On Telegram


May the Lord bless you all!

If any readers are on Telegram, you may now follow the Inkless Pen channel there – https://t.me/inklesspenblog

The channel will provide links to my articles, as well as some other articles and such things that I find of interest. I will strive to keep posts at one a day (I follow some places that have dozens of posts a day, for me it is overwhelming).

I thank everyone for your support, for reading my works and translations.

One thought on “On Telegram

  1. Seraphim

    I just started reading your blog. So much to see. I do have one question I would like your thoughts on. Why do you think so many of our clergy don’t see the nefarious nature of what’s going on? To me, and many others in the Church, it’s so obvious this is not just some passing fad, but something that is preparing the way for the reign of antichrist. And I’m a horrible sinner and sorry excuse for an Orthodox Christian. Why is it that so many hierarchs and priests, and others who have been in the Faith far longer than I, and who have been far more faithful than I, don’t see what’s going on?


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