, which no one really advocated before, and doesn’t really make sense. It is the extensive use of masks on an everyday basis which causes problems; there are people who now wear them every waking moment, even when they are engaged in athletic competition or strenuous labor.

        The studies on the harms of mask usage and on their general effectiveness will not be found in Deep-State propaganda; you have been fishing in sterile waters. Cast your net on the other side of the boat, my son.


      3. Christopher Keller

        You say: “The studies on the harms of mask usage and on their general effectiveness will not be found in Deep-State propaganda; you have been fishing in sterile waters. Cast your net on the other side of the boat, my son.”

        Alright, casting my net: Which studies show mask use causes harm?


      4. fitzhamilton

        I did my own deep dive into the literature on the mask question a while back, and this is what I found:

        The consensus is that surgical and cloth masks are useless in preventing viral and microbial transmission, and if worn for long periods without proper hygiene can be vectors of transmission. N95 or better masks used by properly trained people (properly sealed, frequently changed) in clinical settings are moderately useful.

        Cloth masks: Dangerous to your health? April 22, 2015, University of New South Wales

        Summary: Respiratory infection is much higher among healthcare workers wearing cloth masks compared to medical masks, research shows. Cloth masks should not be used by workers in any healthcare setting, authors of the new study say.

        Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal Volume 26, Number 5—May 2020 Policy Review
        CDC Review since 1946 of masks and influenza (May 2020) Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings—Personal Protective and Environmental Measures.”

        Although mechanistic studies support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks, evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza. We similarly found limited evidence on the effectiveness of improved hygiene and environmental cleaning. We identified several major knowledge gaps requiring further research, most fundamentally an improved characterization of the modes of person-to-person transmission.

        There is limited evidence for face masks’ effectiveness in preventing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure.

        Public Health England: Face coverings in the community and COVID-19: a rapid review 26 June 2020

        Key messages
        • 28 studies were identified, but none of them provided high level evidence and 15
        were non-peer-reviewed preprints (search up to 5 June 2020). The evidence was
        mainly theoretical (based on modelling or laboratory studies) and epidemiological
        (highly subject to confounders).
        • There is weak evidence from epidemiological and modelling studies that mask
        wearing in the community may contribute to reducing the spread of COVID-19 and
        that early intervention may result in a lower peak infection rate.
        • Evidence from modelling studies suggests that beneficial effects of wearing masks
        may be increased when combined with other non-pharmaceutical interventions,
        such as hand washing and social distancing.
        • Limited and weak evidence from laboratory studies suggests that materials such as
        cotton and polyester might block droplets with a filtering efficiency similar to medical masks when folded in 2 or 3 layers.

        Face masks can play a role in controlling infection in clinical settings when used as part of a comprehensive package of infection control measures. However, the evidence is less clear regarding the use of face masks (or coverings) outside of clinical settings.

        Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons (1981) vol. 63 Is a mask necessary in the operating theatre?

        “Summary: No masks were worn in one operating theatre for six months. There was no increase in the incidence of wound infection.”

        Annals of Internal medicine Original Research March 2021 Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers: A Randomized Controlled Trial

        “The recommendation to wear surgical masks to supplement other public health measures did not reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate among wearers by more than 50% in a community with modest infection rates, some degree of social distancing, and uncommon general mask use. The data were compatible with lesser degrees of self-protection.

        In the first, which included only participants reporting wearing face masks “exactly as instructed,” infection (the primary outcome) occurred in 22 participants (2.0%) in the face mask group and 53 (2.1%) in the control group (between-group difference, −0.2 percentage point [CI, −1.3 to 0.9 percentage point]; P = 0.82) (OR, 0.93 [CI, 0.56 to 1.54]; P = 0.78).”

        There was no major statistically significant improvement whatsoever between those who reported wearing face masks exactly as instructed and the control group. The confidence interval was extraordinarily wide and statistically centered on 1.0, or no effect, with a possible range of from ~44% improvement to ~54% increase in risk.


        Annals of Internal Medicine, 6 October 2020: Masks for Prevention of Respiratory Virus Infections, Including SARS-CoV-2, in Health Care and Community Settings
        A Living Rapid Review

        Evidence on mask effectiveness for respiratory infection prevention is stronger in health care than community settings. N95 respirators might reduce SARS-CoV-1 risk versus surgical masks in health care settings, but applicability to SARS-CoV-2 is uncertain.”

        Jacobs, J. L. et al. (2009) “Use of surgical face masks to reduce the incidence of the common cold among health care workers in Japan: A randomized controlled trial”, American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 37, Issue 5, 417 – 419.

