St. Patrick, in his own words.


“For I know with utter certainty … without a shadow of a doubt on that last day we shall all rise again in the sun’s own brilliant blaze; that is, in the glory of Christ Jesus our Redeemer, as ‘children of the living God and fellow heirs with Christ,’ still ‘destined to be shaped in His own image;’ since ‘from Him and through Him and in Him’ we are going to reign.

For this sun which we now see rise each new day for us at His command, yet it will never reign, nor its splendor last forever. On the contrary, all who worship it today will be doomed to dreadful punishment. But we who believe and adore the true sun that is Christ, who will never die, nor ‘will those who have done His will’ but ‘abide forever, just as Christ Himself will abide for all eternity:’ who  reigns with God the Father all-powerful, and with the Holy Spirit before time began, and now and through all ages of ages.”

From: The Confession of St. Patrick.

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