Mankind: God-Created Being of Reason or Biological Computer?

In the beginning was the Logos …” (Jn 1:1).

An aspect of the nuanced meaning of logos is reason. Ultimately, Christ is the governing principle, the source, the reason, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, of all meaning and purpose. Thus, humanity is created a rational, reasoning being. We have been given logoi. All created things have a logoi according to their nature. By the logoi all creation participates in the Logos; the governing logoi of each creature is guided by the Governing Principle of the Logos.

Yet, mankind alone, in the material order, was created by God a rational, reasoning being. Thus, humanity carries a unique logoi. Moreover, humanity has the nous, the spiritual faculty through which man is a truly rational being. (Man through sin and corruption can deform and corrupt this faculty and become “bestial,” irrational, this is not the nature of man but rather a perversion and degradation of it. Some saints say that when man self inflicts this state upon himself, he becomes lower than the animals.)

As Christians, we have, hopefully, received a greater spiritual awakening. “The logos of God abides in you” (1 Jn. 2:14). Through this spiritual faculty, we have been gifted by the Creator the capacity to think, to meditate, to reason, to calculate, to discern.

In light of this our Lord says, “If you abide in My logos, you are truly My disciples. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” (Jn 8:31-32).


The believer chooses to abide, dwell, live in the divine logos, and thereby knows the truth. Know, ginosko – be aware, have knowledge, perceive, understand. A true discursive knowledge is entered into, founded upon the divine logos. The divine logos enters a person and cooperates with the already existing and God created reason in man. Man’s reason in and of itself cannot attain Truth. It must have the divine logos as its guide. Then the reason of man will be led to truth and true freedom.

Nowhere are we called to lay aside our God-given faculty of reason. Of course, it has limits because it is created. And when the created encounters the uncreated, limit encounters the unlimited, only in and through a union by grace with the Holy Trinity can the limits be transcended. But this is not innately within our power, its source is in God alone. This should be noted and understood. Yet, there is much to be said to cultivating properly our God-given discursive and reasoning faculties.

Many who came to the Orthodox Faith arrived there through the aid of this faculty. Questions were asked. Answers were sought. A rational process was pursued. Again, none of this discounts grace and the Spirit. Yet, the reason is indeed created to know.

Thus, nowhere in the true Christian faith are we ever asked to lay aside our reason. In fact, one might say that true Christianity is, in the ultimate sense, reason in its purest form. For God alone is the creator of reason, and reason is ultimately a spiritual faculty.

This view of mankind may be contrasted with the modern view which views man, thanks to various ideologies, such as Darwinism, Marxism, secularism, and on labels could go, as a biological machine.

In the Twentieth Century, this developed into the view of man as a biological computer with input and output. “Reason” was degraded to but a chemical process. “And so, human cognition was reduced to the electro-chemical processes of the brain: neurons firing or turning off, like a binary system” (Estulin, Tavistock Institute, pg. 189). Thus, a diabolical goal was conceived. Control the biological computer called man. Program him to be whatever the new gods desire him to be.

This view of man is demonic. Yet, sadly, when a person is bound by the passions his God-given reason is blinded and such a one may be manipulated. The passions blind a person to truth, and without truth, there is no freedom.

In such a system one sees massive appeals to emotionalism. Such appeals have been prevalent for years now. The lower brain function of emotional response is the easiest way by which to bypass the higher function of reason. (Emotions have a proper place in human life, but when distorted, like many things, they can become toxic. This is not an anti-emotion statement in the sense of Stoicism.)

Those who are easily manipulated by emotionalism are also easier to control through a false understanding of obedience. Emotional pressure is a masterful way in which to create group pressure for conformity of behavior. That is, the emotions may be enslaved, but true reason is always free in truth. Thus, when reason is clearly discouraged and discriminated against, and rather basic emotional appeals are made, then one may generally be sure that false obedience, that is slavery, is sought.

For example, why in a society that touts “freedom, democracy, free thought, and speech,” are any alternative voice to the official narrative of current events being silenced and actively shut down? It seems the powers that be do not want, in reality, “free thought and speech.”