        “N95-masked health-care workers (HCW) were significantly more likely to experience headaches. Face mask use in HCW was not demonstrated to provide benefit in terms of cold symptoms or getting colds.”


        Cowling, B. et al. (2010) “Face masks to prevent transmission of influenza virus: A systematic review”, Epidemiology and Infection, 138(4), 449-456. doi:10.1017/S0950268809991658

        “None of the studies reviewed showed a benefit from wearing a mask, in either HCW or community members in households (H). See summary Tables 1 and 2 therein.”


        bin-Reza et al. (2012) “The use of masks and respirators to prevent transmission of influenza: a systematic review of the scientific evidence”, Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses 6(4), 257-267.

        “There were 17 eligible studies. […] None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask ⁄ respirator use and protection against influenza infection.”


        Smith, J.D. et al. (2016) “Effectiveness of N95 respirators versus surgical masks in protecting health care workers from acute respiratory infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis”, CMAJ Mar 2016, cmaj.150835; DOI: 10.1503/cmaj.150835

        “We identified 6 clinical studies … In the meta-analysis of the clinical studies, we found no significant difference between N95 respirators and surgical masks in associated risk of (a) laboratory-confirmed respiratory infection, (b) influenza-like illness, or (c) reported work-place absenteeism.”


        Offeddu, V. et al. (2017) “Effectiveness of Masks and Respirators Against Respiratory Infections in Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”, Clinical Infectious Diseases, Volume 65, Issue 11, 1 December 2017, Pages 1934-1942,

        “Self-reported assessment of clinical outcomes was prone to bias. Evidence of a protective effect of masks or respirators against verified respiratory infection (VRI) was not statistically significant”; as per Fig. 2c therein: masks studies viruses”


        Clinical Infectious Diseases, Volume 65, Issue 11, 1 December 2017, Pages 1934–1942,
        Radonovich, L.J. et al. (2019) “N95 Respirators vs Medical Masks for Preventing Influenza Among Health Care Personnel: A Randomized Clinical Trial”, JAMA. 2019; 322(9): 824-833. doi:10.1001/jama.2019.11645

        “Among 2862 randomized participants, 2371 completed the study and accounted for 5180 HCW-seasons. … Among outpatient health care personnel, N95 respirators vs medical masks as worn by participants in this trial resulted in no significant difference in the incidence of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”


        Long, Y. et al. (2020) “Effectiveness of N95 respirators versus surgical masks against influenza: A systematic review and meta-analysis”, J Evid Based Med. 2020; 1- 9.

        “A total of six RCTs involving 9 171 participants were included. There were no statistically significant differences in preventing laboratory-confirmed influenza, laboratory-confirmed respiratory viral infections, laboratory-confirmed respiratory infection and influenza-like illness using N95 respirators and surgical masks. Meta-analysis indicated a protective effect of N95 respirators against laboratory-confirmed bacterial colonization (RR = 0.58, 95% CI 0.43-0.78). The use of N95 respirators compared with surgical masks is not associated with a lower risk of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”


        Study of correct use of masks (2020, Singapore)

        “Overall, data were collected from 714 men and women. Of all ages, only 90 participants (12.6%) passed the visual mask fit test. About 75% performed strap placement incorrectly, 61% left a “visible gap between the mask and skin,” and about 60% didn’t tighten the nose-clip.”

        Study of surgical face mask use in health care workers (2009, Japan)

        “Masks did not provide benefit in terms of cold symptoms or getting cold.”

        Randomized clinical trial of standard medical/surgical masks in health care workers (2010, Australia).

        Study was spurred by the H1N1 flu. While N95 masks offered protection against respiratory illness, medical mask wearers and control group numbers were similar.

        2862 randomized participants, 2371 completed the study and accounted for 5180 HCW-seasons.

        Among outpatient health care personnel, N95 respirators (8.2%) vs medical masks (7.2%) resulted in no significant difference in the incidence of laboratory-confirmed influenza. 90% said they wore the mask all the time.

        Review of N95 respirators versus surgical masks against influenza (March 2020, China).

        6 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) involving 9,171 participants were included (2015-2020). There were no statistically significant differences in preventing laboratory-confirmed influenza, laboratory-confirmed respiratory viral infections, laboratory-confirmed respiratory infection and influenza-like illness using N95 respirators and surgical masks.

        Meta-analysis indicated a protective effect of N95 respirators against laboratory-confirmed bacterial colonization.

