The Temple of Pharmakon

By seeking to sever the connection of the sciences with any higher principle, under the pretext of assuring their independence, the modern conception robs them of all deeper meaning and even of all real interest from the point of view of knowledge; it can only lead them down a blind alley,” Rene Guenon.

A Christian is called to have total Faith in the Revelation of Jesus Christ alone. Anything else must be weighed and valued according to that standard. A Christian is called to ask questions and critically, by the grace of God, discern the events of the world around him.

At current there is another call, one for total faith, not in the Revelation of Truth, but rather in the “hope” of modern science and medicine. I’m very much for beneficial medicine; I respect true science. Yet, it seems as moderns we are being instructed to have unsound faith in a scientistic-medical establishment that is possibly very far from beneficial. A new temple has been erected – one in which persons are asked, and even required, to pinch incense of adoration – the temple of pharmakon.

One of the high sacraments being offered at current in this temple is the “vaccine.” Its adorers are praising it sublimely. Words such as “our only hope, the light at the end of the tunnel, life-saving, our moral imperative, benefit of humanity,” and so forth mellifluously flow from their tremoring lips. Reach out your hand and touch the hem of the vaccine garment to be healed!

Once Christians begin to lose true inner faith in Christ Jesus, only a shell remains. True Faith is then replaced by another faith, for faith men will have. At current, God is allowing an unmasking of our inner dispositions. As Christians we are called to repentance. This is the most important and primary response.

In a number of past posts I have attempted to offer valid questions and critiques of the current injection agenda and surrounding issues. As more information becomes available I believe it serves to justify my past ponderings and merit further questions.

I’m not just a stick-in-the-mud who is anti-vaxx. I am a person with legitimate concerns, all of which have been well researched both online and through reading many books. Moreover I have striven to ground my reflections and questions upon the teachings of Orthodoxy, as much as it is within my ability. I am a father, I am concerned about the many possible adverse effects of the current agenda on my family. I am concerned about the effects on people around me and society. You don’t have to listen to me. Yet I encourage everyone – do the research yourself. Do it well.

I will say this up front – if you disagree, then please engage with the information I provide. General and emotional outbursts such as “you don’t know what you’re talking about!” or “you’re divisive!” or “you lack humility!” or “you’re promoting extremism!” and such, will not be taken seriously by me. I welcome any constructive dialogue. Also, off hand rejection of information because a person does not like the source will not be taken seriously. I welcome counters based upon plausible information. General appeals to things like – “well the CDC said so!” is not verification. Please provide solid information that would counter my concerns. Again, I welcome it. It is not that I think I have things all figured out, no, rather, I’m seeking to give voice to what seems to be very important and legitimate issues surrounding current agendas.

That said I will move on.

A major continuing concern are the current “vaccines”- which are not in line with classic vaccine methods but rather utilized novel messenger ribonucleic acid gene therapy. In America three are currently available under Emergency Use Authorization from these companies – Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson.

Utilization of Abortion

Of top concern, as a Christian, is the clear connections between the development of the various injections and the use of aborted babies (I have already addressed this in past posts, but it is a topic worth repeating and repeating). Even in Orthodox circles, some have essentially called this an unfortunate but necessary reality. In other words, the use of aborted babies is a necessary evil. Some argue in short – the receiver of the injection was not directly the cause of the abortion, and therefore they are excused from a moral liability. I have yet to see this rational substantiated by a clear reference to the teachings of Orthodoxy.

The murder of innocence, of babies, seems to be a very grave issue. Two examples may be given, space does not permit at current for more. These examples seem to offer an understanding as to how the Christian relates to the murder of innocent children. The first is from the Prologue of Ochrid, reflection for June 4th: A criminal is converted and becomes a monk. Yet after a number of years he turns in his monastic habit. To the question why? This answer is given: “For nine years he prayed to God, fasted, kept vigil, and fulfilled acts of obedience, and he felt many of his sins had been forgiven, but that one of his sins tormented him continually. He had once killed an innocent child, and that child was appearing to him day and night asking him: ‘Why did you kill me?’ Because of this he had decided to leave and turn himself into the authorities, that they might execute him and thus repay blood for blood.”

Does this provide any justification for the use of innocent blood obtained by murder? Can such blood be used for the “well-being” of another person? Even if a said person is not the direct cause of the murder? I believe these to be important questions.