The answer may be found in the fact that they do not want truly reasonable citizens but rather emotional ones who can be set off at a moment’s notice in one direction or the other. Control emotions and you control the people, such is their plan in basic. To do so people must be programmed to operate primarily on an emotional level. All of mainstream “news” is pointed at this level, and with a very well thought out purpose. Keep people enslaved to constant and unstable emotional reactions. “A new outbreak!” “White supremacy is worse than the coronavirus!” “A new case is reported!” Examine the news and you will see very little actual intellectual content that encourages the faculty of reason. Why? The goal is to control the biological computer called humanity. Is this not demonic?

Moreover, as I have stated before, in the Church the most reasonable dialogue should be taking place. Yet rather we see in some sectors calls to simply comply with every government and establishment whim. Moreover, some who are asking, in a spirit of reason, for clarification as to why in praxis certain essential mysteries are being altered, are being villainized as “divisive.” Why? When did it become a great sin to seek to use the faculty of reason? When did proper questioning become evil? Most of all in light of drastic alterations in some fundamental aspects of Church life. One would think that such concern would be praise and concrete answer gladly given. Is it not a blessed thing that the faithful are concerned for the faith? And should not reasonable answers be readily available, and given, for reasonable questions?

Again I ask, is it wise for churches (used in a general sense), Orthodox and other Christian groups, to blindly follow and implement dictates from agencies that have clear track records of promoting very anti-christian agendas? Should not the underlying agendas be of primary concern? By, in some cases, unquestioningly promoting the dictates are we possibly unwittingly promoting what is quite possibly and anti-christian agenda?

Take the two major agencies influencing social policies at current, W.H.O (World Health Organization) and (in America) the CDC (Center for Disease Control). May we, according to reason, be very concerned that WHO receives most of its money from the Bill Gates Foundation? Bill Gates is a nefarious man who has blatantly spoken about population control and reduction. He actively supports a host of actions and goals that are anti-christian. He is the opposite of Christian. Should this not worry us? Is it not our job to warn our fellow neighbors of this dark agenda?

Should we be concerned that the CDC is run by Dr. Fauci, who is intimately connected with Bill Gates and such folks? Could it be that we should use our reason to deduct that these men have the very opposite of true Christian care in mind? If the source is diabolical then can the application be for the good? Do men who have openly advocated for the reduction of human life truly have the well-being of humanity in mind through their policies? I have raised these questions before. Should we be in lock step with policies that seem to have the enslavement of people in view, the reduction of persons to controllable machines, human cattle, who are governed, tracked, traced, and manipulated by self appointed man-gods? 

Should not Christians, rather than emotionally repeating the mantras fed to the people from these godless organizations and media, be the ones asking the truly reasonable questions? If we truly cared for our neighbor maybe we would.

Or have we forgotten that it is the spiritual well-being of our neighbor that is primary? Of course, this does not discount the physical. No one would argue that. But one may have seeming physical well-being and be spiritually lost; conversely, one may have seeming physical non-well-being and be spiritually saved. Take for example the rich man and Lazarus (cf. Lk. 16:19ff).

If the grand agenda of the current crises can be clearly traced back to godless sources, then why are we to believe that it is for the “good?” “Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same source” (James 3:11)?

Why are Christians being asked, in some cases commanded, to place so much trust in obviously godless sources? Are we to cease using our reason?

For the well-being of our neighbor, let us utilize our God-given reason, and ask deeper questions. Let us expose the works of darkness (cf. Eph. 5:11) so that our neighbor does not become spiritually enslaved and perish in soul. It is indeed the vocation of Christians to ask questions that address deeper issues. Let us not get caught in the trap of emotionalism, where the reason perishes. Let us rather in a Godly manner seek to empower, by grace, the logos which God has placed inside of us.

We are not biological computers. We are free beings, body and spirit, who contain logos. We have been created after the icon of the Divine Logos. This is what the powers that be are seeking to destroy. Let us not aid their plans.


2 thoughts on “Mankind: God-Created Being of Reason or Biological Computer?

  1. Stephen

    Thank you, Father! Praise to our Almighty Lord for bringing me to your website during these dark times and for your incredibly uplifting and edifying work. May God grant you many years!


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