The Medicine Man

Start the live stream, turn the volume high,

Put on your best Sunday tie,

Turn off your brain, the thinking kind;

Get ready to receive a mass-produced mind,

And clasp the hand of the Medicine Man

He’s so factual, all the specialists are his fan!

He’ll take you to a tolerant place

And with soft punches, rearrange your face.

Your Sunday tie, he’ll kindly shred;

Then stuff you full, till you’re overfed,

But take cheer, my friend, it’s for your good,

You’d be lost without him, he knows you would!

Now it’s over and you’re lying at home

In the cage he built you, all made of chrome,

Call for your wife, you need a tender touch;

The kids too, you need more than much,

But to your surprise, they’ve gone away,

With the Medicine Man to his world of hay.

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