Please Do Not Touch Jesus

Could we imagine …



A Notice from the Disciples –

If you are suffering from disease, sickness, or ailment of any kind please do not touch, kiss, or venerate in any way, Jesus; this includes but is not limited to: the hem of his garment, his clothing in general, his feet, hands and so forth.

We encouraged you to be thoughtful of your neighbors for your presence in a crowd could mean that they will be infected also. The best show of love for Jesus and neighbor is for you to stay at home until you feel well. Once you feel better, then, at that time, come and enjoy listening to Jesus teach.

If it is an absolute emergency, please notify one of the disciples. The said disciple will arrange for a meeting in an area isolated from other people so that the spread of sickness will be minimized. When you approach Jesus please stay at least three and a half cubits away and cover your mouth and nose with a cloth. Please remember, do not draw near and touch Jesus at all.

We do not want our teacher to be infected with a sickness and lose him prematurely. We desire to keep him with us as long as possible and are doing everything in our power to keep him safe.

Thank you for your understanding.


Lord have mercy.

3 thoughts on “Please Do Not Touch Jesus

  1. Hristos Voskrese!
    Christ Is Risen!

    “…and only 10 of his followers (minus priest and cantors) can be present with him.”

    Well said, Father. Thank you for clearly illustrating how disgraceful this situation has become. Do we realize that if Christ were here today and had to follow the government orders, he would be not be allowed to gather with his 12 apostles??

    May God forgive us and help our unbelief, and may He provide our Church leaders the strength and wisdom to challenge these arbitrary and unconstitutional dictates and lead us back to our Holy Orthodox Churches to worship our Risen Christ.

    Indeed he is Risen!
    Voistinu Voskrese!

    Michael Kosanovich

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