        “Proper use of face masks is essential because improper use might increase the risk for transmission.” A study of 4 patients (July 2020, South Korea).

        Known patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 wore masks and coughed into a Petrie dish. “Both surgical and cotton masks seem to be ineffective in preventing the dissemination of SARS–CoV-2 from the coughs of patients with COVID-19 to the environment and external mask surface.”

        Studied different types of face coverings in non-clinical setting (August 2020).

        They used a black box, a laser, and a camera. A person wears a face mask and speaks into the direction of an expanded laser beam inside a dark enclosure. Droplets that propagate through the laser beam scatter light, which is recorded with a camera. A simple computer algorithm then counts the droplets seen in the video.

        The N95 led to a droplet transmission of below 0.1%.

        Cotton and polypropylene masks, some of which were made from apron material showed a droplet transmission ranging from 10% to 40%.

        Knitted mask had up to 60% droplet transmission.

        Neck fleece had 110% droplet transmission (10% higher than not wearing a mask).

        Speaking through some masks (particularly the neck fleece, bandanas) seemed to disperse the largest droplets into a multitude of smaller droplets … which explains the apparent increase in droplet count relative to no mask in that case.

        Austrian observation (August 2020) (in German)

        The introduction, retraction and re-introduction of mandatory face masks in Austria had no influence at all on the infection rate.

        A voice from the vastly more dangerous Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918:

        Santa Barbara Daily News and the Independent, Nov 16, 1918: “The average person doesn’t know how to take care of a mask… and it not cleansed the thing soon becomes a veritable bacteria incubator.” “The mask must be very carefully handled, or it will become a menace rather than a help.” – Dr. Horace F. Pierce.

        From the LA Times, February 5, 2020: Dr. Jeffery Klausner, infectious disease expert at UCLA’s Feilding School of Public health: “Fear spreads a lot faster than a virus. A mask makes you feel better, but you’re missing the more protective measures. [Use] soap and water instead.”

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      5. Christopher Keller

        Thank you for your reply! If anything, it is far more than one might have asked for. You are a good example to all. With your variety and credibility of sources, I will say that I am much more persuaded of the notion that masks are unnecessary. (That they can be harmful in some cases has always made sense to me, since they accumulate exposure if not changed properly) I would still want to do a personal search of contrary, pro-mask studies before fully “switching sides” on whether I consider mask mandates reasonable, but this by itself is a strongly-made case.

        Appeals to fear count for little to me — this reply of yours, I am very thankful for.

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      6. Thank you for posting these many resources. Although I had read some of them before the additional information you provide is very helpful. Thanks!


  5. Maxim

    It seems like in WWII people became convinced that we were fighting a “good war” directed at evil personified. Consequently, we did not realize that evil was also marching beside us, and this evil was subsequently embraced. Americans have been slow to recognize and combat these evils among us which have been eating at the supports of a free society for generations; it has taken eighty years for most Americans to start waking up to the necessity to fight for our freedoms. At this point, it’s probably too late.

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  6. Maxim

    “Greater love hath no man than this, that he wear a mask and receive all required vaccinations and cyber-enhancements. You are good citizens if you do whatsoever they command you”.

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  7. Maxim

    Possibly one who doesn’t get vaccinated will be seen eventually as a sort of bio-terrorist; at any rate is seems likely that any who are not involved in the health/security net will be viewed with extreme suspicion, and any that offer assistance to them will be seen as aiding and abetting a potential criminal. This puts into context Christ’s statement that any who offer so much as a cup of cold water to one of His disciples will be rewarded; it’s one of the things which probably won’t be allowed.


  8. odellia

    Christopher, the entire way this thing has been politicized makes the entire thing very suspicious! I have read for years about the opinions of the elites about ” the useless eaters”. This provides a great vehicle to get rid of us…little people. Of course, with world population as it is, they can’t come right out and tell us they are getting rid of us, they manipulate. Ad, there are still many, nanny more of us than are them. I have read documents that extrapolate that by 2025 the population if the United States will be less than one hundred million. Why is that? What is going on? Could be propaganda I was reading, but…how would our founding fathers have responded to all of this? Those Americans whose live of freedom allowed us to settle this land?

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    1. Christopher Keller

      But if the fear is that someone is “killing us off” through COVID …Why not wear a mask and avoid large gatherings, you know, to prevent contracting said virus?