The life of St. Constantine seems to provide at least a general answer, “Constantine fell ill with the dreaded disease of leprosy. As a cure, the pagan priests and physicians counseled him to bathe in the blood of slaughtered children. However, he rejected that. Then the Apostles Peter and Paul appeared to him and told him to seek out bishop Sylvester, who would cure him of this dread disease” ( Prologue of Ochrid, June 21st).

It is of profit to note, that the pagans condoned the use of the blood of slaughtered children in medical practices. When St. Constantine of his own accord refused to utilize such methods, then the Lord revealed to him the true means of healing. What would have become of him if he simply said, “Well, it is very unfortunate, but for my greater well-being I need to bathe in this blood. Moreover, the physicians are telling me to, and surely they know better about these issues. They’re experts after all.”

Regarding the current c-19 injection – how much innocent blood was used? We may possibly never know. Yet as an indicator we may refer to past research on other vaccines. Here is a “Godfather” of the vaccine industry, Dr. Plotkin, stating very plainly that 76 aborted babies were used in only one study for the development of vaccines. At the end he states he will gladly burn in hell, if needed, for the work he has done. Watch the video in the above link, and tell me – is such brutality justifiable on any level? Is it truly for my well-being that 76 other persons lost their life to provide some sort of “medicine” for me?

Here is an interesting article to ponder, “Fighting Abortion means Fighting Vaccines.”

FDA and Dr. Fauci bathed in blood

I provided in a past post, and will repeat it here, the information pertaining to how the FDA has been exposed in trafficking in aborted baby parts for research. The very FDA “approving” the modern “life-saving” injection. Dr. Fauci and company have been explicitly involved in funding research utilizing aborted babies. In a story that could have been from the annuls of Josef Mengele, Dr. Fauci and company grafted aborted baby scalps onto rats. Oh, but it is for science!

Once again, I pose the question – are such men reliable and trustworthy? Are those who willingly and eagerly participate in barbarities worthy of trust? Should Christians just listen to them because they are “experts”? After all, these are the ones behind “approving” the current injections as “safe”.

The New Human Sacrifice

If the current vaccines are truly, safe, effective and life-saving, why have over 4,000 people died from them? These are only the deaths reported to VAERS. Such numbers are usually agreed to be well below actual death statistics. Some even offer evidence that the numbers are being actively scrubbed by the powers that be. Here is another well researched article addressing the connection between the deaths and the current injections. The current vaccines surpass all reporting for vaccine deaths over the past 20 years. This number only reflects the immediate deaths. It is currently growing. How is this “life-saving”? If our concern is saving lives, should this not concern us?

Do we believe that some must die for the greater “good”? Do we support a type of modern human sacrifice? Must we now offer some on the high altar of scientistic-medicine in the temple of pharmakon for the greater “well-being” of society? If we do not will the science gods get angry? In this case, maybe the Aztecs were not wrong about human sacrifice. So, “life-saving” can kill some, as long as their deaths make the greater population feel safer? Death is okay if it is issued at the hands of the new priestly class of pharmakon?

And since a number of “Christian” voices are actively promoting the “vaccines”, will they be responsible if someone receives it and then dies? Are these deaths acceptable? Is it that only death from c-19 is terrible, and death by other means is not? Or what if the person receives injury? As Christians, are both aborting babies and sacrificing some adult human lives now acceptable if it is for the “greater good”?

Long-term Considerations

What of the long term? If we desire to save lives and keep people safe, should we not be very concerned that indeed the medicine that we are recommending has not been examined in a most vigorous and thorough manner? Under emergency use authorization a number of steps in the testing process of new medicine are circumvented.

What of the spike proteins that have been indicated in research to be toxic? It is very possible that the untested injections may create a host of medical and health issues and injury in the long-term. Is this not of concern? What of the very possible link to heart inflammation?

Or should we take the warnings of an experienced toxicologist seriously, We have enough evidence now to see a clear correlation with increased COVID deaths and the vaccine campaigns,” she continued. “This is not a coincidence. It is an unfortunate unintended effect of the vaccines.”

If the goal were truly “saving-lives,” why would we not in a judicious manner consider the full picture of information around the current gene therapy injections? Why would we choose to listen to only a select few voices, those that only promote the vaccines as very positive? Why silence the voices that are speaking from the other side? Can something be deemed “life-saving” even while it has evidently caused death?

