mRNA – the Instillation of a Biological “Operating System”

I have written a few articles reflecting on the goal and aim of the general c-19 crisis and the vaxxine that is being hailed as a savior.

I have noted that the vaxxine is not a traditional one. I have noted that it utilizes experimental medical technologies. I have noted that mRNA delivery systems are indeed a type of gene “therapy.” I have referenced underlying philosophies such as transhumanism.

Here in brief I desire to point the reader to Moderna’s own site and information which clearly states that its mRNA technology is an “operating system.” They themselves use the analogy of a computer operating system. They themselves call it “the software of life.” Which as was noted in the previous post they claim to be “hacking.”

These are the folks many are telling you to “just trust.”

To those who think this is far fetched and a “conspiracy theory,” well, I hope you wake up sooner than later. But when the source is from the proverbial “horse’s mouth” it seems then very evident that it is indeed a real and proper goal. You may trust these people if you like; you may live in denial if you like.

I have tried to raise my voice, as imperfect as it may be sometimes.

One of the goals of the current technologies is to learn how to “program” the human “operating system.” Why? Long term it far exceeds their public relations front of “for the good of medicine.”

Yet people do not know and many simply do not want to know. Many who should be warning are simply cheerleading.

Just trust the godless with your “operating system.” Don’t ask questions.

Here is an article which is commenting on the Moderna agenda, which the reader may find of interest.

Here is another excellent article titled “C-19 Vaxxines are Gene Therapy” which touches upon the differences between “traditional” vaxxines and the current injection being promoted as a “vaxxine.”

The demonic goal is to hack the software and manipulate and even control the operating system. Not in computers but in humans. Once this door is opened how difficult will it be to close? Maybe the current vaxxine is not yet at a control level, regardless the goal is to be. The current vaxxine is simply part of this greater end game.

Of course, these people discount God. This will be their ultimate undoing. Yet, in the meantime we must learn to live wisely for their agenda is advancing. It will only go so far. God is good.

The Sirens are amplifying their song, don’t be mesmerized and lulled to sleep. It will be a sleep of death.

25 thoughts on “mRNA – the Instillation of a Biological “Operating System”

  1. Thank you, Fr. Lunch, for not being timid in speaking out what’s really going on with this diabolical plan to hack the software of life. It seems to me Satan wants to make man in his image, to do his bidding, and even to destroy many image bearers along the way. Such boldness coming out right before our very eyes. We need much wisdom and courage to stand firm in the faith. May God bless you, Fr. Lynch, as you keep us informed and encouraged.


  2. Maxim

    I don’t really know enough about computers to know what an operating system actually does; does this allow control over the systems of life on a basic level? Does it have the potential to give control over what an organism becomes, is it a kind of programming, or does it just open the door to such interventions? Is it anything more than an analogy? Excuse my ignorance.


    1. I heard another doctor use the analogy of a recipe, RNA is that which delivers the recipe instructions and the cells then produce the product.
      Given my studies into this realm, I don’t think the “analogy” of a computer system is by chance. In certain spheres, there has been a long goal to learn to program the computer “man.” There is a long dark history here. The leopard has not changed his spots.
      In my view, simply, the test is this – can one introduce a new “command” into the body and have it fulfilled? If so, the potential to introduce “commands” will be opened up in a more significant manner. Ultimately, the current “technologies” are still experimental.
      If one can introduce and have executed new commands in the body, then the possibilities for control and “change” are multiplied.
      May God bless you!


      1. Maxim

        I agree with you entirely; dark powers have long been working on ways to destroy the image of God in Man, and the present epoch would appear to be the culmination of the entire project.

        Of course to workers of iniquity the human creature will appear as only a machine to be programmed and subjected entirely to their will. The existence of a rational soul will be seen only as an impediment to the success of these experiments, to be crushed and obliterated. This obliteration of the soul will be seen as the foremost triumph of Human Science; whether they are indeed capable of so destroying the soul is open to question. Experiments done in Romania in the Communist era to try to make religious believers good Communists were successful in the short term; they were able to create entirely new personalities, but over time the original person would reemerge. If they are successful this time around, they will only cause the death of the human entity; the soul will not be truly obliterated, but eradicated, and will go to God just as it does upon the death of the body. The doppelgänger which remains will become the abode of demons, as demons always move in when they are not actively resisted by a Human will.

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  3. Christopher Keller

    But there are several vaccines, which work differently. Some use mRNA, some use proteins, some use inactivated viruses (like most other vaccines we’re familiar with) etc. A good resource is here:

    I’m a firm opponent of transhumanism (the ideology has clear parallels to the rebellion of the demons, and I think it could very easily form a key pillar of the platform of the anti-Christ, with clear eyes about it being a rebellion against God & nature) but these vaccines are based on known technology. The mRNA vaccines were able to be created over a few days, very early in the pandemic, due to decades of prior research, and only were delayed in coming to the public due to regulatory testing requirements.

    DNA certainly is the “code” for life, and real data can be stored using DNA — but that’s also true of vinyl bumps (as in music records). There’s no “remote control” aspect to this, as the term “hacking” might imply to some, so use of mRNA is quite similar to the way normal viruses work. A typical virus injects a cell with its own DNA, and causes the cell to produce more and more copies. A virus, in nature, “hacks” the cells in this way. (Though I suppose that is itself nefarious!) Use of mRNA is a new specific mechanism, but the result is no different from the use of inactivated virus or proteins to teach one’s immune system how to better fend off the real thing once it has been encountered.


