BREAKING NEWS: Local Extremist, Noah, Continues to Propagate Conspiracy Theory of Global Flood

Greater Tiber-Euphrates River Valley News Agency (GTERV News).

Irad Mildesh reporting.

Local experts are calling for further investigation and action against local Extremist and Conspiracy Theorist, Noah, as he continues to propagate his questionable ideas.

Noah’s message, which he claims is from God, is found to be discouraging and depressing by most of his neighbors and society at large. Moreover, fact-checking agencies conclude that his claims are radical, unverifiable, and conspiratorial in nature.

Noah’s message in basic states that due to an increase of violence and corruption in society, God will wipe away all flesh from the earth through an event that he is calling a “flood.” This event, he claims, consists of the whole world being covered in water.

Neb, who lives near to Noah states, “he is a real downer … All he wants to do is warn people about a fictional event which he calls a ‘flood’ … I find his message gloomy and depressing … it’s all doom and destruction with him … He says we will all die if we do not repent … I mean, can’t this guy say anything positive?”

Noah’s extremist message is causing great unrest in his local area and beyond. Few seem to be responding positively to his message except for his immediate family members.

Tubal, another resident from Noah’s area, commented, “I’m going to get married in a few months, the last thing I want to hear about is the destruction of the world … I think Noah is an egotist who is trying to get attention and followers … His extremist views are a danger to the stability of our society … We should focus on messages that encourage us and bring us together.”


Other first-hand witnesses testify that Noah is in the midst of a large building project which he calls an “Ark.” This, what looks to be an enormous project, will, he claims, save his family, every living creature, and any others who will heed his message, which he purports is divine in origin. The “Ark” is being built completely from Gopher wood.

Many view this building project as either an attention-grabbing device or a scare tactic by which Noah hopes to gain influence and further spread his conspiratorial ideas.

Aside from the psychological distress which Noah is causing the local inhabitants in his area through his radical and negative message, he is also being accused of spreading false news and inaccurate information.

GTERV News has consulted with an independent fact-checking agency, Tiger Facts, regarding Noah’s claims of an impending universal “flood” and the destruction of all living things.

Zill Naamah of Tiger Facts had this to say, “Noah is fanatic. His novel claim of a ‘flood’ is unheard of. The world has never experienced such a phenomenon. The sheer amount of water needed to cover the whole world is a virtual impossibility, it factually could not happen. It is simply a false claim; it is a mythical event. Also, his assertion that the structure he is building, which he calls an Ark, will float on water is unverifiable. It would be quite unworkable for such a massive construction to float on water, most of all while filled with ‘every living creature’ … Noah’s claims are conspiratorial in nature, ask yourself – has anyone ever witnessed anything like this ‘flood’ he keeps talking about? The answer is no. There is no such thing … the best advice I can give people is, just ignore Noah and his extreme conspiratorial ideas, they simply do not check out according to the facts. Also, keep in mind, how many hundreds of years has Noah been saying these things? And nothing has happened … He is misleading people with false narratives and information.”

Many of the local religious leaders have also united to denounce Noah as one misrepresenting God. Rev. Accad, speaking for a group of religious leaders, expressed concern over Noah’s extreme message. “God wants to bless you and give you wonderful things; He wants you to live a full life and be happy … God would never allow an event of universal destruction … this is a primitive view of God at best … it shows Noah’s true ignorance regarding the things of God … An uplifting message should be given to the people, not a dark one … Noah is not speaking on behalf of the coalition of religious leaders whatsoever and we reject his radicalized views and call upon him to recant … we encourage the people to avoid all conspiracy theories.”

Furthermore, Local Government Authorities are joining in the effort to battle Noah’s misinformation. Mr. Jabal M., speaking on behalf of the local authorities, stated, “The general public should not be alarmed by the conspiracy theories being spread by Noah. We encourage everyone to look to government authorities for guidance and reliable information. We are here to keep you safe and your protection is our primary concern. There is no flood, I repeat there is no flood. Noah’s fearmongering message of impending disaster has brought great instability to the minds of many people … Noah should know that the Authorities will take steps, if necessary, to protect the people from his misinformation campaign and his unverifiable claims … the best thing citizens can do right now is to just ignore Noah’s false information and look to reliable government sources and outlets for verifiable facts and information.”

Although no immediate actions are being planned against Noah, the local authorities have warned him that if he fails to comply with orders to cease spreading his misinformation and conspiracies, which are agitating the people, some measure of force may be used against him.

Really, the best thing people could do right now is just, eat, drink, and be merry,” Mr. Jabal M. said, “overall we recommend just ignoring Noah.”

5 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Local Extremist, Noah, Continues to Propagate Conspiracy Theory of Global Flood

  1. Brianchaninov

    Scientific evidence for Noah’s Flood and a Young Earth ( ie < 10,000 yrs old not 4 billion).has become overwhelming. Checkout The Institute of Creation Research.
    ICR founder Dr. Henry Morris (PHD civil Engineering) co-authored "The Genesis Flood" nearly 60 years ago.Reading that book helped bring me to Christianity from youthful skepticism about God and Creation.

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  2. Of Alexandria

    Sadly, my priest just forwarded our entire mission an article denouncing any questioning of today’s “global pandemic” as misinformation or conspiracy theory. Since when do priests believe whatever they see/hear/read from godless media who also claim killing infants is “reproductive freedom”? Forgive me, but it seems they have imbibed to koolaid of the times!

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