A Pick of Ten

Ten picks from the archives.

2022. I now have over 200 articles on my blog. In this post, I have gathered 10 articles from the now 200 I have posted. This is not a “top ten” list, these articles highlight and touch on issues that I believe to be of continued importance and value (although as I note the first article remains one of my personal favorites).

The first article is still one of my all-time favorites. The spirit that began very evidently manifesting under what is labeled “Communism” in Russia and Eastern Europe has now become a dominating factor of much in modern Western Secularism. Indeed, the two seeming opponents of “Democracy” and “Communism” in the 20th century were in reality leading to one end goal. The New Martyrs are of the utmost importance for Orthodox Christians today. We must learn well from their lives and writings. Anyway, number one is –

The next four, touch upon the importance of conforming our minds to the Mind of Christ. There is a very strong endeavor to impress upon humanity a “new mind” at current. This new mind, which is of the evil one and not authentically new, is also being sold to Christians. Sadly some are buying it. The guarding of our minds in Christ is essential. Both A Free Thinking Cage and Speak and We Obey are very early articles of mine, written in 2017. Uniformity of Behavior, Reconstruction, and Such Musings and A Man Above Harm, Freedom that Enslaves, and the Power of Phroneo are both more recent. I picked early and more recent articles to indicate that this is a theme I’ve been chipping away at for a while.

The next three touch on the themes of ecclesiology. The article title Neo-Babel Ecumenism speaks for itself. Ecumenism is, as St. Justin Popovich teaches, a pan-heresy. Schismatics, Whitewashed Tombs, and Ukraine is one of my first articles addressing the attack on the Church taking place in Ukraine. The issues there are tied to ecumenism and the very tragic mentalities that are at work in the Ecumenical Patriarchate at current. I have since written a number of articles addressing the situation in Ukraine. Not for Cowards is a call for Orthodox to hold faithfully to the life of Christ in His Church.

The following is one of my first articles as covidism was just emerging. I believe the questions and issues I brought up then hold true today.

The last, well, I think most of my readers don’t know that I attempt to write poetry. I posted some of my works in the beginning days of this blog. Here is one of my poems (or attempt to write a poem).

Thank you to everyone who has read and supported my work here. It is a blessing!

May God keep us all in His Truth.

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