A Starless Sky

I started this blog five years ago in June of 2017. I figure that’s a five-year anniversary. I simply wrote. I didn’t write to try and be known. I was pretty shocked when the readership really started to grow. Really, I’m just a nobody parish priest of a smaller-sized parish in a midsized town in America. What do I know? Not much. Although, I have tried to speak from the guidance of the Orthodox Faith. I try to speak from my heart. I try to address issues as honestly as possible. I hope I have at least a little bit.

I have my pastoral duties. I have a family of five kids. I work a bit on the side to make ends meet. I do remodeling and construction. Sometimes it is nice to be on my knees under the hot summer sun doing a concrete pour for a foundation, it reminds me that I really am no one. Honestly, working with the hands is many times easier than working with people. I love people, but we can be so complicated (myself included). There is, it seems, nothing as mystifying as man on earth. Thank the Lord that He loves us.

I’ve never tried to make my blog a matter of money-making. I could put ads on it, but I haven’t because ads are everywhere. Anyway, I dislike the bombardment of ads. I have a little donation button, that’s about it. I figure if someone wants to offer a little, they can. I’m grateful to those that have. And there are those that have. It is a blessing. I thank you for it.

Sometimes I’ve thought, who needs more distractions with my blog? There are so many voices out there now. Anyway, there are much better things to read, most of all the Scriptures and the writings of the Saints. Yet, to those who have read and supported my writings, I am thankful. Of late, as summer rolls around again, I’ve had to focus on a number of other things. Spring and early summer seem to be a ripe time for projects. I have not been able to write as much as I would like to. But, some tasks can’t wait and writing simmers easily on the back burner. I have a few pots back there.

Early on when I first started my blog, I would post a little bit of my poetry. Its not great but poetry is what got me started writing. As a nod to those early days, I offer my dear readers this poem. The title is “A Starless Sky.” May the Lord bless you all and thank you for your readership and support. It has meant a lot.

Woe is me,

Burdened am I;

Sojourning beneath

A starless sky.

The ancient ones

Are gagged and bound

By grinding gears

Of technological sound.

Simple and free

Is a child’s first cry;

Unforeseen, last breath,

When men they die.

To the lowest places

Water will flow;

On the highest mountain

Nothing will grow.

In much learning

Soon folly is found;

Its empty fruit

Does everywhere abound.

Doubt is the faith

Of our darkened age;

To the blind guides,

“All hail our infallible sage!”


Walks ever so bold;

In its proud gaze,

Many hearts grow cold.


Hands of modernity,

Ravaging all

Of every purity.

Blessed are we

If we learn to fly

High above

The rampant starless sky.

4 thoughts on “A Starless Sky

  1. Maxim

    Poetry’s what got me started in writing, too. A poem is a great way to process thoughts and emotions which are not quite yet articulatable in ordinary speech. Through poetry, one can produce a crystallization of an idea, an unelaborated image which stands alone in gem-like perfection. One can produce a perfect image of one’s own thought, but of course this is not automatically transcribed to other minds with different experience and background; one just hopes that there are those out there whose thought contains enough similar elements to share the experience.

    By the way, I sent a poem to you awhile back titled “Martha, Martha”; it seems like it had a similar theme to this poem. I would be interested to hear what you thought of it; any thoughts or criticisms would be appreciated.

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