      I’m also gonna throw in a reply to @Thomas (not sure why I can’t reply directly) — We had a baby during lockdown, and if anything, have been able to spend more time with the little one because we’ve been working from home. There’s been less exposure to relatives, sure, but since outdoor visits have been fine for the most part, it doesn’t end up to be a whole lot less than would have been the case with the standard “busy schedule” scenario. We don’t wear a mask in our own home, after all.

      Admittedly, for kids, say, 2 to 12 years old, it has been a really really hard year. I hope we never have to repeat it. And hopefully with a greater understanding of how quick the efficacy cut-off is for lockdown policies (see SE Asia versus the West) as well as our new means of producing vaccines, we won’t have to.


      1. Christopher,
        Thank you for your continued comments which have added to the discussion relating to general c-19 issues. I always feel that the internet is a bit impersonal. I don’t encounter the person behind the statements online. I just see statements with a name attached to it. I would hope that if we encountered each other in the flesh we could sit and have a profitable conversation, possibility over coffee or something! Anyway, since that is not a possibility at the moment I will reply to you via the internet.

        I pose the very real possibility that much of what has been instituted as prevention from the c-virus is not based on verifiable medical science. Take the issue of masks, surgeons and such wear them to prevent respiratory droplets from contaminating the surgical field. The typical cotton masks together with the general “medical” masks do not stop nano-sized viruses. It is alike to thinking a chain-link fence will stop mosquitoes. There are no control tests that definitively prove the effectiveness of mask-wearing. Even in the WHO recommendation (I quote them not because I trust them but as an example from an institution that promotes masks) one reads the following – mask must be changed if wet, soiled, or damaged; also if touched or adjusted in any way. They further state, “There are currently no studies that have evaluated the effectiveness or potential adverse effects of universal masking.” Further, they note, “The use of cloth masks as an alternative to medical masks is not considered appropriate for protection of health workers based on limited available evidence. One study that evaluated the use of cloth masks in a health care facility found that health care workers using cotton cloth masks were at increased risk of influenza like illness compared with those who wore medical masks.” Thus, what most people are wearing, cloth masks, are admitted to increase the risk of influenza-like illness. (All quotes are from WHO’s document “Advice on the use of masks in the context of covid-19.)
        I am urging the asking of the deeper question, if masks, and for certain cloth masks, do not stop the spread of viruses, then why are they being religiously promoted by certain powers? I will not take the time to address how “social distancing” is but a random number of feet which makes no difference in the long term.

        A presupposition is at root here – many assume that the medical world is somehow naturally benevolent. I’m not anti-medicine, but I do question this presupposition. Is modern medicine naturally benevolent? If you care to investigate the matter I will suggest a few starting points, first read “Survival of the Wisest” by Jonas Salk, who is called the “father of vaccines.” In this book, he outlines the philosophy that still guides much of the modern medical world. When you do read it, please contact me and tell me if you find it Christian. (You can find a pdf copy on z library, otherwise, the book is near impossible to find.) Then move to “Pharma, greed, lies, and the poisoning of America,” by Gerald Posner. He is a “respected” investigative journalist. When you do please contact me and tell me if you find the practices revealed in this book to be benevolent. Then read “Rockefeller Medicine Men” by Richard Brown. When you do, contact me and let me know if you think the mentalities are for the well-being of humanity. That should be a good beginning.

        You may want to hunt down the old 60 minutes program on the swine flu vaccine in the 1970’s. When you do let me know what you think.

        You may also want to consider that the American Medical Association together with the FDA has a long history of approving detrimental drugs. To list a few, Sulfathiazole; Sulfanilamide in a solution of diethylene glycol; Suprol – made by Johnson and Johnson – which caused acute kidney damage. An exhaustive list is not possible here. Yet, every drug was released while the companies and even government agencies knew of the very real dangers. Some were even rushed through, as is the case with the c-19 injection.

        Given the very real and verifiable history of deceit and outright promotion of adverse “medicine” by the modern medical establishment, it would seem prudent to ask some questions.

        In closing, I’ll leave you with an important question regarding the current push to inject people with experimental medicine which is raised by medical professionals in this article.

        If the adverse effects posed in this article by medical professionals are even remotely a possibility, do you think the long-term risk worth it to avoid getting a virus that has not been close to an actual pandemic? I’m not denying the virus, I’m saying in real pandemics millions upon millions would die.
        May the Lord bless you!

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      2. Christopher Keller

        Agreed, conversations are much better in person. 🙂

        Cloth and “medical” masks are certainly less effective than N95, and I recommend anyone looking for the better degree of protection use N95 (n95maskco is a good, American-made brand).

