The Powers Who Pull the Strings

A blessed New Year to all!

Once again, more evidence emerges which clearly indicated that the U.S. State Department is one of the real powers behind the Ecumenical Patriarch’s anti-Church actions in Ukraine.

Mike Pompeo, current Secretary of State, is set to be in Ukraine and will be meeting with leaders of the false church in Ukraine under the EP.


It is of interest that he is not meeting with the True Ukrainian Orthodox Church. This is because he has no interest in Truth but in weaponizing Orthodoxy against itself. Clearly, the True Church will not fall as our Lord has promised.

Keep in mind that when Epiphany of Apostasy was in America in October he had a closed-door meeting with Pompeo. This was at around the same time that the Jesuit like Archons and the GOA were giving a “human rights” award to Mr. Epi.

As I’ve repeated time and time again, the goal of the secular powers is the creation of a false orthodoxy that will be externally “correct” but internally devoid of all essential reality and Truth. This sad shell of “orthodoxy” will serve the global powers, as it has already done in Ukraine.

The “Western Powers” have always viewed Orthodoxy as a threat. Its claim to ultimate Truth goes against the secular dogma of “relativism.” Therefore the goal is relative orthodoxy. Tragically and sadly, the EP has become the main proponent of this false-church. The global powers are wielding him and his ethnophilitistic groupies as the primary tool against Holy Orthodoxy.

May the Phanar repent and cease its active role in deconstructing the Orthodox Church.

2 thoughts on “The Powers Who Pull the Strings

  1. Fr. Ian Shipley

    I totally agree my brother! I hope Patriarch Theophilus ignores Patriarch Bartholomew and calls for pan-Orthodox Synod to excommunicate the schismatics and restore good order to the Church.


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