As Christians, should not these very possible long-term effects be of deep concern? And yet many are simply promoting the vaccine as the savior of humanity.

Should we be considering very soberly that research testing done with mRNA gene therapy injections on animals resulted in a death rate of 100% of the test animals?When they challenged those cats with SARS [a.k.a. SARS-CoV-1, is a coronavirus species], instead of killing the virus or weakening it, the immune response that they built into your system when out and codded the virus, so the virus came into the cat’s body like a Trojan Horse, unseen by the cat’s own immune system, and then it replicated without checking and killed the cat with overwhelming sepsis and cardiac failure. And that [also] happened in ferrets, that happened every time they tried this.”

I have encountered this information from numerous sources, here is a link to number of other helpful sources. Seems like it would be worth considering, if we want to save lives. There are many more long-term concerns that could be listed, it is beyond the scope of this limited article to do so.

A Beautiful Deception

A Dr. Martin makes this important statement with regard to current injections, “It is not a vaccine. Vaccines actually are a legally defined term, and they’re a legally defined term under public health law, they’re legally defined term under the CDC and FDA standards. And a vaccine specifically has to stimulate both an immunity within the person who is receiving it, but it also has to disrupt transmission. And that is not what this is. They have been abundantly clear in saying that the mRNA strand that is going into the cell, it is not to stop transmission. It is a treatment.”

Those receiving the injections are not receiving a classic vaccine, they are receiving a method of gene therapy; a method of experimental mRNA “treatment”. Has this been made abundantly clear? It seems not.

The evidence is becoming even clearer that the c-19 virus was of lab origins. It is the fruit of gain-of-function “research” sponsored in large part by Dr. Fauci and company. Here is another video that touches upon these issues.

Many who saw this very real possibility early on in the c-19 crisis were called “conspiracy theorists,” which seems to be but a cop-out phrase used against those that attempt to do positive research by those who don’t want to do solid investigation themselves.

Yet, here it is, it is a very real possibility that the virus is of lab origins and that Dr. Fauci and others had their fingers in the pie.

Here is another source tracing the links back to lab origins.

And Dr. Fauci is the very one leading the “response” to the “outbreak”? How convenient. He is also a major promoter of the experimental gene therapy injections. Coincidence? Odd how the NIH has joint ownership of the Moderna injection, for example. Oh, but we don’t want to be a dreaded “conspiracy theorist”! Funny how many of these theories are being verified.

When many of these possible factors are considered, then it becomes even more concerning that numerous medical and scientific professionals warn about a bio-weapon aspect of current events. Over reaction I’m sure by paranoid people that should just be ignored. Yet, here is some food for thought from a former military doctor who studied biological warfare.

Beyond Gene Therapy

It is worth briefly noting how other concerning issues are deeply connected to the c-19 injections. Another “conspiracy theory” turning out to be plausible is the desire to implement micro chips. Yes, even 60 minutes promoted this conspiracy in an interview with DARPA! Don’t worry, it is all for your safety! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you don’t want to travel there then don’t step on the path.

The whole issue of vaccine passports is of continued concern. It may not gain full traction in the present to near future, but it does reveal part of the overarching agenda by powers that be. I touched upon this in more detail in this post here. Europe, for example, is already moving forward with a “vaccine passport”. Canada appears to be doing the same.

The Temple of Pharmakon

A new global anti-sacrament has been provided to the world. It is given the august title of “life-saving”. Those that question its powers are systematically silenced and discriminated against. The new world religion must offer new anti-sacraments. Methods of tracking true believers are being developed and implemented. Be injected and be healed. You do not really need Christ Jesus, in fact the holy things instituted by Him may be conveyors of illness – so actions this past year by those called Christians indicate.

Humanity has come up with a means whereby to “defeat” this illness of c-19 all on its own. No repentance needed. No Jesus needed.

The sad news echoes on the wind that even certain Orthodox churches are segregating the vaccinated from unvaccinated. There is tell of even some places demanding vaccination to enter. (I wonder about the legal aspect, is this a violation of HIPAA laws? Could places be prosecuted for health discrimination? It could open up scary aspects). Accept the “vaccine” as your savior. Once it was simply faith in Christ that was needed for entry into church. Today it seems, in some places, a new faith is needed, for faith in Christ is not sufficient enough. One must profess the vaccine to be vouchsafed entry.