        WHO in their document here: state a number of recommendations, based on the specific context. As you note about surgeons, the needs of medical professionals is often much different from that of the average person going to the store. (And the increased exposure is why medical staff end up _worse_ if they use a cloth mask.) On page 8 (“Guidance on mask use in community settings”) they provide some studies regarding use of masks, and basically conclude that masks may or may not be effective (some studies showed significant reduction in rate of infection, some showed little difference). So the advice is basically to wear a mask just in case. (As for distancing, “six feet” has been a guideline for flu, which is also a coronavirus, since at least 2009:

        I don’t doubt that much of the machinery (as opposed to the staff) of Western Medicine is predicated on profit, rather than on actual health outcomes. (That said, many previously incurable or fatal diseases are now curable or manageable, thanks to “Western Medicine”. Sort of like Capitalism lifting billions out of poverty, but clearly not being benevolent or equal, and having plenty of problems of its own.) But that does not count as evidence of any specific allegation, just like being a known criminal doesn’t count as evidence of one having committed any specific crime. We need something concrete.

        I don’t know much about the swine flu in the 70s, but it looks like a rushed vaccine campaign left ~450 ill or dead after 45,000,000 were vaccinated. Certainly not worth it, since the virus ended up hardly affecting anyone at all, but I’m not sure I see the comparison, when COVID has killed ~3,000,000 worldwide, and ~560,000 in the US. I guess I see vaccines like seatbelts: some might be defective, but unless I have reason to believe _this_ seatbelt is defective, I’m gonna use it.

        When it comes to the vaccine (or MRIs, or antihistamines, or Aspirin, etc.) I guess I think that there’s enough people in enough roles to ensure the best result we can manage, within the limits of the system. (Which is to say, an MRI manufacturer is going to try to make the most reliable and safe machines they can, because one bad outcome could end the company. It’s sort of like airplane manufacturers — they do make mistakes, and do have perverse incentives in some cases, but out of the 30,000,000+ flights in a normal year, there are only ~150 major incidents, and most aren’t due to the equipment.) Nothing is perfect. Seatbelts kill people. Aspirin kills people. That’s just the world we live in, until we can enter the world to come.

        Note that the article you linked about the vaccine possibly altering the DNA in the cells also says the virus does this, anyways: “While not claiming that vaccine RNA will necessarily behave in the same way as coronavirus RNA — that is, permanently altering genomic DNA — Corrigan believes that the possibility exists and deserves close scrutiny.” Further on it also says: “Nor is reverse transcription uncommon. Geneticists report that ‘Over 40% of mammalian genomes comprise the products of reverse transcription.'”

        So then I guess it would be a matter of whether it’s better to let the virus have more opportunity to do so, or the vaccine. The author directly raises this juxtaposition. Unless the vaccine starts killing people off in large numbers, it at least has _not_ killing off folks the way the virus has been as a point in its favor. The “controversy” about RNA reverse transcription is manufactured for fear-mongering. It’s been a known possibility for some time (since the 1970’s). It’s just that in this case, the risk (a vaccine following established principles vs. a wild virus, having already killed 3,000,000+ in just over a year) is deemed worthwhile.

        You ask: “If the adverse effects posed in this article by medical professionals are even remotely a possibility, do you think the long-term risk worth it to avoid getting a virus that has not been close to an actual pandemic? I’m not denying the virus, I’m saying in real pandemics millions upon millions would die.”

        I would say that three million is enough for me, and that good science (which is admittedly a different animal from good policy) should be based on evidence. Fear of unknown effects, while good for instilling humility and proper caution, is not evidence of such effects, and provided the mechanisms of the new approach are known, and the approach has prior parallels to base one’s assessment on, it seems that one can only act on what is known at the time.

        Finally, there are other vaccines. The COVID tracker article over at the New York Times lists the many approaches being used, from mRNA to inactivated virus (old school vaccine, currently being used in China, and which is evidently so ineffective that China is now asking for help from the other countries using newer approaches: to protein-packets, etc. If one is concerned with the new mRNA approach, I imagine it will soon be possible to use one of these others, instead.


      3. Thank you again for your thoughtful reply, although I think you make reductionisms and comparisons that are not necessarily consistent. There is plenty of evidence indicating major criminal actions in many sectors of the modern medical establishment, to which anyone who has investigated the matter of certain modern medical agendas would be privy to.
        Also, you will recall the article I posted previously in my comment stated that there is a big difference between the potential reverse transcription process occruing “naturally” and that which may be facilitated synthetically (under the guiding hands of people of questionable principles). This is not fear-mongering as you inadequately brush it off as.

