ALL HAIL! A New Hymn from the Council for Religious Unity, Fraternity, and Serenity in Social Affairs.

A proclamation from the Council for Religious Unity, Fraternity, and Serenity in Social Affairs. In an ongoing effort to promote love and well-being among the people, the Council has released an approved hymn that it commands to be used by all comrades gathered for Religious assemblies within our blessed Federation.


All hail the blessed Government, you are our guiding light,

You diligently protect us and keep us from harm,

Under your covering, we gather for safety!

In your footsteps, we faithfully walk,

You defend us from heavenly cares,

Fattening always our bodily desires.

You guide us with the wisdom of science,

You guard us with the power of medicine,

You keep us with the benevolence of force.

In your hands, we find our life!

Deliver us from sickness and death!

In your welfare, we discover our existence!

You defend us from false hopes of eternity,

And remind us that worldly living is all we have,

Making essential our earthly cares,

While assuring we’re not distracted

By the unnecessary thoughts of eternal being.

O, blessed earthly power, great is your name!

You are our hope, to you we look for salvation!

We gladly lay down our personhood,

We willingly sacrifice all our human dignity and rights!

To you we offer up our minds, mold them as you will!

Your decrees and orders, we will wholeheartedly fulfill,

Your commands and guidelines are only for the wellbeing of humanity.

Let us not wander down the errors of false information,

Deliver us from unapproved narratives!

May those who diverge from your shining knowledge

Be driven far from us; remove them from our midst!

Let them not pervert our minds with their deceiving thoughts!

Close their mouths and censor their speech!

For yours is the rule and authority and we will have no other!

4 thoughts on “ALL HAIL! A New Hymn from the Council for Religious Unity, Fraternity, and Serenity in Social Affairs.

    1. meggodfrey

      Thanks for your question. I’ve never heard the term (just a Catechumen) and learned something by looking it up. I was sent a copy of the recent letter to Priests from the OCA ‘s Diocese of the South. It is chilling to say the least, & your question about Sergianism makes me wonder if you’ve read it, too.


  1. Do we have rituals that connect us to God? And keep us from a new normal, conformed to the world.
    The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual
    Truthstream Media youtube


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