The Power that Pulls the Strings of Anti-Orthodox Intrigue

True Christianity is concerned with true underlying principles and reality, that is, what are the real factors, the real movers behind a situation?

In the book of Revelation when the Lord speaks to the seven churches, He reveals to them the real force behind the immediate physical manifestation of persecution that some were suffering. He tells the church in Smyrna that the unbelieving Jews who were persecuting the church are in fact a “Synagogue of Satan” (cf. Rev. 2:9). Equally, He tells the church in Pergamos that the persecution it is suffering at the hands of pagans is because “Satan’s throne” is there (cf. Rev. 2:13). In both cases the real force behind the physical situation is Satan. Both the unbelieving Jews and the Pagans were being motivated and inspired by the same energy, Satan. (Notice how Satan will diversify his physical manifestations, which gives the seeming impression that there is “difference” when in fact the source is one and the same. How different Judaism and Paganism appear to be and yet the reality was both were serving the same source in the early persecution of the Church, for example.)

As Orthodox Christians, when we look at current events we must learn to see with eyes that look beyond the immediate physical manifestation. We must learn to discern – what is the principal force behind the external events that we witness around us?

With the above in mind, we may once again turn to events in Ukraine. In some sense, Ukraine is one of the “epicenters” of the Satanic attack on the Orthodox Church.

The deconstruction of the Orthodox Church is vital to the spread of the Globalist anti-christ ideology. This should not surprise us. The United States of America holds to and actively applies a philosophy of Global hegemony. It will suffer no rivals, such views are explicit in things like the “Wolfowitz Doctrine.” The United States seeks to maintain a “full-spectrum dominance.” This includes the realm of “religion.”

It actively promotes the disintegration of cohesive religious views and traditional cultures.

So, is it surprising that more and more evidence emerges that clearly ties the schismatic and false “church” in Ukraine directly to the U.S. State Department? No.


Mike Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State, a man with neither understanding of True Orthodoxy nor a Christian conscience, has just a few days ago met with Epiphany, the false hierarch of the schismatic group n Ukraine. What was the core goal of the meeting? Continued American support for the schismatic group.

Epiphany and his group of lackeys are but American puppets, they serve not the Kingdom of Heaven and the Orthodox Church but rather the kingdom of men and globalist powers. They are traitors to their people selling out their homeland to the power elite of this world who have no care whatsoever for the well-being of Ukraine.

Note an important point: the schismatic group under the Ecumenical Patriarch is supported by a foreign State – America – they are given money and aid. The true Ukrainian Orthodox Church under His Beatitude Met. Onuphry the longsuffering has no political support from either Ukraine or Russia (or elsewhere). Their hope is in God alone. No political benefit is being offered to the True Orthodox at all (in fact they suffer for holding to the Faith); yet great political expedience is being offered to the schismatics (from foreign governments), who sell their souls for silver and thereby reveal their true spiritual father, Judas the betrayer.

Mr. Pompeo and the U.S. State Department have a track record of supporting schismatic groups that pose as Orthodox, for example, Mr. Pompeo has met with the schismatic group in Macedonia. The clear goal? The deconstruction of True Orthodoxy. And schismatics and their arrogant desires are a very convenient tool. (Note how in both Ukraine and Macedonia the U.S. State Department shuns the legitimate Orthodox Churches and rather cultivates un-Orthodox schismatic groups.)

Without exterior support, the State Department fabricated schismatic group in Ukraine would collapse in on itself, thus the U.S. Government is now unabashedly stepping in to support its creation.

Was Pat. Bartholomew motivated by pure concern for the Ukrainian people when he gave an air of legitimacy to the schismatics of Ukraine in the form of a Tomos? No. The motivating physical power came from the U.S. State Department. It is truly a tragedy to see Pat. Bartholomew fulfilling the agenda of Western power elites rather than the Kingdom of Heaven, as he is called to do.

The U.S. State Department at current has a clear anti-Orthodox agenda. It actively seeks to destabilize the Orthodox Church. At the start of this article, it was noted that the ultimate power behind the persecution of the Church is Satan. Thus, and sadly, the U.S. State Department is simply being used as a tool of Satan in his attempt to destroy the Church of the Living God. Who is ultimately behind the machinations of the U.S. State Department in the Orthodox Church? Satan.

The attack on True Orthodox in Ukraine (and elsewhere) is nothing short of Satanic. This is the real force behind the current physical tools and players. The tools and players only express what the Devil’s plan is. This is why we must learn to correctly read and comprehend physical events, most of all in the Church.

As an American, I get no pleasure from criticizing my government, yet the reality remains as Met. Luke of Zaporozhye boldly states, It has long been clear to everyone that the United States has become the leading center for all anti-Orthodox forces in the world. And, of course, M. Pompeo’s visit to Epiphany should be understood as another marker of American policy on the forces that they use to fight Orthodoxy in our country.” As an American, I am deeply grieved by this. I pray for God’s mercy and that my country may find repentance, for it is a fearful thing to fight against God.

Thus it may be aptly said to the Orthodox faithful suffering in Ukraine and around the world, “I know your works, your love and faithful service and patient endurance … I know where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is. Yet you hold fast My Name and you did not deny My Faith” (cf. Rev. 2:19, 13).

It may be that Satan will find more and more lackeys to join in with him. Regardless, Christ’s Church will stand.

Ultimately, unless repentance comes, all those who wittingly or unwittingly do the works of Satan shall receive his reward. May God have mercy.

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