        It is very evident that it is this reverse transcription process and associated possibilities that are of immense interest to some, who have stated a clear desire to reimage mankind.
        As one of many examples, here is a brief clip of what Elon Musk says about the potential of mRNA –

        My deep concern is that godless men are trying to play God with, what they consider to be, expendable masses.
        Here again, is the former CEO of Pfizer ultimately warning that ” if someone wished to harm or kill a significant proportion of the world’s population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now will enable it.”

        He is referring to the current medical technologies. I think it a little foolish to disregard such clear statements and warnings from men who are and have been heavily involved in the research and development of some of the current technologies.

        I’m obviously not going to change your mind, nor do I take it as my mission to do so. I believe the issues at stake are much deeper and graver than you give them credit. I base this on years of research, even before c-19 began, into a number of the underlying agendas. I believe that the points brought up in this video are very much worth pondering, most of all for Orthodox Christians –

        If you desire to receive experimental medicine that has clear transhumanist goals (stated clearly by many of those behind such technologies) then you are free to do so. But undervaluing the very real potential dangers is not prudent in the least. Also waving aside the evident links of such goals with a spirit that is contrary to Christ is I believe extremely problematic. I do not see any fellowship between the spirit of transhumanism and the Spirit of Christ.
        A slightly old but nonetheless pertinent example of some of the transhuman goals –

        It is also worth noting there is the very real possibility that very efficient and inexpensive non-pharmaceutical therapies are available which have shown great results in fighting c-19. Yet, most have been deep-sixed by the powers that be. Why are people being herded into only a pharmaceutical “cure”? As an example and consideration –
        Anyway, God bless you!


      4. Christopher Keller

        Transhumanism is explicitly counter to the proper Creator/created relationship. In that, we fully agree. But appeals to Mercola, “Paisios prophecies” in the pop-spirituality sense, vague statements — these are not good arguments, even if one thinks the conclusions they reach are correct.

        (Specifically on Paisios, he does speak of a vaccine, and of “marks”, but not only would he have been speaking of a vaccine several decades ago — and which one, we do not know, but he says it is “mandatory”, which the COVID vaccines, of which there are several, are not — he also talks of ID cards, etc as problematic. I thoroughly agree that steps that take us closer to a “Social Credit” or “Surveillance Capitalism” system are bad! I do think that they are tools that will be used by the actual anti-Christ. But I also imagine he will drive around in a car, and eat with modern tableware. Mere utility is not problematic. A blood pressure cuff would not cause moral concern, and I guess I consider a vaccine, whether for flu or chickenpox or polio or plague or coronavirus to be more like a blood pressure cuff than like a surveillance technology. And it is worth noting that Paisios was told to stop teaching these things, and he obliged, because regardless of truth in his details or not, focus on such things is not conducive to spiritual growth.)

        I am inclined to agree with Craig Truglia (of the video with Fr. Heers) on this: “the Mark of the Beast in the Scriptures must be a clear denial of Jesus Christ” and “For the Covid-19 vaccine to be the Mark of the Beast, this would mean the Mark was essentially a trick and not a deliberate turning away from God”. One can get a vaccine to prevent life-threatening disease without being a “sheep”/falling into the worldly mindset, just as one can exercise for the sake of health, and not out of vanity or fear of one’s mortality.

        What does, however, stand out to me, is your link from the former Phizer exec (he wasn’t CEO, but was a Chief Science Officer & VP of the Allergy wing of their R&D subsidiary)… That is going to stick with me, and I will be looking into that more. (Though from a quick search there does not seem to be more about it beyond the AFLDS interview itself.) It is a very troubling statement, even though I do take such statements with a grain of salt. (After all, people in positions of authority say weird things sometimes, and not all would seem to be true — a good example is the former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate saying that earthlings have been in contact with extraterrestrials from a “galactic federation”.)


      5. I will also simply point out that if one ventures to allege that a person is making poor “arguments” then such a one must himself be making water-tight arguments, which you have not done. I can respect the information you provide, but I’m always a bit off-put when folks claim “not good argument” when they themselves have not offered much better in return. I always find it more of a copout than a valid criticism. Also, I’m not arguing. I was under the impression we were having a discussion. All the best!