This is very disturbing and I believe contrary to the Christian Faith.

Awards are being given to the creators of our salvation. Coalitions are being formed to preach the blessings of vaccination. A truly ecumenical endeavor. It is a matter of faith, and it must be preached to the world, “In the race to vaccinate the entire United States population, faith leaders across the country are leading by example, receiving the vaccine, advocating on behalf of its equitable distribution, and mobilizing their congregations to support vaccination administration.”

Never mind the death and harm connected to the high blessing of pharmakon. It is only for the well-being of humanity. Anyway, what would lowly laymen know about such lofty works? Away with your heretical questioning!

Question not the pantheon of pharmakon, or you may incur displeasure. Simply stand with submissive silent awe in the chambers of the new temple.

Today’s world has reached a stage that, if it had been described to preceding centuries, would have called forth the cry, ‘This is the Apocalypse!’” Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

In closing, here is a well done video that in a very straightforward and simple manner summarizes and illustrates the numerous problems surrounding the current injections. If you read this article, please take the ten minutes to watch this video – “What we know – and may never know – about the COVID vaccine” (The video is at the end of the short article.)

20 thoughts on “The Temple of Pharmakon

  1. Chris Keller

    Couple thoughts:

    1. You say you’re not anti-vax, but against these particular treatments. What do you make of the Chinese vaccines, which do, I believe, use inactivated virus? If they were made available in the US/West (and more effective than they apparently are as of now, which is “not enough”), would you receive one?

    2. Abortion is murder, truly a new Cult of Moloch. (And the Satanic Temple folks explicitly call it a religious act, to try to get around legal limits) “Arise, O God! Judge the Earth!”

    3. Spike proteins can certainly be harmful in themselves. But I believe the same studies that found them to be harmful also concluded the risk to be almost zero from these vaccines, as the protein is bound to a matrix of material that prevents the action the “free” spike proteins incurred. Link:

    4. Bringing up the feline research on mRNA is disingenuous — the control group *also* all died (from the disease itself, which I believe here has been conflated with Feline infectious peritonitis, a different virus in the coronavirus family, see here: ). So it’s hardly a comparable case. It is also not true that all such research ended in death of the animals. A quick Google search will show multiple studies of SARS-CoV-1 that left the animals alive, cleared of the disease.

    5. The mRNA vaccines do appear to also reduce/prevent transmission. I’m not sure why it’s being said that they do not.

    6. Lab origins are probably never going to be fully verified. Even if so, it looks like an accident, not a weapon intentionally released, so it seems a bit of a red herring to the question of what to do about it now that it’s out in the world.

    7. “Be injected and be healed. You do not really need Christ Jesus” — Oh c’mon. That’s ridiculous. The only folks saying anything remotely like this would have said you don’t need Jesus, regardless. We, however, read, “Honor the physician” in the book of Sirach, and it’s frankly weird that this medical issue (which is fine to debate on medical grounds!) has been conflated with the political issues (which differ in each area — I’m typing this from a coffee shop, unmasked, after attending an indoor, unmasked Liturgy, for example, but clearly many places in the world have passed the bounds of reasonable/proportionate response) which have all been conflated with the church/theological issues (of fetal cell lines, for example, or using multiple spoons — which still seems a silly issue to me, since the Apostles hardly used spoons…). But one can get a flu shot and still cling to Christ. One can (like St. Paisios) get cancer treatment in the city, and still cling to Christ. And one can really truly get the COVID vaccine and still cling to Christ. Of course, we should turn to God in times of trial. But the reality is also that medicine “just works”, most of the time. God makes the rain fall on the fields of the righteous and unrighteous, alike, and he makes medications work for the righteous and unrighteous, alike. It’s not an either-or issue.