    1. Thank you for your comment. The word “hacking” was used by Modern itself, it is not my wording. I believe that your conclusion that RNA is no different than other forms of vaxxines is not entirely accurate. Also the current vaxxines are EUA only and have bypassed many of the typical regulatory trials. But I have other articles that elaborate on this and will not rehash is in the comments section,
      Again, thank you for your thoughts


    2. Maxim

      Are there any “Vaccines” in the U.S. that don’t utilize the mRNA?

      Every technology designed to manipulate the blueprints of life and the Human genome will be “known technology” by the time it reaches implementation, and of course they will all have established pretexts in some form of benevolent therapy.

      The question isn’t whether data is stored in DNA or not, but whether certain technologies allow the manipulation of this data; you store data to preserve it, and if there is a technology which permits the manipulation of data, then you probably don’t want to implement it, because you don’t want people messing with the records, either in civic matters or biological ones. Giving over the key to the archives of human life opens the door to the very Transhumanism you referred to, and invites the enemies of the Soul of Man to begin to conduct experiments aimed at re-creating Man in their own image.


  4. Dominic

    My protestant shepherd sees no problem with the vaccine for Christians, and declines my request to offer encouragement for those who might express wariness. He communicates that conspiracy theories are worthy of ridicule.

    I asked him, “do you beleive that God wouldn’t allow ill to fall on Christians for having Faith in The Experts..for that would be unloving of Him?”

    He responded:

    “Divine mercy is necessary at every moment for flawed people. Becoming wise takes time. He is merciful and he also allows a great deal of ill to fall on Christians. The virtuous man navigates accordingly. Pray that we all might one day become virtuous men”

    I suppose i am not virtuous enough to know


    1. Well, it can only be a theory if one has no solid sources. The conspiracy – planning from the darkness – is real. I have provided numerous references to solid sources.
      Anyway, sometimes people like to live in the false safety of denial. To do so one must discredit any who would try to turn a light on.
      Your pastor’s response is nice in basic but never truly addressed the issue it seems you tried to raise.


  5. Ray

    Father Zechariah, what might you share of your knowledge of the biblical narrative to those whose position today is: We are living amidst unparalleled abundance and blessing, Rome was far worse, Christ is reigning as King in session now, don’t be a reactionary -be cool, marks and beasts and conspiracies were probably about Nero we cannot know for certain, this is probably a distraction from our work- trust and see: that we are building The Kingdom now, go along with whatever it takes to get along with performing that work –if it means being a light in the matrix, amen, if it means taking a jab in order to be able to participate in a Smart-City to legally organize to distribute food to the homeless, so be it! As long as you are not told to ‘literally’ (sorry) denounce Christ, go ahead!


    1. Hello, Ray! I think this quote by St. Paisius directly addresses your question –
      “If we had lived in the times of the martyrs, given the rationality we have, we would probably say, ‘I only deny God externally, not internally; this way I’ll have my position and be able to help some poor soul”
      This is from an earlier post of mine in which I address some of the concepts you raise,

      There is a real trap to think that externally we can do one thing as long as we don’t “deny” Christ internally. Ultimately, this will result in denial of Christ either way.

      I think it a mistake to posit that because we have a certain outward physical “abundance and blessing” that exceeds Rome we are better off. In many ways, these things simply act as agents to lul people to sleep in false comfort. Our spiritual infirmities may far out strip those of the time of Rome.
      Thanks for reading and God bless you!


      1. Maxim

        I have been saying for years that there are certain stances that the Church takes toward Modernity that are very different from the attitudes of the Martyrs and the Church which venerated them; had the Martyrs of old shared our basic attitudes and orientations in matters of faith, then they certainly would have thrown incense into the brazier in front of the image of the Emperor, saying “Incense is good, therefore burning it before an image in a pagan temple is not wrong, because the incense is the same”. This is essentially what Orthodox people who engage in social service projects with those who are striving to build the Kingdom of Man do.


      2. Maxim

        I need to have Lamar on my map; I was driving to Wichita once and neglected to turn East when Hwy. 50 did, and ended up in Oklahoma instead.


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  7. Maxim

    Keep up the good work, Fr. Lynch, don’t be discouraged by the scoffing and name-calling. The priest of my home parish shies like a startled horse whenever these topics are brought up. You are doing the same work that the true children of the Church in every age have done, fighting to preserve the true teaching in its contemporary application against those who would like to be comfortable with whatever worldly philosophy is being promulgated at the moment; hierarchs and prominent societal figures are often among the adversaries in these situations. This is the same fight Fr. Seraphim Rose was engaged in as he combatted the Evolutionism that was creeping into the Church of his day; that’s pretty good company to be in! Reviled by many in his time, he is now almost universally venerated among the pious; the wheel of history turns, and the chaff is blown away by the wind, leaving only the good grain behind. A passage which keeps recurring to my mind these days is “He who endures to the end shall be saved”. It will be hard to endure, but we must; so much depends on it!


  8. chattingaboutgod

    FR Lynch, guys at my church for over a year has been talking to and helping others to look at the vax a little more carefully, today in California our Governor gave out cash money ( $50, 000 ) yes you read right, to those who received their vax… 5 of them. and there is still 25 other drawings of $ 50,000… I’m not making this up, and 10 “lucky” souls will win 1.5 million… a piece. FR your right it’s setting something up bigger…Maxim, your exactly right…’ he who endures to the end shall be saved”, Lord Jesus power your church, with your Spirit in these dark and unsettling days, God Bless FR, Dave


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