      6. Maxim

        Having a baby changes the way one views the world alot. My baby is now almost 33 years old. When she was born, it caused me to reevaluate many of my previous opinions; for instance, before her birth, I thought abortion should be allowable under certain circumstances. The first time I held her in my arms I experienced a complete revolution of my perspective on that issue; “Never, under any circumstance, for any reason, should this be tolerable” became my position. Caring for a young child is also an induction into some very basic human realities which modern people tend to ignore; before becoming a parent, I was essentially a young Progressive, as dictated by my education. Exposure to human reality in its rawest form did a lot to expose the fallacy of certain “Enlightenment” philosophies to me. It now seems more than coincidental to me that very few of these people had anything to do with young children.

        No one wants to believe that they are bringing their baby into a bad situation. While natural, these parental emotions can be distorting. We don’t want to hear bad news about our environments during these times, we want to be filled with hope for the future, because for the first time for us the future has physical form. My sister-in-law several years ago wouldn’t let me read certain things to her; she said, “I can’t hear this kind of thing right now, I’m bringing a child into the world”. The problem with that is that once you allow yourself to begin to ignore unpleasant realities, it is easy to continue to ignore them, and to expand the area exempt from examination. She is now more or less at ease in the modern world; she has adapted to her environment, and seems to be looking forward to the Socialist Golden Utopia. There has been alot of talk about fear, but I think you mistake its locus. It takes courage to look unpleasant situations in the face, or even to speculate as to their possibility. It’s much easier to dismiss them, and as good luck would have it, it’s easy to do; all you have to do is demand absolute proof, which is hard to obtain for things which are done in secret. The only proof alot of people would accept would be for the conspirators to stand on the rooftops and shout, “Yoo-hoo, this is what we’re planning to do”. Actually there are several documents in the past that are tantamount to that, and still people ignore it!

        There is copious documentation attesting to the existence of the Progressive cabal; However, if one is determined to ignore this reality, he will receive plenty of support in this endeavor from society at large. There will always be plausible-sounding pretexts as to why information from certain sources should be ignored, and always floods of information to numb the brain with with certain things conveniently blacked out. I do truly believe that no one is held accountable for things they genuinely don’t know, and we are all blessed with an abundance of ignorance. There is however often a tendency to shy away from inconvenient information, and a refusal to admit into consciousness things that promise to shake our world. For things like this I believe we are culpable. You can either walk the world with eyes open or eyes closed. If one chooses to walk in awareness, eventually he will begin to connect the dots, and then will be inducted into the Reality for which the entire modern world was constructed as a screen to hide; if one chooses to hide his head instead in the sand, it can be from only one motive, and that is Fear.


    2. Maxim

      Was this a recent projection? The Progressive juggernaut is way behind the schedules which were published earlier. At the beginning of the 20th century, they thought religion would be eliminated by 1950. If they’re going to have us down to one-hundred-million by 2025, they’re going to have to move fast! That’s why I suspect those numbers are based on an older projection, when they thought they would be more advanced at this point than they are, though it’s not impossible that they have some incredible cataclysm waiting just around the corner. It’s enough to know that that’s where they intend to bring us eventually.


  9. Maxim

    At this point, I think we should all begin to realize that we are essentially dealing with something that is like an oncoming tide, a process which will continue its relentless march until it reaches a preordained objective. This can be seen in history; call the year 1000 A.D. the low tide mark. Since that day, everything has been setting in the same direction; all societal bulwarks against it, though they may retard its progress for the moment, are eventually swept away like sand castles on the beach. Like a real tide, there are moments when it seems not to be advancing, or even retreating a little, and always its progress is incremental, not easily observed until all at once another outpost is awash, and vanishes without a trace into the restless sea. That’s why knowledge of history is essential; it’s like having sticks planted in the sand at intervals as markers. Though the tide’s progress is hard to observe, and there are many who scoff and say that there is no progress, because the last wave died some inches short of the previous one, it you watch the markers the progress is indisputable; of the markers set at the time of my early childhood only the tips are still visible above the waves. It is to all intents and purposes a different world.


  10. Maxim

    Predictions are extremely tricky things, and can be unset by a vast number of different circumstances. Sometimes predictions are self-defeating; by alerting the public to certain possibilities, it makes them difficult of fulfillment, and so the project is delayed, and other modes of approach chosen. It’s possible that the dystopian works of figures like George Orwell had this effect, as the socialists of his day seemed primed to begin to advance these things, then had to retract under public pressure. Sometimes the success of a particular program provokes a reaction; Eugenics had a real set-back when the activities of German scientists under Hitler were revealed, and, as God showed the Prophet Jonah, sometimes the point of prophecy is to bring repentance, and if repentance occurs, the prophecy is unfulfilled. God also acts in human history to prevent the worst possibilities from being realized; for instance, the days will be shortened for the sake of the elect. We can see the worst possibilities and the situations which make them probable, but often the worst possibilities fail to occur due to near-miraculous circumstances, and these should be ascribed to God’s enduring providence.

