The Prodigal’s Lament

The tears leave a stain

Upon my filthy cheeks;

My head hung low with pain,

Drives my knees to the earth.


I’ve squandered all You gave,

Your riches and my worth;

With Your gold, I did pave

My very path into the mire.


Everything You gave, I let blow away

Like dark ashes on the wind

For with it I did pay

The bitter wages of my sin.


A slave in an empire of swine,

I’ve lost possession even of myself;

My soul, broken and groaning, does pine

To be filled with the super-substantial bread.


All my hands have made, will condemn me in the end

Every fleshly pleasure but a fading kingdom of sand,

Which no worldly power can preserve or mend,

Time has a final hour, a coming last day.


I’ve nothing which to give,

I’ve wasted everything;

Yet I desire to live,

Only take me as a slave.


I’ve done evil in Your sight,

And sinned against the heavens;

Show me mercy in Your might,

Cast me not from the gates of Paradise.



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