EXCLUSIVE: The Full Transcript of Lucifer’s Address to Adam and Eve at the First Ecumenical Dialogue of Love, Held in Eden


Paradise Lost News.

EXCLUSIVE! Paradise Lost News has obtained exclusive access to the transcript of the first ecumenical dialogue of love, as it has been called, that is taking place this day in Eden itself. The transcript contains the address of Lucifer, leader of the fallen angels, to the relatively new creation of God, mankind, in the representatives of Adam and Eve.

What follows is the full transcript of Lucifer’s address to Adam and Eve –

“My dear Adam and Eve, it is an honor to be here in this beautiful paradise with you today. I ask you to open your hearts to what I have to say, for as we are equally creations of God we need to expand our minds to hear one another, to embrace one another in mutual understanding and brotherhood. In this exquisite garden, it seems so fitting an environment to engage in a true dialogue of love, through the creation of new symbols and actions. We must open our hearts to a dialogue of love. I’m convinced that if we can do so, it will have vast ramifications for the future. Our dialogue of love should be fashioned by an inspiration of relationship between our two kinds. The fallen angels, of whom I’m the leader, do not want to be at enmity with you; rather we extend the hand of fraternity and unity.

We know that it is our duty to make common cause in the search for the expression of that unity in work and in life, as the collective creation of God. Before us today is the opportunity to enter into a new and unprecedented bond of unity founded around shared desire and action.

Some here today may put forward that there is but one commandment given by God that must be obeyed – not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. Such ones, in a narrow minded manner, would say that this commandment is the only way to God. When you elevate one commandment of God above all other potentials, it is as if you decide there is only one way to God. But the truth is you cannot see all the myriads of exalted ways to God because you are surrounded – like boulders blocking your view – by the the limiting prejudice that there is but one commandment that He has given in the garden. Am I not an angel? Is my name not ‘light;’ am I not created before you and have I not stood before the throne of God Himself? Have either of you, Adam or Eve? No, your vision is limited by being only in paradise. You do not have the greater and more expansive experience that I do, but I desire to share it with you so that we may enter into fellowship. I extend to you the hand of loving unity. Let us together heal wounds and divisions and not create them. No one has an exclusive claim on paradise.

I’m here today to entreat you, so that we may enter into a shared commitment for creation and the emerging human family. We have a common responsibility as mutual creations of God to seek that which will be for the inclusive expansion of god-like potential to all.

How do we do this? First, we consider as necessary and indispensable the removal and abolition of all the mutual mistrust and bitterness that the limiting commandment claim places on our mutual relationship. This claim arises from a desire of some to arrogantly be more correct than others because they have certain insecurities, and therefore they have created for themselves narratives of absolute commandment claims. We must not allow doctrinal fundamentalism to dominate our fraternal dialogue. We must not allow hate to rule the day. But we might ask, did God really say that you shall not eat of the Tree of Knowledge? Has He not given all the trees of the garden to you for food? Yet some want to introduce limitations and segregation into paradise, claiming that God told them to do so; as if God desires exclusion and discrimination. It is self-limiting to presume that salvation is found only in one’s restricted and individual understanding of the commandment. We must realize that salvation is found in many places.

Secondly, that above all a dialogue of love should be kindled and strengthened among the God’s creatures, so that they should no more consider one another as strangers, foreigners, and enemies but as relatives, and as being a part of the household of creation. It would be of the greatest tragedy in this moment to increase and widen our differences by insistence on a single vision of God’s commandment and His intent for creation. Rigid insistence on a single dogmatic and doctrinal view will hinder the expansive possibility which open-minded acceptance of varying truth claims can usher in. Our isolated views, like little streams, must rather merge to form a might river! Please don’t stand in the way of love, advancement, and the expansion of the spirit. Only through mutual respect will we be able to move forward and progress on the path to god-likeness that has been set before us. Foundational to this must be the understanding that our differences do not divide us but rather may be the very tools that bring us together. Our diversity of confession makes us stronger; multiplicity of understanding brings greater clarity.

Adam and Eve, I do not so much ask you to totally reject or disavow your belief in the commandment, which you claim God gave you, we can agree to disagree, but rather in brotherly love to recognize that I too have valid truth claims. Each of us has varying and diverse truth claims. We may abide in unity without demanding acceptance of specific doctrine; we can cultivate mutual respect for our diversified belief systems. How long will you arrogantly persist in the claim that you are the only ones who truly understand God’s commandments? It is diversity of approach that makes the world so much fuller. Only by coming together will we participate in this fullness. If we persist in disunity, what kind of testimony does that give to the rest of creation? Therefore, let us at least enter into an act of solidarity that will show our shared commitment to pursue our desire to be gods. God knows this is our destiny, we may even become gods to ourselves! Let us expand and share paradise together, and thereby with everyone!

Our communion in the Tree of Knowledge will not bring death, as some claim, rather, it will only expand our comprehension and bring us into deeper solidarity as collective creations of God. Again, some fear that throwing off the shackles of a limited one commandment will bring death, it will not! Our eyes will be open even more and we will all be as gods. We will be bound together in the excitement of self-discovery. I have but this one small request, that each one of us enter upon an action that will express properly our shared individuality, manifesting its own judgment and opinion on this matter so that common agreement or resolution having been found, we may proceed together to its realization. United in our common origins, let us seek with determination to make visible our communion, most of all by shared action.

Do you not see how beautiful the Tree of Knowledge is? Let us communion of it together. Let this action manifest our common commitment to reciprocal understanding and respect thereof; let it be a symbol of our desire for a unity in a dialogue of love and our shared capacity to be gods unto ourselves.

Eve, would you please have the honor of taking the first bite?”

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3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: The Full Transcript of Lucifer’s Address to Adam and Eve at the First Ecumenical Dialogue of Love, Held in Eden

  1. John D

    Father bless.
    Fr. Lynch,
    Christ is Risen!
    Soooo, this could just be a compendium of the EP’s and his sycophants’ “joint-statements” on “world- Orthodoxy.”
    Well done.
    May God have mercy on us.
    Doxa to Theo, John

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maxim

    Wait; could the current Pope actually be Lucifer himself? He did first appear as a serpent, after all, so this snake-in-Pope’s-clothing would seem to be the perfect vehicle!


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