    1. Thank you, Mr. Keller, for your thoughtful comment.
      1 – I have focused my research energy on the injections available at current in the US, since these are, as of now, the only options.
      2 – Amen
      3 – There are a number of studies, and there seems to be no solid consensus. Taken all together, it seems very plausible that the spike proteins from these injections could cause harm. Since they were rushes under EUA, a number of the possible long-term effects are still being examined. This is one of my objections, the current injections are not decisively proven to be safe. The possibility does exist for possible long-term injuries. I believe the very high number of deaths reported from these injections substantiates concern.
      4 – I don’t find it disingenuous or I would not bring it up. It is part of the larger picture that I believe must be made known to people so that they may make an informed decision. The “negative” side is rarely brought up in certain sources, the possible “positive” aspects are the ones highlighted. I do not speak of these because they are covered sufficiently elsewhere and my blog is limited. I offer the counter “negative” for consideration. In any study, if there is a certain percentage of death, even if not prevalent in every aspect, this is a red flag that should be studied and resolved in an appropriate manner. It does not seem to be. Most of all when it is being offered to people as medicine. Moreover, there are a substantial number of medical professionals who bring up this concern, thus I do not agree that it is disingenuous to do so. Even in the medical world, this question is up for discussion, where discussing is not being censored by certain powers.
      5 – they appear to do many things. Time will tell more.
      6 – I do not find it misleading to speak about lab origins. Although, yes we may never know the full picture. The picture is growing clearer that gain-of-function research was being carried out on behalf of US sources, Dr. Fauci included. Gain-of function has as one of its goals the weaponizing of viruses. It is no small thing that those in charge of the “pandemic” response are quite possibly the ones behind the development of this virus. Of course, once it is out it is out regardless of if it was leaked or released. But it does beg many questions that I think are reasonable to ask. Mistake or on purpose, the reality is that many in our health agencies were possibly involved in the criminal activities of funding the creation of bio-weapons. I find this not a distraction but very important.
      7 – You are missing my point. The point is that many religious leaders are speaking of this particular injection in very religious terms.
      The issue is not just political, I think it shortsighted to limit it in such a manner. For in the Christian world there is no part of life outside of the Chrisitan religion. There are many agendas at work. I cannot recall ever witnessing such a massive and concerted push to get people to receive a vaccine, it is a unified message across social structures (the Pope spoke at the Vax Live concert as just one example). I have listened to a number of Christan “leaders” and their promotion of the current injection, in them, the emphasis is on the “life-saving vaccine” with little to no mention of Christ. This strikes me as odd. The message is very much in line with the new world spirituality/religion message. The point is to whom, or what, are we being guided to as our primary hope of salvation? My contention is with a current hierarchy of value. A prominent and unified message is the vaccine will deliver us, and (if the speaker might be a Christian of some sort) oh yes Jesus is nice too, type of message. The point is not anti-medicine, and the quote from Sirach does not indicate absolute honor to physicians, The Biblical presupposition is that a physician is practicing under the morals and principles of True Religion. I would doubt that it is calling us to honor the physicians that conducted human experiments, such as the SS did, or Japan’s unit 731, or the monster study, or the Guatemala syphilis study, or the Tuskegee experiments, or the Stanford prison experiments, to list but a few. That to say, such physicians, I will not honor because they used their craft for evil.
      Forgive me, but I will touch upon your multiple spoons comment in brief. It is reductionary to say “the Apostles hardly used spoons.” The Apostles also did not have the canon of the NT as we do, shall we modify it? To look for the exact external practice is not the goal. The question is, is it in the Tradition and life of the Apostles? Does it uphold Orthodox teaching? The use of a spoon in holy communion was introduced early on. There is an ancient fresco, 5th or 6th century, in Egypt that depicts Melchizedek giving Abraham communion on a spoon. To the current issue, the question is – why were multiple spoons prescribed? To prevent the spread of illness. Thus, the practice undermines the teaching of the Church that Holy Communion does not spread illness. Multiple spoons were implemented not due to a truly theological consideration but rather due to the fear of spreading illness from the chalice. This is why it is not a silly issue at all.
      All the best to you!

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      1. Also, communing from the one chalice emphasizes the unity of the Body. If we surrender on the issue of spoons, surely it won’t be long before the chalice is attacked as unhygienic. What it is is faithlessness, or rather, the surrender of our minds and souls to a different Faith, which is supreme belief and confidence in the power of Man to control his environment, a religion centered, as you rightly point out, in the Temple of Pharmakon. In the minds of its adherents, the practice of the worship of the True God must be made subject to these religious precepts; no enclave can be tolerated which does not submit. All must be rendered hygienic, for this is the purity which we seek, for we fear the death of the body much more greatly than we fear the death of the soul.

