The Geopolitics of a Fading Kingdom

“The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers gathered together, against the Lord, and against His Christ” (Ps. 2:2).

The whole of earthly history is in the hands of God. Even those who strove to wrest history from God’s governance, such as the Communists in Russia as a radical example, have ultimately only hastened Divine Providence. Even the rebellion of mankind against God works – in the long run – for the ultimate culmination of God’s will. And I do not mean this in a fatalistic manner.

The rebellion of the Pharisees and their subsequent rejection of Christ the Lord only worked for the redemption of the world. Their intended wickedness was transformed into spiritual riches; “their rejection means the reconciliation of the world” (cf. Rom. 11:15).

Clearly, they had free will and choice. They were not fated to reject Christ so that the world would be saved, they did so freely; yet even though they willingly and consciously rejected Christ, this choice nevertheless still only worked for the salvation of the world.

Whenever one approaches events of history, be they current or past, a Christian must understand that ultimately God’s providence is guiding all things (even when men work great evil which does not have its source whatsoever in God). Also, it must be understood that the devil is actively, although in the long run vainly, opposing the actions of God. Also, he often finds many compatriots in his task, even those who claim to be Christians.

I also find it helpful to understand some of the – I will call them – secondary currents which are at work. What are the tools being used? I personally think it wise to be somewhat informed.

In some simple sense, the stage has not changed much. Men desire a Kingdom without God. Or they desire to use God to build their own kingdom (which maybe is worse).

In the Orthodox Church – which is not exempt from human machinations – we are witnessing a push to create a “world orthodoxy.” An Orthodoxy that is only part of earthly kingdoms and their political interests. Sadly, like the Pharisees of old, there are those who are only worried about “their place” and are thus willing to betray the true vocation of the Church. A glaring current example is one that I have addressed somewhat frequently, and that is the illicit actions of the Ecumenical Patriarchate (and its supporters) in Ukraine. Ultimately all such things are demonic.

Orthodox Christians should be informed and it is their vocation to oppose those who would adulterate the Faith (as the faithful did in the time of St. Mark of Ephesus).

Now, in a loquacious manner, I’ve come to what I would like to present to my readers, which is a very enlightening talk between two men, Mr. Jim Jatras & Mr. Jay Dyer. Both of these men are very informed and have many valuable insights into factors behind the movements of our days. Both of them are Orthodox. I’ve recommended  Mr. Jatras in the past, please see “Aspirations of Global Dominion.”   Both men strive to provide insights into “political events” while taking into account the ultimate purpose of all things. Both men help to shed light on the “agenda” of the powers that be: a globalist endeavor where Man is god. Both Mr. Jatras and Mr. Dyer are skilfull in exposing the “tools” being used.

The talk is called “America & Byzantium: Geopolitical Paradigms.”

Yes, the rulers of this world are gathering against the Lord and sadly there are judases from Orthodoxy who are banding together with them.

“He that dwelleth in Heaven shall laugh them to scorn” (Ps. 2:4).

2 thoughts on “The Geopolitics of a Fading Kingdom

  1. TexasPravda

    Thank you for your insights Father Lynch. Your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites along with Father Andrew at Orthodox England. I’m amazed at the crystal clear perspectives on geopolitics that Orthodox thinkers are able to regularly present. This includes Patriarch Kirill of Moscow. It seems that Orthodoxy is the key to deciphering world issues and motives. I can see this relates to the Orthodox’s church’s eternal and historical perspective that transcends fashionable or politically acceptable dialogue. This includes a willingness to correctly assess the influence and motives of world Jewry. Russians know well after surviving the USSR who killed their Tsar and why. The same that killed Christ and the prophets, not a challenging riddle. I’m glad to see you’re a fan of Jay Dyer as well.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I am grateful that you have found some benefit in my feeble writing. If you do find something of profit, please spread the word about my blog. This helps.


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