Black Crows and White Doves: the Deception of False Orthodoxy

Below is a translation I made from Russian of one of Met. Luke of Zaporozhye’s most timely writings –

Christ is in our midst, my dear readers.

Black crows and white doves.

I would have you know, brothers, that the Gospel that was preached by me is not according to man. For I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ” (Gal. 1:11-12), the Apostle Paul teaches us.

After St. Paul received the revelation from God, he did not go to the other apostles but rather went into the Arabian desert; then after this he went forth to preach the Word of God.

Today we have whole universities that study the Bible. There are theologians whose lives are dedicated to researching the Commandments of God with people. And yet, in their midst you will not find one of them who knows the Bible better than the Devil.


Our knowledge, learned through reason, is no different than the devil’s knowledge. The intellect alone is insufficient for acquiring the understanding of how one needs to live so as to be saved. The Word of God brings forth fruit in our souls only then when it is learned not simply with the reason but also with the heart.

Today is plentiful with people in riassas who speak and preach well. Yet, what are the fruits of their preaching? Their supporters break down the doors to our temples, cast the altars into the streets, and beat our parishioners. Are such things taught in the Gospel?

Could you image the apostle Paul in a drunken stupor beating down the doors of a synagogue with a hammer?! And where did Christ teach that it is necessary to kill your fellow countrymen and believers only because they have different political views?

Do not rather all these people in crosses and panagias – who desire only one thing, that in our much-suffering Home-land (Ukraine) even more blood would continue to be poured out – serve only the devil?

The Apostle John the Theologian gave us a commandment that it is necessary to discern those who serve God from those who have through betrayal given their souls to Satan. Love is the one criteria by which to discern. A person of God carries in himself peace and gives this peace to other people. A son of the devil carries in himself hatred and sows it all around himself.

No matter how well such a one may know the Bible and no matter how many theological sermons he gives, he has but one goal – to bring as many people as possible into the depths of hell.

This same difference separates the Church from those organizations that call themselves a “church.”

The Turkish servant, who continues to count himself the Patriarch of Constantinople, today is sowing enmity and division throughout the whole Orthodox world; all the while proclaiming that “his conscience is clean concerning the question of Ukraine.”

Through his deeds our fellow Orthodox believers in Western Ukraine are suffering, and he with a “clean conscience” condones these lawless, anti-canonical, immoral actions.

And how does our Primate conduct Himself, what does He say? His Beatitude, Met. Onuphry, has never once offered offense or accusation but has continued to work deeds of mercy, to teach love, and to pray for peace.

Parishioners will only be a reflection of those over them! Thus one makes black crows of his followers and the other white doves. Like is attracted by like.

Met. Luke of Zaporozhye

Nov. 4th

2 thoughts on “Black Crows and White Doves: the Deception of False Orthodoxy

    1. Justina

      Thank you Father Zacharias for your work on this blog. There is news this morning of Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria commemorating Epiphany. It appears both Pat. Theodoros and Archbishop Ieronymos acted alone in their commemorations, without synodical consent, as if they were popes. Private discussions with selected bishops is not synodical consent. Patriarch Theodoros admits there was no Synodal decision! Don’t we seek the mind of the Church? If Hierarchs *believed* in the Spirit of God speaking through Church in Council they would call a Council immediately to heal the Body. We are losing the spiritual foundations and nature of the Church.

      St John Chrysostom
      Nothing will so avail to divide the Church as love of power. Nothing so provokes God’s anger as the division of the Church. Yea, though we have achieved ten thousand glorious acts, yet shall we, if we cut to pieces the fullness of the Church, suffer punishment no less sore than they who mangled His body


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