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  2. Maxim

    I was speaking with a scientist once, and spoke of a certain moral precept and its applications to certain avenues of scientific investigation, and he said “That may very well be true, but it’s not Science”. I responded, “Well, if Science is going to distance itself from fruitful concourse with any other kind of knowledge, then it needs to abandon any kind of truth claim”. Absent any kind of interaction with any kind of philosophical inquiry, the Scientist in all honesty can only say, “This is my research; I have no idea what it means”, but of course Scientists do not say this. Instead they make of the Scientific Method itself a kind of overarching philosophy governing all provinces of human life; of course this promotes reductionism, and empties life itself of all meaning and purpose.

    The book “Orthodoxy” by G.K. Chesterton contains a chapter titled “The Maniac” in which he examines the kind of reason employed by those who have lost their reason, which is to detach the thought-processes from any kind of interaction with everyday life, and run around in a very tightly reasoned, but very small circle. It is very complete as a system, but contains almost nothing of importance for the healthy human soul. In this light, contemporary Science emerges as a kind of mania, to which we should say with Chesterton,

    “How much happier you would be, how much more of you there would be, if the hammer
    of a higher God could smash your small cosmos, scattering the stars like spangles”.

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  3. Maxim

    Modern people speak as if there had never been any intellectual inquiry or any material progress before the advent of modern Science, but the word science simply means “knowledge”. The tree of knowledge has many branches, and many different modes of inquiry; the experimental method is only one of them. The “experiential method” seems to have been preferred by our predecessors, in which the report of the senses and the activity of the deductive reason are blended with the product of human emotion and spiritual experience, themselves types of knowledge, and the whole adjudicated by the traditions of the community, which could be viewed as a sort of collective mind containing the wisdom of the ancients; how many times have traditional ways been attacked by Science, only to find a generation later that some vital principle which had been maintained by tradition had been undercut. Often the advances of Science are only a kind of cheating, and are not sustainable over centuries; many of the reforms of the Green movement will essentially put us back where we were before the rise of Science, but with a depleted environment and under totalitarian enslavement. We were better off when Theology was considered Queen of the sciences, moderating all forms of knowledge and taming them. Of course, knowledge of the physical world needs to be taken out of its place of unnatural prominence anyway; the Soul is the true garden, and the arena of the highest human endeavor.

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  4. Maxim

    There is a new religion. Like the Muslims of old, it is sweeping out of the wastes, the waterless deserts of apostasy and spiritual impoverishment, and it is conquering everything. It is called Fauciism after the evil gnome who has become its prophet, and the chief object of adoration for its adherents. The “vaccine” is its central sacrament; none can become pure without partaking.

    We need to rigorously distinguish between Science and Knowledge; I am anti-Science, because modern Science is but the History of the unnatural elevation of intellectual inquiry, its progressive divorce from Christian spirituality and every other restraining influence, and its subsequent unfettered application to every aspect of life. However, I am not anti-knowledge; many of the advances attributed to Science could have been achieved over time under the auspices of a Holy society infused with Christian principles, where they are not in opposition to Christian principles, as many of them are. If technological advance cannot be attained without the subversion of individuality and liberty, then the price is too high; if we do not like being under the rule of the Evil Gnome, we need to do a detailed critique of the processes which brought us to this place.


  5. Maxim

    The rush to receive treatment is so ridiculous, because (1 The “vaccine” isn’t even necessary, because the disease isn’t that deadly, and (2 The reaction rates far exceed that of any widely administered vaccine; because this treatment has only an emergency authorization, we are having the clinical trials in real time, as it were, and any clinical trial which had this number of adverse reactions would already have been shut down. Nevertheless, it is promoted as something that is necessary to everyone if they wish to participate in Human Society; it is the precursor of the Mark of the Beast, a psychological preparation for the reception of the true sacrament of the Devil’s kingdom, which will cut off the Soul from God.

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  6. Maxim

    No one should take this “vaccine”.  There’s no reason for it; even if you do get sick, the chances of survival are excellent, and utilizing the tissues of murdered children to try and improve one’s health seems ghoulish, to say the least.

