The Age of the man-god

“… You will be like gods …” (cf. Gen. 3:7).

As in the beginning, humanity was led away to its own self-imposed degradation through a desire to transcend – through its own power – the state in which God had created it, so this same primal temptation will also be a primary factor in our race’s culminating self-deconstruction.

Fallen humanity strives to be like gods and yet in reality makes itself kin to the demons.

Since the beginning of material creation, the devil has hated humanity. Yet, he has no power over humanity, unless humanity gives it to him. Central to his ploy to draw mankind away from the protective covering of God is to lure persons out with promises that they may be “gods.” Once persons willingly respond and enter such a state, the enemy may proceed to dehumanize.

To do so, he must initially work to destroy the true understanding of the image of man, which is summed up in this – mankind is created by God, in the image and likeness of God. The tactic of destruction may be discerned in varying degrees throughout the ages; yet in some way, it has been intensified in the modern era. Its basic premise may be distilled to this – mankind is not a unique creation of God Himself but rather the result of chance, the product of random powers of nature. Humanity is a freak of chance with no ultimate essential meaning.


In modern times, there has emerged a refined and honed continuation of this notion, it believes that humanity may fundamentally transform even the very idea of what it means to be human. Since mankind is the result of random chance, it bears no essential meaning in and of itself. Mankind has no substantial nature. Any meaning is totally external and synthetic, it is the result of changing social, religious, historic – to name just a few – constructs; therefore humanity has no fundamental meaning and quality. Meaning and purpose only exist in that humanity fabricated them for itself; in fact, they have no actual objective and metaphysical substance. It must be understood that this is the driving philosophy of the day.

Now, empowered with such “enlightenment,” man will no longer be driven along by “chance,” he will himself take control of his own destiny. He will be the creator of his own divinity. In the modern gospel, humanity in its current state does not represent an end of development, no it is only in the emerging phases of its coming potential and totality.

Emerging from the confines of the traditional worldviews, humanity’s consciousness is expanding and it is beginning to realize the potential of the “super-man.” Focusing the power of will, humanity may ascend to a new and greater reality. It will trancend the limited constructs of current humanity.  This general idea may be classified as “Transhumanism.” It is the pragmatic philosophical goal of the modern world. (If the reader is unfamiliar with the agenda of Transhumanism, please reference this article by Forbes.)

Mankind has now been “enlightened” enough to seize, with its own hands, its evolutionary destiny, and it will no longer be driven along by the brute force of “chance.” There will be, in such a mindset, a planned and forced accelerated evolution facilitated and guided by those persons selected to be the fittest. They think themselves the “fittest” to govern the evolution of the trans-humans because they have great wealth and power (they are in their fundamental core anti-God).

And, by the way, part of the process is doing away with a vast swath of humanity, that is depopulation, which means, bluntly, killing people. It also means complete and total governance of every aspect of every person’s existence. All worth it, in such a doctrine, so that those left may ascend to the new heaven and earth of their creating.

And yet, like a burdensome ball and chain, this ascent is stifled by those insistent on traditional views of mankind, most of all true Christianity. Those who will not confess the man-god are enemies. They are defectors, inhibitors, and obstacles to evolution.

What we are witnessing today, in many of the current “events” swirling around us, is but part of the continued deconstruction of humanity, a concerted effort to purge mankind of all former ideas of himself. The “old” must die; it must be eradicated. Notice how the enemy parrots Christian ideas and perverts them. For the “higher-humanity” to emerge the “old” must be obliterated.

Christians should be questioning why the secular message has long promoted “man” as the sickness on earth. Think of the basic teaching of “environmentalism.” Is it any mistake that in the current “crisis” we are being taught to treat our neighbors as possible carriers of death and disease? The astute observation has been made by some that humanity is (purposely) being conflated with the virus and thus “is” the virus. Ultimately, this all has a planned purpose, the continued dehumanization of humanity. In this agenda, the “old” man of Judaeo-Christian “values” must be dehumanized and deconstructed so that from it may be refashioned a new trans-humanity, the man-god.

