Aspirations of Global Dominion

Those who read my blog know that a theme that I revisit on a frequent base is that of the events transpiring in Ukraine. These events have many long years of development. Although there are many aspects to the events there, I have focused mainly on the implications with regard to Orthodox Christianity.

The Orthodox Church is arguably the last Traditional form of Christianity on planet earth. Indeed, from the Orthodox perspective, it is the Church that has held fast through the many vicissitudes of history. Protestantism is too fractured and confused to be a real threat to Secularism; Rome, most of all after Vatican II, has willingly sold what little of Tradition it had left. The current tragic scandals are only but evidence of the deep bankruptcy in its midst. It is also important to generally note that the powers that be in this brave new world have actively sought to undermine Traditional Christianity wherever it is found. One could argue that the Orthodox Church is the “last one standing.” Yet there has been of late a concerted effort to infiltrate and undermine the Orthodox Church in a manner similar to the methods use on Protestantism and Rome.

Sadly, the powers that be have found willing accomplices who still bear the name of Orthodox.  Now, this is not surprising. From the very beginning, there have been those who are willing to sell Christ the Lord to worldly powers for momentary profit, as did Judas of old.

The events in Ukraine, specifically with relation to the Orthodox Church, are the front lines of this attack on Orthodoxy. Yes, it is manifesting elsewhere also. Can the powers that be establish a pseudo-Orthodox Church? One that will be a willing servant of the secular agenda? Indeed, the anti-Church is being constructed. In reality, it is Liberal-doxy – outwardly it has the trappings but the inner “life” is replaced with the moral rot of Babylon.

This is vital for all Orthodox Christians to understand. In American, for that is where my current and immediate area of experience is, people tend to be very insouciant. Yet, if we are to hold fast, as our Lord Jesus Christ commands, then we must at least to some degree be aware of the machinations of the enemy. Not obsessed but informed and aware. Ultimately, God is the victor and all the stratagem of the enemy is bound to fail.

Here is an article that sums up well a number of the factors at play in Ukraine and the goals of the agenda there. Mr. Jim Jatras has written numerous informed and important analyses on the situations there (thank you for your work Mr. Jatras!). I highly recommend this article by him (link provided below), for, as he sums up, the stakes are high in Ukraine,  Underlying this geopolitical aspect is another, darker motive: to inflict on Ukraine and indeed all Orthodoxy the social, especially sexual, pathologies that have wrought havoc in western societies. As an ideological imperative built on Cultural Marxist dichotomies of oppressor and victim classes according to sex, race, language, religion, etc. (as  described by this analyst in Chronicles) this effort to transform all human society supplies a missionary zeal no less relevant to American officials’ and their fellow travelers’ efforts than their aspirations of global political dominion.

Here is the article –

3 thoughts on “Aspirations of Global Dominion

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  2. Brianchaninov

    The Chronicals Magazine article has many extensive inks on Ukraine and related geopolitics.
    Worth ones time to check them out.
    Our “Christian” Secy of State Pompeo’s statement supporting LGTBTI pride month is bad news.


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