    More generally, what level of responsibility do we bear for the way goods we consume are produced?  One would think the degree of knowledge is at least a factor, and that one can’t be fully responsible for things of which one is ignorant; also, it has to be acknowledged that we don’t typically have control over the productive mechanisms of society.  An 18th century man who was concerned about slavery wouldn’t even be able to use sugar or cotton fabric conscientiously, and in our time it’s almost the case that we can’t wear clothes if we are too worried about sweatshops and the like; perhaps the best we can do is to boycott the most egregious offenders.    

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  7. Maxim

    I may be wrong, but I believe the story of Constantine’s healing by Pope Sylvester to be drawn from “The Donation of Constantine”, a document which was proven to be a forgery.  I do not believe it was ever accepted in the East, so its presence in the Prologue may be an example of Western influence.  Eusebius states that he was baptized on his deathbed. 


  8. Maxim

    A recent Pope stated that we are living in a “Culture of Death”, and I believe this is nothing less than the truth; all our frantic attempts to avoid suffering end in death, in one form or another. Our eternal quest for ease and perpetual pleasure causes death; throughout history, sexual immorality normally ends in murder, as the unwanted product of these pleasures has been routinely exposed to the weather or drowned, or as a best-case scenario committed to “charitable” orphanages where conditions were so horrible that the death of the child within a few years was almost certain. Chemicals we use to make life easier and pain-free cause cancers and other disease; foods treated so that they are completely free of disease make us unhealthy.

    We reject God, and fall into corruption.  We vow to lift ourselves out of corruption by building a tower which reaches to Heaven; when this inevitably fails, we decide that life on earth really isn’t that bad, deny the very existence of evil, and set out to build an earthly paradise.  Denying evil, we embrace corruption itself, and in doing so become further corrupted.  Calling evil good and good evil, the paradise we intended becomes simply a prison for our enemies, and our enemies become all who speak of God and of the light which lies beyond the confines of this world, for this reveals the sordidness of all our works, and is as a mirror which reveals the leprosy which afflicts our souls.  In the end, hating Light, we bring Death to the World. 


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  10. Maxim

    Just finished rereading “That Hideous Strength”; how contemporary it seems!  Here are some relevant excerpts:

    “….his education had the curious effect of making things that he read or wrote more real to him than things he saw.  Statistics about agricultural laborers were the substance; any real ditcher, plowman, or farmer’s boy, was the shadow.  Though he had never noticed it himself, he had a great reluctance, in his work, ever to use such words as “man” or “woman.”  He preferred to write about “vocational groups,” “elements,” “classes” and “populations”:  for, in his own way, he believed as firmly as any mystic in the superior reality of the things that are not seen.”

    “It was, of course, another question whether its human members knew of the dark powers who were their real organizers.  And in the long run this question was not perhaps important……..’Whether they know it or whether they don’t, much the same sort of things are going to happen.  It’s not a question of how (they) are going to act (the [demons] will see to that) but of how they will think about their actions……”.

    “The physical sciences, good and innocent in themselves, had already……begun to be warped, had been subtly manoeuvred in a certain direction.  Despair of objective truth had been increasingly insinuated into the scientists; indifference to it, and a concentration upon mere power, had been the result.”

    “Dreams of the far future destiny of man were dragging up from its shallow and unquiet grave the old dream of Man as God.  The very experiences of the dissecting room and the pathological laboratory were breeding a conviction that the stifling of all deep-set repugnances was the first essential for progress.”

    “What should they find incredible, since they believed no longer in a rational universe?  What should they regard as too obscene, since they held that all morality was a mere subjective by-product of the physical and economic situations of men?”

    “From the point of view which is accepted in Hell, the whole history of our Earth had led up to this moment.  There was now at last a real chance for fallen Man to shake of that limitation of his powers which mercy had imposed upon him as a protection from the full results of his fall.  If this succeeded, Hell would be at last incarnate.  Bad men, while still in the body, still crawling on this little globe, would enter that state which, heretofore, they had entered only after death, would have the diuturnity and power of evil spirits.  Nature, all over the globe of Tellus, would become their slave; and of that dominion no end, before the end of time itself, could be certainly foreseen.” 

    “As the desert first teaches men to love water, or as absence first reveals affection, there rose up against this background of the sour and the crooked some kind of vision of the sweet and the straight.  Something else–something he vaguely called the “Normal”–apparently existed.  He had never thought of it before.  But there it was–solid, massive, with a shape of its own, almost like something you could touch, or eat, or fall in love with.” 

    This makes Lewis seem almost prophetic!


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