It seems clear that the “old” man (from the modernist perspective) is indeed the virus. In some deeper sense, the “war” on the virus at current reflects the transhuman war on the “old” man. Thus, the scare of a virus is being used as a cover to further deconstruct the old lingering ways of human interaction. The only thing, they say, that will save man from himself is a “new normal,” a “great rest,” a “new world order.” That is, for salvation man must accept the arrival of a “new world” and “new consciousness.”

But first humanity must continue the process of “rebirth” (which began, in an intensified manner, after the World Wars), it must be formed to perceive itself in a new vision. It must not look to God for salvation but rather to “experts” and scientism; to those who have been chosen by the universe to rule over the masses. Such a goal has a name, and the reader would do well to at least be familiar with it – Technocracy. The masses are but cattle to be governed as the chosen elite man-gods see fit. For, although the bait of “being god” is used for all, only a select few, so they think, will actually have the right to rule like a god. The masses are for their disposal. The masses are no better than animals in their view, some will be chosen for the transition into the “new,” those deemed valuable. Yet, many, in their plan, will not be worthy to enter into their “paradise.”

The new saviors of humanity all have confessed as essential the alteration of man on even a biological scale. Humanity will, they claim, transcend the limits of its own biology. Man must be re-imaged, both conceptually and biologically. Eugenics and dysgenics both play a role in this recreation. Humanity must be purges of the Divine image (as if possible). Then this “new” man will be fit to inaugurate the “new order.” One in which humanity has transcended its own “limitations” – its own humanity – and it has become “transhuman.”

Vital to this has been the programming of man to reject the truly otherworldly, the heavenly. Fundamental in the indoctrination to this “new” reality is this dogma – humanity only has the material, the “this-worldly.” Fr. Seraphim (Rose) of blessed memory astutely teaches,

The existence of this ‘new man,’ whose faith and hope are directed solely to this world, is but another proof of the success of the Nihilist program … The ‘new man’ has set about to change the world, and at the same time to change his attitude to one of acceptance of the modern world which, though imperfect, is the only one he knows; in this image there is no more conflict, for man is well on the way to being thoroughly refashioned and reoriented, and thus perfectly ‘adjusted’ to the new world … his whole attention is directed to this world.”

As Christians, we must be diligently on guard against this program. Because it has its roots in the evil one who cannot create anything original whatsoever, for all he can do is distort, pervert, and mutilate, existing creation and truth. This teaching can only ape the truth and reality set forth by God. It deceptively appeals to the deep longings of humanity which echo in the hearts of persons, for they are created by God. Thus, it uses ideas like paradise, brotherly love, and care for neighbor, justice, freedom, and so forth. Yet, like bait on a hook, it uses these things to ensnare its unwitting victims and then drag them down to hell, which is the only true possible end for such an agenda.

The transhuman is not against some religious constructs, no for these constructs could be used to preach and facilitate their “new man.” It is the essential revelation of True Christianity which it seeks to obliterate. It is possible that it will allow certain trappings, as long as the heart has been replaced with that of the man-god. It understands the power of religion upon the minds of men, and thus it is intent upon co-opting even a form of “Christianity” for its own goals. The current Ecumenical movement personifies this purpose. For Orthodox, it must be soberly considered that through participation in the false spirit of Ecumenism, an outward shell of “Orthodoxy” will also be permitted as long as it homogenizes in itself as primary the ideal of the “new man and world.” As long as it will strive to preserve first and foremost that which is of the flesh and this fallen world, it will be given a place in the pantheon of this age. For, the enemy knows that deprived of its salt, it will be fit for nothing but the be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

Let us be astute in contemplating the mind of the times. Let us stand fast in the clear teachings of the Revelation of Faith. By holding fast to the true and essential reality of what it means to be human, we may withstand this demonic spirit of the times. We must never lose our true Humanity.

2 thoughts on “The Age of the man-god

  1. kevin zalac

    Thank you for the thoughts in this post. Excellent. I feel too many ‘good’ people are passively observing this charade. I don’t mean go and be an ‘activist’. I mean passive in their hearts.

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