A New Announcement from the Council for Religious Unity, Fraternity, and Serenity in Social Affairs: Concerning Old and New Imagery of Jesus

An update from the Council for Religious Unity, Fraternity, and Serenity in Social Affairs.

Regarding religious imagery.

The Coronavirus crisis presents a unique opportunity to evolve in our understanding of God. Our former ignorance may be shed as we progress to a more humane understanding of God. We are confronted with a chance to reshape and reimage the religious experience.

So as to reflect more accurately this ever-evolving understanding of worship and relationship with Jesus Christ, the Council for Religious Unity has released a relevant picture which expresses in image the new mode by which people should distantly approach Christ. It has also provided an outdated image for the sake of contrast.


This first picture represents the antiquated method of approaching Jesus. One which must be done away with for the new world mind to take hold. In it he is insensitive to his neighbors, even allowing human contact. He has yet to understand that he could be a spreader of viruses and sickness if people draw near to him. One witnesses the terrible reality of people clinging closely and dearly to Jesus. In this picture Jesus has yet to understand that the highest show of love for one’s neighbor is to wear a mask and stay apart form others; he is sadly ministering without a mask and possibly endangering the well-being of others. Here he is still primarily concerned for supposed spiritual well-being and has not yet developed in his understanding that bodily well-being is actually primary.

Thankful we have advanced past these former ignorances.



This second picture represents the evolved and more humane understanding of Jesus which Coronavirus and surrounding circumstances have aided in producing. Here Jesus lovingly stays a safe distance from all people. He does not allow them to draw near to him, or others, because he is concerned with keeping them safe. He also does not allow people to cling in an unsanitary manner to his clothing, nor will he tolerate it if a person desires to draw close and venerate him. Here he has also understood that a mask is the uttermost display of care and love for one’s neighbor. He now understands that by drawing apart, we come together and by non-veneration, we show true love. For, by separating ourselves from the old means of piety we are truly aiding in the emergence of the global Jesus who has comprehended that preservation of this world is the highest calling.

Now the reality is, to draw near to Jesus is to stay apart from him, this must be reinforced to everyone; now those who wish to fellowship with him should stay at a safe distance apart from him. Jesus does not want to get anyone sick! Spiritual principles are not worth holding to if they endanger the well-being of the physical body.

Also, to better elucidate the new spirit in which people must draw near through distancing themselves from Christ a New Extremely Revised and Redacted Version of Scripture has been created. Here are a few sample verses-

And Jesus said, Come and Social Distance with Me …” (cf. Matt 11:28)

And what can a person give in exchange for his or her bodily well-being?” (cf. Matt 16:26)

If any person thirst, let such a one stay a safe distance from me, and drink from a properly sanitized container.” (cf Jn. 7:37)

Greater love has no one than this, namely, that one wears a mask for one’s neighbor.” (cf. Jn 15:13).

The Council asks that all places of worship remove any old and outdated imagery of Jesus that does not conform to the new emerging and reshaped understanding. Please make sure to reinforce and display only the new imagery. This will help people to adjust to the necessary and novel understanding which it depicts.

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