Union Under the Kingdom of Man: Incense on the Altar of Caeser

One of the physical reasons that the early Church was at times heavily persecuted by the ancient Roman Empire is because She would not proclaim the State and the leader of the State as “god.” Ceaser desired to reign supreme over all things. But early Christians would not participate in the cult of the emperor. They would not pinch incense on his altar.

Although outward historical and cultural expressions have changed greatly since that time the essential desire of “State” and rulers to be “gods” upon the earth has not changed. They have erected new “altars” and have new ways of demanding that the people offer incense.


I’m persistent in addressing the issues in Ukraine because they are in part a current manifestation of this ancient problem of men playing God. Religion in the minds of such is only material reality, it is but a product of social, economic, cultural, and so forth, constructs. It has no ultimate transcendent spiritual reality (which of course is very pertinent for material life!). It is also simply one of the means by which to expand the power of Caeser. As such, in basic, it is viewed as just a “material” system. And it is also viewed as a possible construct in which to control certain peoples. Sadly, frequently, Ceaser cannot leave “what is God’s to God” (which is ultimately everything).

My main point at the moment is to bring before my readers two more articles that help shed light on the current attack on the Orthodox Church. It is very important to understand that many of the various State powers view Orthodoxy as simply another way in which to influence and control certain people groups.

The article, “Mike Pompeo in Kiev and the Ukrainian Conflict” brings forth further information regarding the attempt of the ‘kingdom of man” to control “the Kingdom of Heaven.” Clearly, as right-believing Christians, we know that God is Sovereign over all things. And as the Psalms say, “He that dwelleth in heaven shall laugh them to scorn; the Lord shall have them in derision” (Ps. 2:4).

The article highlights some points I have made in the past, for example here.  It duly notes that the current globalist State is seeking to co-opt a form of Orthodoxy.

“The new Orthodoxy would be controlled by the United States, in favor of the dictatorship of one person, who is easier to control than 15 Primates. It’s easier to “steer” one Bartholomew or his successor, than many Primates, each of whom is to some extent dependent on the power of his country, and also has his own opinions.”

The aggressive push to “papalize” Orthodoxy flows from State power. It is vital to State control that Orthodoxy is consolidated under a “first without equals.”

This agenda extends well past the Orthodox Church. Indeed modern Ecumenism is another tool of the kingdom of man in its attempt to play God and lord over what belongs to God alone.

This extended agenda is also previewed in Ukraine. In an article titled “National Ecumenism: the Uniates and the OCU” it is clearly indicated that one of the objectives of the false “church” in Ukraine is a union with the Uniates (in basic Latins who use the external rite of Orthodoxy). Such a union is a premeditated and planned step in an attempt to “re-unify” the Orthodox Church with Rome. Such an amalgamation works to establish a religion that will be a faithful servant of the State (I mean that in a global sense), as it already is in Ukraine and elsewhere.

It is worth noting that the ultimate goal is the fracturing of Truth (as if possible). The focused work of establishing a type of “unity” is only achieved by attempting to fracture and divide. Such has been the work of the schismatic “orthodox church of Ukraine” which is being nurtured under the wings of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

The current “unity” that is being sought is but the unity of Babal, it is a unity of the demonic.

Let us pray and hold fast to Christ the Lord and His Church. Let us not fear, for God is with us! But let us be sober and understand the times and seasons as our Lord commands us (cf. Matt. 24:32-33, 16:1-3).

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