The Night of no Return

What you are going to do, do quickly” Jn. 13:27

The above words were spoken to Judas on the night he betrayed his Lord. Earlier in the Gospel of John, it was revealed that Judas was a thief and would steal money from the moneybag (Cf. Jn. 12:6ff).

Our Lord long-suffered with Judas. The Lord knew that Judas was a thief. The Lord knew when Judas went and betrayed Him secretly to the Pharisees. St. Luke notes that at the moment when Judas went to the Pharisees to betray Christ the Lord, Satan entered into him, cf. Lk. 22:3ff.

Could have Judas repented? Yes. Yet, He persisted in his betrayal which was motivated by love for the glory, the mammon, of this world. He willingly progressed down the path of betrayal.

Even after the first stage of Satan entering Judas, Christ endures with him. The Lord did not yet expel him from the company of the Apostles. The saints make it clear that the Lord did so that Judas could repent and not perish. Yet, there is a second entering of Satan into Judas recorded in the Scriptures. This transpires at the Last Supper when our Lord explicitly informs His Apostles that one of them will betray Him. The Lord is offering one more chance – one last chance, as it were – to Judas so that he might repent. Judas does not, rather he hardened himself in his apostasy.

When Jesus had dipped the morsel, He gave it to Judas … then after he had taken the morsel, Satan entered into him” (Jn. 13:26-27). Judas willfully persisted in his betrayal and this is why Satan found easy access into his heart. At every point our Lord Jesus offers repentance to Judas; at every point, Judas rejects this mercy and willingly and consciously betrays the Lord of Glory.

He immediately went out. And it was night” (Jn. 13:30). This is not simply a statement noting the time of day but also a revelation of the inner state of Judas. The Son of Righteousness, the Light if the world, no longer shone in his heart. He had only Satan as a companion and it was now eternal night. Judas passed a point from which it was nearly impossible to return.

There are significant points in life or events which indicate a hardening in a certain way, a certain mindset, a certain path which is trodden. Either to repentance or against it.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA) under the Ecumenical Patriarchate, has followed through with an action which clearly indicates their concerted and willful support for the lawless and Godless actions of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Ukraine and the betrayal the true Orthodox Faithful there.

Under Archbp. Elpidophoros and with his complete and willing support the GOA has given the ironically named Pat. Athenagoras human rights award to the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Mr. Epiphany (pretend metropolitan of Ukraine).

The moneybag has been dipped into. The silver has been exchanged. The morsel has been given, and now it is night.

With great audacity Archbp. Elpidophoros claims, Despite the pens that would re-write history, we know very well from which πηγή the Ukrainian Church sprang – the Life-Giving Fountain of the Queens of Cities, Constantinople –  and how it is that Kyiv is the mother of Moscow, and not the reverse!” No one contends that Byzantium of old in true Gospel spirit evangelized the Slavs. Yet, it seems Elpidophoros may need to be reminded that what is modern Ukraine was not a concept at that time! It was Rus’. Also, one would think that the Church of Rus’ sprang from the Life-Giving fountain of our Lord Jesus Christ, graciously brought by Byzantine missionaries; now rather Constantinople is the Life-Giving Fountain itself! We may not need the Lord Jesus now that we have Constantinople!

And then, what can only be a conscious lie, he states to Mr. Epi, “As the first Primate of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, Your Beatitude knows both the pain of the birth and the joy of the arrival of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine into the world.”

What an affront to all Ukrainians who have labored long and faithfully in the Holy Faith! Only with fakester Mr. Epi (Epiphany) and the false church has “orthodoxy” now arrived in Ukraine! Yes, the “birth pains” have been terrible: persecutions; of priests, bishops, monks and laity; the shedding of blood; the seizure of church buildings; the list could go on! What blessed birth pangs the EP has brought to Ukraine. With such “birth pains,” one is left to wonder what sort of monstrous child has been brought forth?

There has been no joy, but there has been sorrow and weeping and division and scandal.

Only the enemies of Orthodoxy are rejoicing. Only those who have interests solely in worldly power find joy in the EP’s actions. Only those who seek to deconstruct the Truth are elated by the EP and the GOA’s deeds. The Globalist masters who are pulling the strings of their “orthodox” puppets are so very happy that they could be bought so cheaply, and that they would betray their own brothers and sisters for only thirty pieces of silver!

With those thirty pieces of silver, the GOA holds a banquet to honor a wolf and to give an award to a tomb whitewashed with skillful lies and conscious betrayal. At least the Pharisees would not put the money into the Temple treasury! And yet these use the blood money to adorn false temples!

Let the dead bury their own dead; let us who will, follow after our Lord. Let Constantinople and the GOA keep their prestige which was bought in part with the blood of the Ukrainian Orthodox faithful. Let them keep their “place and nation” purchased with betrayal (cf. Jn 11:48).  Let us who will go together with the true Ukrainian Orthodox Church under His Eminence, Met. Onuphry, to Gethsemane. There let us with them await the band of robbers, assembled by the Judases of the times, which will take the faithful to the Pilates of this world to be crucified. With our longsuffering and faithful Orthodox brothers and sisters in Ukraine, “Let us go to Jesus outside the camp and bear the reproach He endured. For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come” (Heb. 13:13-14).

And the GOA went out, and it was night.

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