Destructive Self-Deception That Leads to the Depths of Hell

As Holy and Great Lent fast approaches, I will be taking a little break from posting on my blog. Before that, I want to share with you a collection of quotes I have made from Archbishop Averky of blessed memory. He was a very holy man who strove to conform his mind to the Patristic mind, Mind of Christ. He was a stalwart defender of Holy Orthodoxy.

During Great Lent, we are called to a time of heightened spiritual self-examination, and a greater application of the tools of fasting, prayer, and alms-giving.  Yet, what I hope you will see, is that even though we are called to this vital work we are also called to stand in Truth, and even vocally defend it. It is a form of false humility to use the call of personal repentance as an excuse to not actively stand for Truth and as an excuse to be silent in the face of evil. Every one of us is called to be zealous for the things of God.

Anyway, I hope that you will find spiritual profit in Achbp. Averky’s words. He courageously speaks strong but true words which we would all do well to contemplate. A joyous start to Great Lent to all!


Begin quote –

“The fundamental task of the servants of the coming Antichrist is to destroy the old world with all its former concepts and “prejudices” in order to built in its place a new world suitable for receiving its approaching “new owner” who will take the place of Christ for people and give them on earth that which Christ did not give them…

One must be completely blind spiritually, completely alien to true Christianity not to understand all this!


Zeal for God, zeal for the Truth is not “phariseeism,” just as “humility” before the enemies of God, the enemies of the Church, before diabolical Evil, is not the true and saving humility of the Publican, but just destructive self-deception, leading to the depths of hell.

In our times, when there are such strong doubts about even the existence of Truth, when every “truth” is considered relative and it is considered proper for each person to hold to “his own truth,” the struggle for the Truth acquires a particularly important meaning. And the person who does not sympathize with this struggle, who sees in it only a manifestation of “phariseeism” and suggests “humbling oneself” before Falsehood by falling away from the Truth, should naturally be recognized as a betrayer of the Truth, whoever he might be, whatever he might call or consider himself.


Thus we evidently have lived to see this “terrible and quick collapse of the structure of the Church!” The enemy of the human race is employing all his efforts and all his means to pull it down, and he is widely supported in this by open and secret apostates from the true faith and Church, including even those who have betrayed their high vocations and oaths as clergymen and even as hierarchs heading certain individual churches.

In truth, we are experiencing a terrible time, a time such as has never before been seen in the history of Christianity, in the history of mankind! A time of almost total instability!

And insofar as we wish to remain faithful to true Orthodoxy, many obligations are placed upon us. We must, as Bishop Ignatius instructs us, avoid and protect ourselves from the Apostasy which is growing so rapidly in the world. We must defend ourselves against the corrupting spirit of the times to avoid its influence.

And to this end, we must first of all understand and never forget: that at the present time not everything that bears the most holy and most dear name of Orthodoxy really is Orthodoxy. There now also exists pseudo-Orthodoxy, which we must fear and from which we must flee as from fire; that true Orthodoxy is only that which does not accept and does not permit in anything, either in teaching or in church practices, any sort of innovations opposed to the Word of God and the decrees of the Universal Church; that true Orthodoxy does not bless and does not indulge modern fashion-the morality and customs of the modern, corrupt world, which, even more than in Apostolic times, is lying in evil, for it is a world which has abandoned God; that true Orthodoxy considers only pleasing God and saving souls, not arrangements for temporary, earthly happiness, a career, and earthly advantages and possessions; that true Orthodoxy is spiritual, not natural and carnal, not attached to the earth-to earthly feelings and experiences.


As salt preserves food from decay and makes it healthful and pleasant to the taste, so too true Christians preserve the world from moral decay and facilitate its return to health. But if the salt “loses its savor,” as the Gospel says, i.e. “loses its strength” (in the East there actually is a kind of salt which can lose its taste), then it becomes good for nothing except to be “thrown out to be trodden under foot of men” (cf. the Gospel reading for the third day of the feast of Pentecost, Matt. 5:313).

How terrible this is! And we find ourselves living in such times when the tendency dominating the world is directed toward making all Christians such “salt which has lost its savor,” once it has abolished the true Church of Christ derived from the Holy Apostles and thus has deprived Christians of the grace of the Holy Spirit.

This is the so very fashionable, so-called “ecumenical movement,” which is based in the position that supposedly the true Church of Christ does not presently exist on earth and it is necessary to create it anew … through the unification of all Christians belonging to various “churches” and confessional associations and organizations; this will be done by various mutual concessions in matters of doctrine and the development of a new, common system of doctrine acceptable to all and, along with it, of course, a new world view.

And the opinion, extremely popular in our times, that “it’s all the same which church you go to; after all, God is one” is in agreement with this tendency.

Yes! God is one, but, you know, He also gave us one faith; He created one Church for us, not many different faiths and “churches.” This is confirmed by the holy Apostle Paul when he says, “One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all,” and so we Christians should form “one body and one spirit,” as we are called to “in one hope of our calling” (Eph. 4:4-6).

If there is only one true faith and only one true Church, then as a consequence all other faiths and “churches” are false, not true. How then can anyone say that all faiths and “churches” are of equal value and that “it is all the same which church you go to.”

Therefore one can and must speak not of the ecumenical unification of everyone for the creation of some new Church, but only of the restoration of union between all who have fallen away and the one true Church of Christ to which Christ the Savior Himself gave the great and sure promise that “the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18).


While struggling resolutely against the most minute manifestations of evil and sin in our own souls, let us not fear to uncover and point out evil everywhere where it is to be found in modern life – not from pride and self-love, but only out of love for the truth. Our chief task in this evil time of lying shamelessness is to remain totally faithful and devoted to the genuine truth of the Gospel and to the author of our salvation, Christ, the Giver of life Who rose on the third day from the tomb, the Conqueror of hell and death.”

2 thoughts on “Destructive Self-Deception That Leads to the Depths of Hell

  1. John

    Father bless.
    Fr. Lynch,
    Thank you for sharing the counsels of this most important Holy Father “close to us in time” as Bl. Father Seraphim would say.
    Below is a link to a blog solely dedicated to Archbishop Averky which has many of his out of print books available in pdf downloads, like “The Apocalypse,” and sermons also available for print. Included in this treasury is a pdf of the Orthodox Word article “One Man in the Face of Apostasy” plus many, many more IMPORTANT words and warnings for us Orthodox today who want to remain Orthodox and “follow the Fathers” in this time of ‘apostasy.’

    Archbishop Averky Resources On-line

    Archbishop Averky (†1976) is a Church Father of recent times and a powerful confessor of the true spirit of Orthodoxy. St. John S&SF once told Fr. Seraphim Rose to consult Archbishop Averky’s writings whenever he had theological questions.-from the blog intro

    Thank you again for your vigilance and counsel. A blessed lent to you and yours.
    Doxa to Theo, John
    Father bless.


    1. Servant of God John, Thank you once again for another rich resource. Archbp Averky of blessed memory is indeed a true “voice crying out from the wilderness.” May we heed his deep Patristic counsel. We are in desperate need of such persons today!


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