    This is also complicated because often the leaders of the worldwide Globalist movement don’t realize why they do the things they do, as they are under the instruction of demonic spirits, who have been following a multiphasic plan for generations, and often don’t tell their followers the whole of the plan, as they also are being led step by step toward the lower levels of corruption. The objectives of their generation are zealously pursued, but then things move into a different phase, and the next generation takes things in a somewhat different direction. It’s easy to see the objectives which world leaders are currently pursuing and warn against them, but often these objectives are only a preparation for something entirely different, and it can be extremely difficult to predict these maneuvers. Sometimes the pendulum is pushed to an extreme in one direction so that they can ride the backlash to where they really want to go.


  11. Maxim

    It may even be that the current vaccine is entirely innocuous, but it opens the door. Once the principle is established that the citizen must ingest whatever brew is offered for “public safety”, there will be no end to the experiments which will be devised. Anyone who has read the literature knows to whence this is directed; the creation of an entirely quiescent society, which will thoughtlessly obey all dictates, and will have nothing in the heads of the citizenry that the Managers have not put there. They wish, in short, to create a political order which will endure forever, having no threats from the outside, because it is everywhere, and no threats from the inside, because men and women will have been rendered incapable of independent movement. Propaganda by itself is woefully insufficient. Once it was hoped that it could be accomplished by the modification of language to remove that in it which promotes ideation, but while initially promising, it falls far short of the goal; even the most barrenly soulless technical terminology can be turned to analogy, imagery bursts from the dusty ground in shoots of metaphor and simile to describe the deepest musings of the soul. The Person must be modified, either surgically, chemically, or genetically, in order to make these things impossible. Last but not least, the religious faculties must be redirected; it must not be asked where everything comes from, and to Whom we owe thanks for our life; the religious eyes of Man must be perpetually cast downward. The Earth he must be made to worship; being part of the natural system of the Earth, this is really self-worship. This is seen in the Hindu expression “Thou Art God”.

    Fr. Damascene, in his epilogue to “Genesis, Creation, and Early Man”, makes mention of a contemporary writer named Ken Wilber. Wilber makes a catalog of the characteristics that, in his view, all people must have to be fully integrated into the modern world; he obviously thinks of it as a very generous provision. He says that all peoples will be able to retain their religious beliefs; so long, that is, as they are willing to bracket their religion’s “mythic components”, and not insist on their truth. There is one exception to this all-enfolding inclusion; any who hold even the myth of the Garden of Eden in their minds will have a hard time in the modern world according to him. Evolution is the spirituality of Modernity, and Eden is the opposite of evolution. It is also a slander against the present world, for while the first-created world was good, it fell into corruption. Life is supposed to have originated in primordial slime, and has been getting better and better all the time. The Earth must have the capacity to be divinized by its own energy, and men and women must be nothing but part of the organic matrix of the Earth. The Teilhardian concept of “Omega Point”, the Jungian speculation that spirit is but an emanation of matter, all these are parts of this religious worship of the Earth.


  12. Maxim

    The phrase “The New Normal” is as a signpost marking the boundaries of the desolation of Anti-Christ. It indicates that we have reached the culmination of the Modernist project; the task of the Revolutionary in the past was to militate against the “Old Normal”, i.e., human nature and its requirements and proclivities. We have finally reached the point at which the New Order can be universally proclaimed, and the final touches put to the New Man who has been made fit to inhabit it. It only remains for he who will rule this earthly city to enter it and be crowned. The palace is being adorned, the garlands woven, palm branches are being strewn and the people instructed to cry “Hosanna” as the Anointed One makes his appearance.

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  13. Maxim

    Of course those who reject the worship of the Earth and its Lord will be despised; we will be blaspheming their God. We are to be counted blessed, for we live in a time when the boundary between Truth and Error can be seen with great clarity, and there is little neutral ground between them. In this time the People of God will be divided into those who hold to the Truth, electing to tread the hot coals of tribulation if only not to be separated from Truth, and those who will find reasons in their hearts why the new ways are not really in contradiction to their Faith; these will be separated from Truth in ever widening increments, until they find when the crisis comes it has receded beyond their grasp, and the solid gold of true faith has degenerated into the dross of worldly religiosity.


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